Saturday, December 6, 2014

life in the CCM

Dad-Life in the CCM is way nice! but not the world  yet..ha The spanish is coming along! its kidnd of like starting a fourwheeler, i can say a couple lines that just flow out, but that its kind of got to start up again.. ha thanks dad! be safe at work and what was the whole football thing??? i havent read anything or heard anything... ha love you be happy yourself and thanks again! LOve you too!!!!! talk to ya next week!!!!! :))))))
love supermans son.

Wow!!! i know it is crazy that it december.. i dont feel like i have been gone for a month!My belly is doing a lot better! ive been preying for health and strnght! Speaking only spanich this week was good! it had its points where i forgot to speak in enlgish.. but all good learned lots of lessons and tons of stuff!! went to the temple today and its closed but the visitor senter is way way cool and i got a new bag! but idk if i can use it! abut its a good pd bag! the servive project this time was the same we went and cleaned more toilets with the way weird janotir guy.. ha havent gotten the package yet. but i keep on checking each day! i think it should be coming by this week, i really hope it does! oh man i know that hell be amazing.. i brag about him a ton here, ha i know hell make it hes a beast! i play when i can mostly i have been playing volleyball becasue me comps can play that to... haha they arent to good at bball.. thanks so much mom! i live for the emails haha , last night i was having a hard time but i read the letters you guys gave me and it made me cry and feel a whole lot better!

The pills that i am taking for my stomach are GEnitiva-Omeprazol
The other day i was talking to latinos becasue they help alot with understadning and speaking, and they tought that i spoke spanish! that gave me so  much confidence and its happened 2 now!!
On friday morning around2 elder young went into the batheroom and started to throw up.. so that was nice, went to the infermeria and the doc said he could stay home and get better. he is doing a lot better now!
I figured out the CCM stands for concentration camp mexico.. ;)
Everyone here is a BYu fan... man oh man, i thought that the mtc was suppose to help people think clearer and make them be smarter in spiritual decisions.. but idk. ;)
The spanish in my district compared to others is way good!!!! we do way good and are the best!
I gave elder young a blessing of comfort, and it was my first blessing and man oh man was it amazing!!!  I could feel the spirit so strong.
I talked it sacrememnt! it was about the Atonement and i felt like i did wasy good! this week is fast and testimony week and we have to fast, like its not an option. ha but i know that it will help a ton!
The old ushers gave us a inititation and it was way fun and funny! they made us repeat things and they came and sat in our room in the dark and scared tghe crap out of me, haha one of the ushers had  the same bday as me and same age!! 
Im not loosing weight ;)
WEAVER FEVER has started in the CCM.......hahahah;)
i sent a ltter home and sending another one today! i dont mean to sound preachy in them. ha
I dont really feel ready for the field yet. but i wanna get out and just GO.
Thank grandma pat for me, the camera is amaxing!!1
Is it ok if i bleach my garments? or not,
I need to sew the bottum of my pants but i dont remeber how to do it... :(
I need like 2 more pairs of Gs so i might take out a little more money.. that ok? 
Overall a good weeek went by way fast!
 Yes you can bleach garments, make sure not to get on pants :) need to use money go ahead, it's there for you :) so I sent you the email from SVU, did you get it? It's title us playing football :) 
Ya i got the SVU email... cool. ha :) Sounds good! and my pants i can wash right exept me suit pants..??
Yes can wash pants, not suit pants :) love you!!!
What is the WEAVER FEVER about at the CCM? Seen Brock? who are the latinos?
Latinos are mexicans... ha that when you speak with them the spanish just comes better and it s better to understand. Will you tell cindy sorry for not emailing her back, no time. but love to hear whats going on.
the people in the district asked about my glories in highschool... so i told them.... hahaha ;) so now its either elder weaverfever or elder weaver.. ha 
I know latinos are mexicans, are they plants or outsiders…
Oh ya.. sorry.. ha they are fellow CCM members.. ;)

The usher initiation... way way funny the board is called spalding.. just somthing they gave us.

my district.. as ushers

TEmple today.

The district...We are way close and have bonded very well. This is the new bag i got from the temple store.

Great bag!!! Army of Helaman!!! Awesome what do you think about the football offer? Cool huh?

way coool!!! MAkes me confident! ha Im as good as jace! ha :)
dont know if i sent this last time.. IDK where it is... ha sorry and didnt say or tell me what it was called. no other cool sites today. but the temple is about 45 minutes away. and no... :( it was a nice bus but not a mercedes.. ha
Idk.. ha ill ask. Im glad to hear that jordan is dating kayla!! ha and jax is doing good! You leave to get jace on the 17th and get back the 22nd right?
Seeing lots of decorayions. like christmas trees.. and at night the houses up on the moutain, BAptism MAoutain...B ha theres alot of lights on houses!
Cool! ya jace writes me and its kind of funny becasue they are short but funny and just great. ha i should find out flight plans the beginning of next week, maddy v wants my mission adddress  could ya give that to her.? por favor..

Thanks! ill try it and see how it works.. ha dont have to teach tonight but we have languagfe class tonight.  food is ok! ya the beens arent so bad now and im better! i need to sew the bottum of my patns where the y like fold back up on the bottom.. ha so i need to sew a strait line. but i dont remember how. ha 
Ya!!!! that night we said goodbye she told me! ha way cool if she does!____________Just the same as normal. study teach eat study teach.. ha no more time left.. thanks so much mom for chatting with me.. it means the world and helps me refocus and feel your love that i ALWAYS NEED! ha dont have FHE.. sadely.. saw broc on friday lst week and see him every one and while i told him some things and it think it helped a lot!
GREat!! thanks mom! ha youre the best! Ill try my best to sew it, and if not... ductape.. ;)

Hey Elder Weaver!! hope you are having a great week so far!
I've had a fun week, on Monday I went to  Christmas auction and auctioned myself off for two dates, I went for $75 in total ;) choir performs tomorrow and Friday then I have another date with Kayla on Saturday. tell me about your week, have you gone to the temple yet, what's the oddest thing you've eaten so far?
Te amo hermanito!!
con amor Jordan

WEnt to the temple today! its closed but the vister senter is way way cool and so is the temple i got some nice pics!
I LOVE latinos.
How long did it take you until you were fluint in the language? love you jordan and keep dating!! im so happy for you! kayla is a way cool girl... ha love you and thanks for your example to me!

Hiya justin!  Basketball was pretty good this week! We did a lot of dribbling skills and I really need to work on dribbling with my left hand. But we did a lot of stuff to help us get better! At the end of every day we would play games and we were on the same teams and I was the point guard on my team because no one else knew how to bring the ball down the court! But I did ok I thought! I was the third tallest there! Pretty sad! Ha ha but it's all good! I think we will be a good team!! My school work is going good!  Marcus's farewell was Sunday! He did a lot eater then I thought he would! He did great! Everything is going good! On Friday last week when we were in st George I got an rc car that's way cool!! I like it a lot! How was your week? What do you do on P day? What's your favorite day of the week and why? Love you be save!
Nice jax! keep it up! My fav day has to be eaither sundays beacuse they are relaxing and spiritual and pday... pdays are amazing becasue emails!! and we get to prepeare and relax a bit.. and do laundry..  keep me in touch about bball! i know you ll be good and ill be hearing of the lil weav fever going around.. haha love you. YOU are the best on the court jax. KNOW that.
Love elder weaver 44

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