Monday, July 4, 2016

my ponderize has to be with the word of Wisdom...

he sent a recording this week of his whole week, last week, lots of work, very busy week!!!

we went and played bball today and a little bot of football.. USA..... Happy Fourth of July! 
You look great, a little sunburnt today? Happy 4th to you, how fun you got to have American food ;) you said that you are happy, I am happy you are happy!

Love to hear your voice!! Where are you at, who is in the background? What is your address right now, trying to look at places and hotels  how close are you to temple?
congrats on being a grandpa!! how do you feel about things after having a blessing? Did you eat well in the house of the president?  I know that the missionaries are being told around the world to teach more about repentance, the hour is nigh….do you think?  Makes me cry that Sandra’s dad was able to come, and that they were able to be baptized!! What an answer to prayer!!
Sounds like you had your hands full Sunday, hope it all works out for the best…
Were you the fastest playing soccer?

i was at home.. my comp was reporting with the elders and i decided to make a recording. hhaha i found a hotel.. and its pretty close i have it in my agenda and i left my agenda at home... but the second counciler of the stake is Presidente Villanueva.. and he studied at BYU and he knows some english and his wife is from calorado.. and she talks more englsih... ha and this is his number..9513165003 and  he said you can call him or skype or text hime with questions.. he also has international calling.. we are close to the ADO.. the bus transport station..  i felt alot better but my comp got a little mad because i didnt ask him to give me a blesssing.. but ohwell. hes overit.. the food was corndogs and mac and cheese! me too it was a huge blessing.. and we palyed bball and a little bit of Football.. i was teaching people how to throw.. ha

Great! I will get in touch with Pres Villanueva, and see what he has as far as info….maybe I will have Jordan help with the call  Corn dogs and mac and cheese? Did it hit the spot?  I am glad that you asked someone to give a blessing that you wanted to have do it not just your comp cause he was easy….someone that you have love and respect for
Beautiful pictures!! Is the big guys face your comp?  are you close to temple right now?
yes.. haha he talks english.. and his wife does too.. but ya it would be nice to have jordan there just in case.. haha YES the corndog was super good and the mac and cheese!!! 
Do you think that you will be staying in this area for the remainder of mission? While you were at pres house did you get to talk with him, or do interview? You sound super busy and like you are working very hard-way to finish up strong and endure, still people to teach and meet that will change your life and you theirs…. So what city are you actually in? do you know your address?
yes thats my cpmp.. and we are about 15 to 20 min from the temple... 
Awesome, you are so close, does the name Fiesta Inn hotel sound familiar, we were looking at that one and it sounds like its close to the temple and where you are now….Ill look up and see if I can find it in your stake maybe from Pres Villnueva name, what is stake pres name? what are plans tonight? Have a ponderize?
i will be having a interview at the end of this transfer.. we are close to the military base.. by a church on the road 16 de septiembre.. in the colonia Ixcotel... sorry ill get my address for next week.. 
sounds good i know that pres Villanueva has a friend that owns a hotel.. and could hook you up.. we at witht them yesterday and he told me that they were willing to help..  the stake presidnet is president Junco.
No worries 😊 do you feel safe by the base? Lots of military people in your wards?
actually no....Edwardo the guy that we baptized a little ago... hes in the military.. but thats about it..
that’s so nice for them to be willing to help….so excited! Please tell them thank you!! Are things going better with relationships with wards, are they helping by being good member missionaries? Be thinking and making a list of things/people you want to see when we come….I never heard anything back from Pres about our final plans, anything said to you, did you see your name on going home board and what day?
ya i talked with him today and he said ill be ending that 26th.. and  ill start to make a list.. hahaha
Hmmm, so the hotel we have looked at is on Villa Esmeralda, sound familiar? Very close to the temple, is that close enough to all that you would want to do and visit?
theya re going a little better with the wards.... this week we litereally were in other areas more that we were in our own area..

