Monday, January 19, 2015

First Baptism!

hola Family!!!! things are a lot better this week!!! Tuesday at the district meeting I learned about faith.. I had to do a practice and I taught about faith and it was way fun!!! ha
yes I got the pics!!! they are awesome! jax is a beast keep it up!!  also on Tuesday we got three new invesitgators.. and we ate again at the restaurant for free!! it was wayyyyyy good!
My scripture this week is alma 29.9 its a great scrip and gave me a lot of confidence!!
WEd was just a good day... nothng to exciting but we watched the restoracion with yazmin and her family in Spanish... it was way weird but the feelings were still the same! ha
Thurday we had the multi zone conference with elder peiper! it was in Spanish...... so didn't understand a lot but I got some good notes!!! ha  also Thursday I got two letters from kira dingman and kaylee Gallegos! and they sent them nov 13! wow... ha e
Friday was a good day! we taught yazmins mom and her moms friend.
Saturday was super good and just a good week! I learned a lot and im getting more confidence in myself and I came to the conclusiuon that my comp is by polar... ha idk... but we seem to be kind of working things out more and more each day!!
I planned for the first time this week and it was hard because then the next day all our citas fell, and ya.. it was hard... but its getting better!! ha good week overall!
Its crazy to hear all that stuff about those guys
! and this week on the 15 I have now been in Oaxaca for I month! haha glad to hear you are all doing good!!! love you all!!!
So glad things are going better, prayers answered :) Yasmin still going to be baptized? How did you get new investigators? Tell us about them... Proud of you, jumping in and planning :) good job!
this is yazmin.... she is 13 and was bapsized on her bday and now we are talking with her mom and her moms friend.. it was an amazing experience and wont forget her and her example to me

went by the temple today and thought this was a buestuful pic... this is a clayuda... wow was it good!!! haha

this is the mom and her bro.. and they are just a great family! haha

Who are you eating with? Please tell them thank you from us for taking good care of you-what is in it you are eating? There house looks really nice! What does he do for a living?
thanks!!! ha nope... I just baptized her... and the ward missionary leader comfirmed her! ha it was good !!! defiantly felt the spirirt and am excited to keep learning more about the gospel and sharing it with others!1 ha as of right now,... no one too close... haha still working and prayin g for those investigators.. ha how have you been mom!!?
Tell us who you are teaching, we will continue to pray for them :) did you go to temple with members or missionaries:) do a session? Yes I'll send cd :) did you get bens song? I am good, going to spin tonight and then cut Jordan and Jax hair, finishing my book, bad guys in the Book of Mormon :) great lessons learned :) trying to get cub scouts going for the year-it was so much more fun when my own kids were in and I got to spend time with them :) can't forget going to day camps and shooting arrows and bbguns.... I'm ready for spring to get here to get out and do flower beds-still gave a few months to go-I'm good overall life is wonderful-trying to work on having spirit more in my heart-seeing pictures of you serving helps a ton!!! Thanks for being a great example to me :) do you get to have fhe tonight? Do you ever teach that?
we are teaching rosa, the friend of flor who is yazmins mom.. and diego is yazmins bro.. and then there is reymundo who is 14 and his mom wants to get bapstized but cant because she isn't married.. and her husband doesn't want to get married.. so... praying for a miracle, her name is laura.. not this week, but next week we go to the temple.. we just passed by the temple today when we went shopping.. ha  thank you!!! and I yes I did!! ha I got my haircut yesterday!!! and its super short but I like it!  ha  thanks mom!!! and to be honest you are the huge example to me.. ha and I pray that you can have a missionary opportunity in your life.. haha idk if we have it tonight or not... Watson doesn't tell me a lot.. haha  but nope, we haven't had to teach any so far.. so all things are good here.. exept the Spanish.. I get really frustrated some days witht he Spanish.. ha

this is my little amigo angel... I taught him how to say go utes... :)
haha no he says it in English! he is four years old! ha a we are teaching his mom right now her name is rosa! the friend of flor!  haha love you mom! talk to ya next week! :)))))))
 hey mom.... love and miss you tons... but I am learning and growing everyday and have more and more faith in jesus crist and the other day I got a overwhelming feeling that I would be able to be with you guys again in the cealing room in the temple... when I get back from the mission.. gave me a ton of comfort..  ha :) love and miss the fam, talk to you next week momma!!! LOVE elder weaver Supermans son.. love you dad! :)
Be kind to yourself about the Spanish-it will come, like you said you've been in mission 1month-come a long way :) just continue to try and be positive, don't let satan convince you otherwise :) feeling healthy? Eating better? Street food yet?
haha true true!! still feeling good!!! others elders are super surprised that I haven't gotten sick yet.. but somedays I feel a little weird but not bad.. ha eating good and haven't had street food yet, bedsides elote.. haha
Have a fun week!!! Enjoy and treasure temple day!!! Love you and so proud of you---big smiles-love mom 
real quick mom! next week and in the package could you send me a new and more accurate family pic of you guys!? love you bye......:)

hola mi querido.... como esta, my week has been pretty great! I have learned a lot and am getting more independednt on myseld and the lord! so thinsgs are good! jordna that's awesome!! keep it up!!!! im glad to hear that you are gettings things moving!! keep it up! be happy with yourself and be confident! I love and miss you!1

Con amor elder weaver

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