Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear mom and dad, i am doing good!! yes i was able to get my tooth put back in and its almost like it didnt even come off.. haha this week was a little dramatic.. not to bad... but ill just say that one of the missionaries is returning home a little early.. because he didnt want to be obedient.. so.. thats sad.. but we did what we could..   this week was very good we got to work a little bit more in our own area and we contacted alot on Ixcotel and they yelled at us and go mad, but then the next day we went to contact in Bosque, and the very first door opened up to us and her name is Cesilia, and she is a 23 yr old and she is super cool, and she told us that she felt something different with us there,, and she wants the best for her daughter. and then we also found a older lady called Vicky and she is also very cool very cool!! so things are moving along, we had ward conference this week and we got permision to go to the temple with the ward on saturday, and me and my comp got to do confirmations and some of the other ordinances and we were witnesses for sealings...... OH MY GOSH.... listening the the prayer and the things that the temple workeer said........ wow IM GOING TO GET MARRIED...... haha it kind of made me a little sad because im not gonna be able to see jaces sealing.-... but thats just how things are.. and we also got to do a session... so saturday was a fantastic day!! we entered around 9 in the morning and left around 3... and ate burger kind after.... i have not been able to talk to president about plans... for flying but i will this week... i have been talking to him about other things.. haha other missionaries.. but we had a great week! :) and i gave a baptismal interview to a kid thats 14 that talks enlgish and i gave the interview in english and it was great!!! love you guys hope you all have a great week! Elder Weaver
Yay!! So glad you have had a great experience in the temple!! And to be able to spend the whole day there, what a blessing!! I too wish that you could be a Jace’s but you will be there in thought and in spirit and how fantastic that you have the desire to received those blessings from being sealed in the temple 😊 sorry to hear about the elder going home, but better that he work things out some other way then to disrupt the spirit of missionary work where you are …Did you got to the temple with the bosque ward or ixcotel? I am super happy that you have found new contacts and that they are excited about you finding them, I will call the temple and put names in tomorrow 😊The kid you interviewed in English, is he latino? Did you get to attend the baptism? Shoes?
we attended for Ixcotel! and  he is latino but he lived in the US for a long time... ha and he likes english more than spanish, and i didnt go tot he baptism.. haha but Elder Reyes also said the baptismal prayer in english and it was sick.. he told me about it and that everyone was crying..  no no shoes..... haha sorry
So I pray that all is going well for ixcotel ward and they are more receptive to the spirit and the missionaries 😊 that’s awesome about the English baptism, so funny that we think its cool to hear in Spanish and they English, all that really matters is the spirit, just amazing that it is so universal-huh!  Shoes, Justin, you need to get some the next time you get food, besides pizza-hahah!  Do you have fhe tonight? What did you do for pday?
ill try and get some.... hahah today we just cleaned the house took things easy.. went to the central of Oaxaca..  and i bought a few things.. for dad.. ;) tonight we are going to be teaching a new kid named Adair and he wants to get baptized but we got to talk with his mom aand see what we can do! his moms name is Coral! 
So happy to hear that you have had an easy day, have to rejuvenate to work hard the rest of the week….thats awesome you bought a few things Ill check account again and make sure you are good…what are you teaching Adair tonight? How old is he and how did you find him? I will add their names to temple list…Did you ever hear if that ladies family that the sister missionaries found was baptized?
well he actually lives in the same house as Sandra and Alessandra but he never wanted to be baptized and now after their baptisms he wants to get baptized.. im still checking on that.. theychanged the sisters that were there and i dont know what happened.. but ill check tonight i report with them tonight!
so many blessing from one/two baptisms, many generations affected! The lords plan is incredible huh! How is Edwardo? What is your favorite part of the bofm? 
Edwardo is good he left to Mexico city and will come back in like a month.. i dont know... i really enjoyed the part when coriamtumur was fighting sooo much and that he had to rest on his sword to regain stregnth, and then get back up and keep fighting... that part really stuck out to me this time reading it.. haha  im no for sure if i spelled his name right.. but i liked that part.. alot.. this time reading the BOM
It makes perfect sense that that would stand out, you likened the scriptures to yourself at this time in your life, you are fighting for the right, and you have to lean on your sword/testimony/heavenly father to find the strength to continue the fight great job! You are a warrior!! Love it, I need to read it again, Ive been slacking since I don’t walk much anymore….need to read before or after work….how are you liking being zone leader?
i like being a Zone Leader but its stressful... last night me and mom couldnt go to sleep because we were thinging of this elder that is going home early.... just thinging and feeling bad for him.... its fun, and its busy, :)
Like I said before, lots of parenting experiences, breaks your heart to see that they could change and be so much happier and want to have them make right choices, but we all have to learn from their mistakes and the consequence are not always what we would like to happened for those we care about…lots of great lessons and I am so glad that you are learning things like that on your mission, you are learning great leadership skills that will definitely help you in life as you grow….Comp situation going well? Better? How often do you have zone meetings, and or talk to pres? Saw pictures of you with mac and cheese and corndog!  love the extra pictures
true true true.... ya things are going good.... cant complain right now...:) we are going to have another zone conf, next week. and me and my comp are going to be doing it... ha 
What are you going to do? How many missionaries are you over now? Glad things are better with comp! I hope you know and can feel the power of prayer! Pray so hard that you will be safe, and safe from comp too! That you will find new contacts and be strong and healthy to continue to following the spirit and doing the work the best you can, all of those things have been answered this week…pray is real and we are so very blessed to have a loving heavenly father to listen! Brings so much happiness!!!Pray a lot during the day-as much as on the best two years guy? Hahah!
i do... believe me im praying lots and lots!!!!!!!  we are going to be training the elders and sisters.. and im still jsut over 12... but we will be talking and making all the plans.. i dont know if presidnt with be there or not.. maybe..
Pretty exciting! 12 is a lot! Pretty awesome that you get to plan and carry out, what skills you are developing!!So a funny from yesterday, Jace got his new hometeaching route and guess who his companion is? Yep, Braeden next door  he is going to ask him when he wants to go and see what he says!! Pretty funny huh!!
hahahaha thats sooo funny!! haha jace and braedon.. man.....

