Thursday, December 11, 2014

Te amo mucho hermanito! Espero que estas bien y estas disfrutando la misión!
Con amor Jordan
jordan.. sorry.. idk, what you saying.. ha pero, Yo se que jesucristo es mi salvador y mi redentor. 
Con amor elder weaver

Jax-HAHA nice job making the bball time! no doubt was ever in my mind! its been a way good week! i have been struggling with the spanish this week and need a lot of help.. ha thats way funny about jace! haha hes gonna be way way surprised! im waay excited , and way nervous for the field.. dont know what to excpect.. love you ! keep feeling better and kill it in bball!!! love elder weaver

Dad-The spanish has really hit a wall for me this week... and i was getting mad a frustrated and doutbing myself.. but then i read alma 26:27 and that gave me a tone of comfort.. Thank you for your prayers.. means a lot and has helped a lot!  yes.... its not to bad... ;) HAHA youre a goofball. ha ILL try my best not to spread it..
love you dad! be happy and be safe! thanks so much for all your help!
LOve SUpermans Son

Hola moma!! i havent seen the weeks kid.. i remmeber talking to him about that. but havent seen him yet.  
My travel plans.. i have to leav the CCM at 3 am and my plane leaves at 755 and i have to pay for one of my bags.. thats why i got out more money. sorry. 
Not sure if i get to call or not so thatll be a surprise for both of us!
for garments i got the kind that dad has for tops and the bottoms like jordan! i sleep way good when i wear dads top. but i only got two of them but thats ok! ha 
Speaking of crhistmas music.. me and some kids in the disrtict during gym time stayed in the tienda because they were playing american christmas music so we bought drinks ans sat down and listned forr a good 45 min.. made me way sad and homesick, ;) ha some of the store people took pics of us and laughed.. way fun!! ha
I tried to hem my pants and just did one leg.. so well see how is goes and if it works then ill do the other one too! and today i washed all my pants so they are clean for the field.!!
The spanish i feel has hit a wall and im stalling... ha this whole week, just been way frustrated and trying the best i can.. But i might not be speaking the spanish ive been learning.. in oaxaca becasue its so differernt.. ha
Thank you for your prayeers... i pray everyday for you guys too! the stomach is doing good! fasst sunday was alright! we all bore testimony and presidnt pratt came to our meeeting so he heard me bare testimony! then later that night for the devo we had a live christmas devo and for some reason during that i kept thinking about home and had thoughts like somthing was going to happen to you and dad when you left to get jace.. but i prayed for comfort and then the devo the choir sang oh come all ye faithfull.. and the spirit hit me so hard.. and i just balled... i know you will be ok and ill be able to skype with ya on christmas!1
They are gong to other states in mexico like tampico and mexico city north.. ha only me and 4 others are going to oaxaca and two are hermanas and elders!!! and they are latino
haha IdK about the christus thing, you are smart and can put anything you want!
]I have loved, and wanted to leave so baadly... i have never been so close to the spirit in my life.. I have learned so much, and am greatful for it! i havent had any scary experiences except we hear gun shots some nights.. ha 

Thanks mom.. :) no my turn
My comps.... wow they definetly have their bad days and their worse days.. ha cant wait for new one.
This friday is a mexican haliday for the catolics and there are gonna be fireworks going off like crazy all day!!!
saw this quote on a pic. WE are not humans having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.
Oaxaca is the poorest state in mexico.
The running is good! getting into shape! me heels are starting to calice over so they dont hurt to bad anymore
I dont feel ready for the field... im way scared and just nervous. 
Sunday i shared in the sunday school how we have an amazing opportunity to serve.. related it to football and chander. and how we all dont have a chance to serve so dont take it for granted.
i have cried every single sunday since i have been here.
I finisghed the book our hereitage and it is amazing! the pioneers are some amazing people!
iis there lots of snow????
I have a weird bump on the back of my hear.. i thjnk it is a bug bit.. been there for about 3 weeeks now.. but kind of getting smaller.
i have alot packed already! and way ready to leave but dont know a lot of spanish... ha been a ok weeek!
 Please put aside worries about us :), promise we will get to chat on no worries!! I'll check into package, and see what I can do, if I find it I'll send it on to mission home.... Dad suggested maybe bump on ear is bot fly :P, haha!  If need to have it checked out before you leave, and get more garments if need to, money is available so use it.  Always remember that The Lord qualifies those he calls :) so continue to have faith and not fear and work hard :) hope we get to chat Monday, get change for phones incase :) not matter what time if you get chance, please do, even if you call collect :) hopefully you will at least get to email from mission home... So what did you do today?
K sounds good! thanks for your help! i thinks its a bot fly too... i can feel it move sometimes..;) ha ILL defintitly call if i can! i am hoping that the package comes tomorrow and if not, then i cant get it, because the postal is clsoed on sat and sundays. ! today i wrote 2 talks on about the fall of adam and eve and the grand apostacia  and did laundry.. bleached my gs and turned out good! and then had lunch.. my comps wont do gym time... so i havent had a gymtime yet...since the 2 p day.. ha so after this we have to make a lesson plan to teach marcos tonight about the laws and ordinaces,
No snow yet, really nice weather here, rains a little about every 10 days, a little snow falls and nothing sticking :) yea!!! Glad you got to hear American music, check into CD player to play some later!!! Try and loose yourself in the Latinos :) do you like the ones you are going with? All going same time? Say how long flight is?
I havent met any of the latinos im going with.. so nope.. ha and ill look in to getting a cd player in the field, they dont have them here.. i think the flight is about an hour and a half..

me leaving the CCM ;) I made sure the tag is showing;) ha
my sunrise this morning

Got my green card and passport today! E Holmberg took my camera.. during laundry

HAvent heard anyting from the mission pres yet.. ha and thats true, about the people.. one of my teachers told me that my spanish is getting way good and she can really feel the spirit, when i talk
oh and i always wanted to keep grandma jo close to my heart so i taped a pic of her to the back of my name tag... the underaurmor is for ben... ha
Nooooo but i willl, and ill get pics with all the cool latino janitors and my teachers and send them next week!! ha 

Some of the mexican  christmas lights
Yes we pass the usher thing down! we trained new guys on tuesday night.. we just usher people to there seats when we have devos and class with the president on sundays... stuff like that! 
SOOOOO not sure when ill email again... when im in the field, so be on a heads up!! haha
did you get that voice recording???
So when you get there Monday it might be the following Monday that you get to email, I've heard lots of pdays on Mondays, please don't get worried or discouraged, stay positive, :) and remember to find out about us calling Christmas Day or you calling us, we are free all day so whatever works for wherever you end up is great! Have they said that $100 in account is sufficient for travel or to get settled or do you need more?
Ok will d0!!! and nope... noone has said anything about more or less in the account.. ha
It worked!!!!!?? sweeet ha cool cool! ill have to try and use that more.. now if only you had one so i could hear your voices... ;) haha 
Love that you have gram jo on tag, guardian angel :)
We will have to try and send a christmas video :) I'll get Jace to record something and we will send it right away so you can see it whenever your able to get on :)
 haha thats what i thought too.. ;)))) ha mom.... ill talk you next week sometime!! ha be on alert! love chatting! love and miss you guys so much!!! talk to ya soon!
sounds like a great plan! love you tons!

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