Monday, December 15, 2014

Made it!

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 7:57 AM, ROSS WEAVER <> wrote:

     Sir Justin it Friday morning and I can't sleep I'm thinking of you and had a few thought I wanted to share with you. First off I promise that we as a family will be safe here or were ever we go. There is no reason for you to worry about us, I'm sorry but even as we go through life's challenges and you are in MX, There's not much you can do, it is a waste of you time and energy to stress about us:))) " if you can't fix it don't worry about it" ones again I PROMISE we will be fine. We can handle tough things as a family, we have done it before and will have to do it again:))) it's not like we have been in a trench up to our heads with water filling it. Oh we have done that! And it all work out :) and was even a little FUN!
       Second off you know this adventure was going to be hard, the CCM will probably be the easy part of your mission. The next 22 months will be hard. Sorry but that is life. But you have had challenges in your life before and you over came. And in those challenges there were small blessing, take the time to find the blessing. And you will see how much you have grown from those darn challenges:)))) enjoy them they make you better and stronger. Look them in the face then run them over!!!
        Third and last  when you hit a wall what do you do? Do you remember 225 lbs and you earthly father helping you with 1 LITTLE FINGER!!! Will know it's time to let you father in heaven spot you! You've been in MX. Just over a month did you think you would have the language down that fast? Give yourself a brake and a little time IT WILL COME give it time and let The Lord spot you " for with The Lord nothing is impossible " don't be afraid to ask for miracles you are aloud just be patient :)))
                             YOU CAN DO THIS I've seen you do harder things
Love Dad

made it to oaxaca safley! had a breakfast! and the mission pres is way cool and so are the other missionaries! ill talk to you guys next monday! made it here safely! love you and miss you  guys!

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 11:13 AM, ROSS WEAVER <> wrote:

Love you too so glad you made it safe, be happy, get Christmas Day info-love you, chin up :) love mom

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