im almost sure that he glued it on with Elmers Glue....;) haha 

the turkey chased my comp and he RAN!! haha it was pretty funny.
Did they have to deaden your tooth? Think it will stay on? Wild turkey? It looks huge!!

nope.... it took like 10 min... he just cleaned my tooth and dried it and bam.. stuck the sucker on there and i feel like it will at least stay for 4 months... i hope.. ha 
FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON TODAY- read it in Spanish! :) 
Congratulations!!! Did you ever think when Jordan would read in Spanish at home that you would too? I am so very proud of you!! What a great example you are!!!   Love your reading chart too! Bring it home so we can frame it  the temple is So very pretty, I’m excited to attend!!
haha nope...... never i remember the first time he tried helping me to say a prayer and i understood nothing... haha funny funny..
I am so excited for you two to speak Spanish in the house, hope I can pick up a few things and that jax will use his, I think he understands and can say more then he lets on….it would be awesome to have bilingual grandkids Did any of your brothers write you yet? Jace said he wrote last week and didn’t hear back, did you get his?Do you think that your mission time has started to go faster? To me it has when we added the wedding inbetween, Jace has about 29 days and you are about 106…. So close to double digits Our lesson in rs Sunday was about the temple and I wanted share a part “If we will be true and faithful to the Lord’s principles, then we will always be temple worthy, and the Lord and his holy temples will be the great symbols of our discipleship with him. Once having been found worthy to enter the temple, we perform ordinances that are the most sacred administered anywhere on the earthThese ordinances are concerned with the things of eternity.”  Love the bold part and it hit me strong….concerned with things of eternity!
NO the brothers did not write and yes!!! time has flown by since i became a Zone Leader.... and thanks for putting me trunky...;) hahaha thats a grat quote i like that alot!!!! hey i just remembered the name of the Hotel.. its called Anturium Hotel.... youll have to look it up.. its also pretty cheap.. 

K I will look it up and didn’t mean to make you trunky, but cannot lie, I am super excited to see you soon!! Think that you will be with this comp till then? Same area?  If so will we be close enough to visit all your areas but the one that was hours away? If so it would be great to go to both wards with you
not gonna lie either im excited to seee you guys all again! ha i dont think ill be iwth my comp til them.. i think that in August ill get a new comp.. and when we have interviews with presidnet in like 4 weeks im gonna ask him if i can stay here in this area.. because its a good area and its close to everything... around an hour from Etla and maybe an hour and a half away from Ocotlan...
how about salina cruz, too far? Where were the boys you baptized in the cement block? Do you ever hear about them? Does you comp fb, he changed his profile pic about ½ hour before you were on to email and is was tag with the temple…just curious?
nope....  salina cruz ya its far.... like 6 hours.. haha and the kids live out there by salina cruz.. so its to far..  but nope.. my comps mom also does his facebook for him.. and i think he asks her to change stuff.. soo ya
gotcha!  So how are you? Happy and healthy?
im good!! yes im happy and healthy! i have a blue tie on and im siting down.... :) how are you!? ;)
I am good, we got home from work about 2:45, raked rocks and dirt for 5 ½ hours so I am a little sore, out of shape, but my arms are getting the work out and not such a big hanging flab from my arms anymore …yippee!! But I am good, dad and I rode for 48 miles last Saturday, trying to get time in the saddle for the century rides coming up….dont want to slow him down too much! RS is going well, pretty non eventful right now, knock on wook….but life is good! So very proud of you Justeroo, you are an amazing son!! Thanks for being you! Im glad you are wearing your blue tie, I bet it brings out the blue in your eyes… Jax write you yet?
nope jax didnt write me... but i got to go.... thanks so much for chatting with me mom!! and writing me! haha keep working hard.. you are doing better than you think you are! thanks so much for your love and care, and you TIME every lunes to write me and chat! love you so much and hope you have a great week!! love you so much! love elder Weaver chat withyou next week! :) 

Love you Justin!!! Thanks for writing and chatting with me-I look forward to this all week and watch all afternoon on Mondays to see if you get on early or not, I treasure our chats!!! Please be safe and continue to be happy! Follow the spirit, teach with love, enjoy all there is in Oaxaca! I will call temple with names tomorrow- love you so much and great job on bofm completion!! Pat yourself on the back and know that Im sending hugs your way!! Love you and chat with you soon,
Love always,

love you take care! have a good week! :) Elder Weaver

Love you justerooo, buy some shoes!!! You too, be super duper and know we love you!!! Smiles all around,
Love mom xoxoxos

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