Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

hey mom!!!! are you guys home from getting  jace!!? how was it? mmy week has been such an emotional roller coaster.. i feel like i can do it then i feel like  i cant then i feel good then i feel sick, i dont know what is going on with the spanish and my comp is ok.. he is nice and helpful most of the days but then theres just a diffrerent side of him, like hes a bad pretty boy and makes me do alot of stuff.. for him..
WE gave a lady and her boy a blessing the other day, because she had a little girl die, and the little boy was way sick from it and so was the mom, i just did the annointing and elder watson gave the blessing for both!
love you mom, and miss you and the family more than i could ever imagine.. ha

Awesome!!! Where will you call from?
ill call from a x missionaries computer tienda thing.. its way nice, all laptops... ha

What are they sick wth? Any news about Christmas Day? How's food treating you? Weather? Have enough in apartment? 

its so crazy mom..... i have noway to describe how i feel.. haha he is just really bossy and takes stuff from me, when im looking at it or stuff like that.. ha just my stomach sick still... haha christmas day, just out working... and ill skype home at 11 my time... ha the weather is soooooo hot!! i got your package! we had a zone metg and i got it from santa;) haha the food has been alright. nothing weird so far.. ha  the apartment is ok! i got  bit on the ear by something a few nights ago and now its way infected.. haha but i have a medicine and bandaide on it
How much time today? Did you get video message I just sent?
nope... didnt get the video.. ha i would have to downlaod it...:(
So what would comp do if you grabbed it back? Still have med for stomach? Open package yet? Find CD player? How's working going this week?
idk.. haha yes! and im gonna try those things you gave me in the package.. yes opened the package!!!!! youare  the best! thanks so much! found a acouple of cd players, but they are way expensive and big.. ha so still looking for that! its been good, i think.. me and my comp are opening a new area, and the elders before us left a bad area book aso we are just walking around contacting.. ha last night there was a drunk guy at a members house and idk what happened.. ill tell ya more on skype.-. ha
my room, and the temple.. was amazing.. 

bought these today at central oaxaca
there are some huge cathreedrools... haha idk how to spell.

:) ok, how long do you have today? Like how expensive CD players? Maybe I'll look for one and send to you...
like pretty expenseive... ha it might be best if you tried to send me one.. ha ;) i have like 30 min left..  could you send me a pic of all you togewther?? 

this guy wasnt my teacher at all, but i loved him, ccm
 had to give a talk and i got kind of excited... ;)

me and the comp,
opened the first package up.. ha thanks mom and dad

this was taking just a few houses down from my house..  took this pic today.. did laundry today, gs are hung up on the roof for the whole world to see!! ;)

this was my day time teacher, hna VAlasquez
nope.... our ward building is way far away!! haha
Did you get a Package from someone else too?  Looks like you got a lot of stuff:) you could take your comp :) tell him your are partner with God and need to treat each other as such :)
his mom, gave me a cd and some lip stuff.. ha kind of weird.. but nice.. ha  nope that stuff is all from you! thank you so much!!!:)
love them!! you guys look good! and my comp is a Y fan.... haha so that describes him more too.. ;)
You look great!!! Miss that smile!!! Feeling safe in neighborhood?
Thanks!! so do you!! ha i feel safe yes!!! my house is actually the biggest in the whole mission.. ha other missionaries wish they had it. but some dont.. saome think its haunted and it leaks water when it rains.. but hasnt rained yet so im not complaining.. haha
this is my night time teacher in the ccm.... hno GAlicia
Awesome, send pic of inside, bathroom, kitchen, and such!!! Have hot water to shower? Where do you do laundry at?
k ill take them this week and send them next monday!!  we shower in buckets. and we have the heater things for the heat and we did our gs in a bucket with soap and hung them up.. and took shirts, socks and pants to a launder
thats where i study.. i have a pic of you guys there, so i can study with you guys.. ha and i say my morning and night prayers with you guys,... haha ;) im a mommas boy..
Wow enough said about comp :) but really you don't have to take it, pray about it and do what you need, he is not better than you :D missing CCM?
in some ways i miss it alot... but i have already learned so much being out in the field.. ha are you all gonna be there when we skype!!???
are you finding you have everything you need? Where do you email from?
yup im makin it.... haha:) i am emailing from a computer shop thing... haha not busy just me and the comp

huge buildingsss... ha and thats the district in the ccm..
 yes!!!! all our lunches, we have been fed by members!! and its not bad so far!!
Of course we will all be here-silly!!! Sooo excited! Comp skypeing at same time?
We still have no snow :) yea!!! Chilly and windy today!! Love it!!! Jacer lost 50 lbs, looks really good, we will tell you about our trip on Thursday! He asked today if he saves can he come get you with us :) since been so long since hugs and squeezes!!! Would be sooo fun!!!
yes i believe he is.. ha love you mom... talk and skype with you on thursday!!! 
would be way fun!!! i would love that! haha good for him with lossing 50 lbs.. haha love you all, and miss you! everything here reminds me of you guys.. the dirt reminds me of work... and just everything reminds me of home... haha love and am so glad you are home safely good job jace completing the 4th quarter! love and talk to you guys on thursday!!
Love you too!!!! So much  be safe and happy, tell comp Jesus said be nice!!! We all love you, everyone says hello!!! See you soon!!!!
real quick mom!! what is dads skype username?? i tried the email, and it didnt work..

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