Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Dad-thanks dad!!! it made it just a Little bit hard... but it was a great reaasurance... i needed it.. your prayer, gave me so much confidence and consuelo... i neeeded it, and thanks for youre love.  i really am super sorry for the way that i left... not being home and not having the best atitude about things... love and miss you tons dad..
love supermans son. Elder weaver 44

hola momma!!! my christmas day was way good! i had a good lunch and a good rest of the day! we talk a Little kid that is like 15 and we showed him the video off of about how christ is the light.. and gift.. then when we left i got in the Street and just cried.. the spirit and missing you guys was just so strong!!! ha but it was good ! my week has been good one day we were out contacting and there was a guy asleep in the road and he was holding a book of mormon.. and his thumb was about hald way through it.. and it was funny and cool.. haha i got all i needed for today! got top roman and tuna fish and crackers, and still have some mac and cheese!! so thanks!!! i bet that jaces talk was abmazing!!
 My talk this week i felt was good! the Elder before me took 20 min so i only talked for 5 and was suppose to talk for 15.. so sad about that... haha
the rash on my hands is there but not as bad..
this one night we went to the bishops house and there was a Little girl that just clunge to me for some reason.. her name is samilia and she s so cute! ill send a pic!
My comp is more about the looks and not so much about the work... i really think that he is bipolar... but idk... hahaha but i pray for help..
splits was way fun!! i went with Elder Forsyth in hhis área, and it was crazy how hilly it was!  we hiked all the way up to the top and talked with a 89 yr old lady.. and then gave her a blessing.. suddenly made the long hike worth it.. hahah
 In the next package could you send me a calander!!?? like a 2 yr one? an
dont worry about the cd player, i bought a usb and am going to downlaod the music on to it and i bought a Little speaker, so no worries with the cd player.. haha
inn the next package coulod you send another belt... one just decided to break..
my comp doesnt liek to tell me what we are teaching until we are in the lesson even if i ask him.. haha
would you tell marcus good luck!! i know he leaves this week... telll him it is by far the hardest thing i have ever done.. but he can do it!!!
ya jsut a black belt please!!? ha :)  i left my are! its about 3 miles away. haha it was way fun and new experience! k ill always be praying!!
how have you been!? you didnt talk very much on Skype... :(
this was my lunch toda.. adn these are just two other girngos in my disrtict
dang... soryy about work. and your hip..  my feet are doing a ton better!! ha shoes are doing great!1 no worries there!haha its pday, so every Elder got together in the district and we played futbol for like 2 hrs and then went to a Burger place.. ha i see them quite a bit actually ill see them tomorrow becasuue of opur dirstict meeting.. they are on every tuesday!

this is semilia... :) for some reason, just clinged to me and held my hand and played with me.. ha    she is a mebers daughter.. ha everyone hear has weaver fever!
 more of the house…yes that is the kitchena nd batherrom and where i shower with buckets... ha :)

ha sooooo mom.... ill taulk to ya next week somewhere around the same time... i gotta wrtie misión pres. and get off... i love and miss, and worry about all you all the days.... i hope you guys know i love you all.. be safe and talk to ya next week!!! :))))) you tooo!!! love and miss you guys!!! :)))

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