So I’m hoping that it all works out and he is ok with our plans to attend church with you on the 23rd,  help you out on pday the 24th, take you with us on transfer day the 25th, visit all that day and I think there is a dinner devotional that night, then visit the 26th, and fly home the 27th…..that is what I have sent a few times for our plans, please double check if you get a chance and we can go from there….
Sounds like you were super busy traveling and putting out fires everywhere you went….you are a great leader and someone that takes care of assignments and can be trusted to do so…. 😊 proud of you!! Glad that card worked ok, and please look for shoes, 😊 everything else holding up ok? I will send one more package next month for your birthday…be thinking for the next few weeks what you need or would like, I can send shoes, but Id love for you to get some sooner-haha!
Are you feeling good and eating well when you are not with pres? Besides pizza?
is that by the temple!!??? i havent heard of it..but ill keep my eyes open
Yes dad says it is right by it….hope plans are ok with pres. Makes me nervous now….
ok ill write him and let him know and see if he has anything problems or suggestions with the plans
That would be great, very important, hope that it all works out the way we have planned so far, we would like to take you to the temple too, do we need to make an appointment to do a session? When you do transfers would it be that morning?
yes we are eating good and this week we sadly ddnt have time to eat pizza... haha thanks mom.. i keep trying to be the leader or fellow servant that God would like me to be..:)  as of right now all is good calm and happy!! :) do you have pics of the shower???
why does it make you nervous!!?
Because flights are booked and we want to be with you as much as we can while still in the country and visit all and see everything….when he said you are done the 26th that is only one day before we fly home the next morning….just being silly, but hope that things work the way we have tried to explain, and that we don’t interfere with the work….dont want to be a bother either….
mom..... no worries..:) ill check more this week! and get this noted and get them to ya! for transfers.. i am pretty sure i could take my comp to the offices and them dad could be my comp.. for the day.. i a, pretty sure.. say your prayers.. its all gonna work out :) 
😊 I know it will, have faith not fear!! I sent pic of the shower, mostly pic of aunts and few other people….it was going really well and then the last ½ hour the wind picked up and blew so hard, we hurried and put stuff in the house and still had people coming, turned out good tho, glad its over and we are on to the next thing….do you have ponderize?
my ponderize has to see with the word of Wisdom.. because of all the service and all the things that the lord called us to do this week..  our bodies have been healthy and able to keep going... with loss of sleep, with one eye droopy and we keep going...;) haha DC 89. run and not faint.
Love it-great thought!!! I will remember that while on my bike this week 😊 Good luck with tooth! God bless you, love you tons, all of us at home, happy 4th of July!!
Mom, i gotta go..... but i love you so much.. i check more with president and see how things are and how they can all work out! i love you guys and im very greatful for your love and support!! be happy!! no worries! say prayes... ha its all gonna work oout!!!  i love you guys! Elder Weaver
I love you too Justin, thanks for checking on those things, I know that you are super busy and I appreciate you clarifying things for me, not sure why Jordan doubts I think satan is trying so hard to destroy the family unit and working on him and not wanting family there….continue to pray for them, he and his future compainion….love you so much, love chatting with you and treasure the great testimony that you have and share each week, great to hear your voice today!! Makes me feel like you are right here in the office 😊 have a super week, be safe and happy, love you tons, say your prayers and rest well, continue with a happy spirit!! Love mom  xoxoxs

love you mom!! :)

that’s what we ate on the 4th….from the family Villanueva

Oh and I was chewing a the morning and all of a sudden something fell out…haha no worries though I talked with Hermana Madsen and im gonna get it fixed soon!!! it doesn’t hurt at all…ha just something dum…
Wow, looks like a great meal, better than home! Is that the tooth that Jim fixed just before you left? So sorry, glad it doesn’t hurt…
Any new contacts this week? traveling? Protesting allowing work to move forware?
Ya it’s the one Jim fixed…and the same one that fell off when I had seven months on the mission…haha
My scripture this week is 3 Nephi 9 14-15 and 22
I know Ive asked a few times, did your card work ok? get shoes? I am worried that you will need your card and it may not work…and please get some good kicks, need to take care of your feet J
yes card works and I still havent gotten shoes…I literally havent had the time this week…maybe if I have time this week.

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