Tuesday, December 16, 2014


hey!! didnt get qa pday yesterday so i get to wrtite a bit today! i have been so overwhelmed with everything going on!
My comp is elder watson! he has been out 18 monthys and is a great trainer i like him a ton! we go to our house last night around 7 and it was a huge mess! then after that we went out to check out the area.. and we gave away a bom and i bore my testimony and i felt great! is anyone on????
please be safe traveling to get jace!!! i cant wait to skype with you guys on thursday next week!!! its crazy hot and we were in the store for the first time getting suplies and a lady was totally breast feedng.... awkward... haha my comp is from south jordan utah and hes a way great guy!! yesterday was sooo  long and took forever! i am having a hard time with home... and my stomach , just not agreeing with me and being nervous.. but im sure itll get better!! be happy and be safe! i love and miss you guys so much!!!
wow so how long do you have today?  is comp a native?  what city or where in city are you? just you and comp in apartment/house? great job on bom, and testimony all in spanish?
dont have long... nope he is white and i am in los angeles!! ha just me and the cmop in the house... ill try and send pics next time.. yup! i bore my testimony in spanish and he understood and i asked him to commit to baptism when he gains a testimony.. and he said hed think about it!
be happy and no worries here, please know that things are good, dont want you to be homesick, and nervous...glad you have a gringo :) tell me about your area, poor? what do you get to do today? what is comps first name, ill see if his mom is on missionary moms
k i will!1 i hope you are all happy! ha the area is poor, i think... ha i havent really seen any other areas to kinow if its poor or not.... we are going to go get lunch with other elders in just a bit and then we have some apps with miembros and some with investiators.. hunter watson!
the house is huge!! and i have glass windows.. ha i am hoesntly scared for my life.. but i have faith that we,ll be ok and safe! no idea why it was a mess... but it was.. and yes the area is new for me and my cmop and the other missioanries didnt keep a good area book so now we are kindo of looking everywhere.. ha
today at the store i bought bananas, apples, yogurt and some top roman.. ha
having used the card yet but i might have to... are yoiu guys arlready in atlatna??
What makes you afraid for your life?
just the new sounds... all last night we heard dogs and i think gun shots.. but im gonna tell meyself they were fireworks.. ha this morning we were walking and there was a drunk dude just laying on the ground trying to get up.. hashah
get Christmas package yet from mission home?
nope... didnt say anything.. love the mission pres, wasy cool guy! ill grab some coke next week! and im definetly going to have to adjust to the heat, dirt and just mexico.. haha
nice! be safe traveling!!! k sounds good thanks abunch!! yes.. i still have like 8 left.. and ill use them this first couple of days.. and hopeflly my stomach can calm down, hes 20 and way nice and cool. we dont have much, in common but we talk alot!! the first thing the miss pres said to me off the plain was.. thers the famous elder weaver.. and i thought what?? you know about my football career?? jhaha then he said how i was lost and all that stuff..
we are pretty close to living in the city! and this friday my comp had a investigpor getting sealed in the temple and i think that we get to go!! ha way excited about that. our street address is.. hermanos flores magon josefa oriz xol. la cortina!
ill be able to email on monday.. but idk what time... so just ALWAYS be on a lert por favor... i love chatting
just from the plane trip to the ccm, ill firgure out how we will skyp and let you know. yes! mondays are my pdays!! ha
its so crazy to see all the other missionaries with how good they are with spanish! i cant wait till i am at that point.. i just wish it would happen faster! haha
So great to go to temple, you will find peace there!!!promise!! wow long street address :P are you meeting up with mission pres again soon? when I emailed mission mom she mentioned christmas devotionals and thats when you would get packages?  your other package I have asked the CCm to forward to mission home so fingers crossed, mission moms say that sometime sending it US post office takes 3 months-yuk!!! but I know the mission home has your christmas package, hey also look for a cd player, and you can open your christmas presents in your suitcase...have you already?
havent opened them yet! i am a good boy! ha im way excited for the temple! i think thats when ill get the package, not for sure! haha i looked for a cd player today, and they are expensive.. so ill keep looking for more and cheaper ones!! ha thanks momma! love you got to go, talk to ya monday and see ya on thursday!! love you tons and miss you tons, be super safe!!
just a one storey house but we can walk on our roof! ha kind of cool, im emailing from a little internet thingy.. im gonna have to pay for it.. ha but its totally worth it!
Love you to Justin!!! Be happy, and healthy, no worries, akunamatada :) your my treasure
Dad loves you too!!! we all do!! Be safe-enjoy it all!!
love ya too! talk to ya monday!

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