Monday, July 18, 2016

Plan de Zona Amapolas

Dear mom, and Dad, well... im am doing super good!!! i am happy and healthy!! :) things are slowly but surely coming along... Cecilia is going to puebla for a week.. but when she gets back she wants to talk!.. umm sandra and Alessandra are also doing good they went to the temple on wed. and things are going really well! we didnt have a Zone mtg because we had special transfers here in the Zone.. and so we are having it this week o n thursday... and speaking of all the transfers i was talking with president a little bit this week and i asked him about those plans and he said YES. that everything would be fine with those plans!! :))  we also had to go and give service to violetas... because about 2 months ago we had problems with their owner, not wanting to sign the church contract for the house... and so they found a new one and we went to move out and the owner started getting mad at us and we told sorry but they literally werent living there because there was no contract.. so then he goes in the appartment and starts to say that we have to pay for alot of things.. and then we explained to him that thats what the deposit is for... and ya.. but anyways... my comp got a little heated... and it was kind of funny... but i calmed in him down and ya.. now theres no problems...:) we had a good week a missionary just got home wed. and he came with us to visit last night and wants to leave agfain! ha they had a Fhe for his homecomning and while me and my comp were sitting there the relief society pres. just says.. and now we are going to have a talk by Elder Saldana and Elder Weaver.. and we didnt  know.. haha but it was good! the spirit took control.... people were laughing alot while i was talking...;) haha :) thanks so much for the love and support! hope you have a great week! Elder Weaver
Yipee! So glad that travel plans are a go and we are cleared!!! So excited to see ya and your home for the last couple of years!  Special transfers but all stayed the same with you right? How fun to have an rm go with you, why were they laughing while you were speaking?  And what a blessing for sandar and alesandra, so many prayers answered…will you have your zone meeting this week? What kind of service did you do for the Violetas? How about Vicky?
ya we are the same... remember last week i told you that a missionary was going home early..?  haha they were laughing because i was making jokes...;))))) haha ya we are having the zone meeting on thursday.. and we went and helped Violetas move... they changed houses. and while i was putting something down i squated and my pants ripped.. but it was a old pair. and so i walked home with my shirt untucked....;)  Vicky is also doing good we went to see her last night and we met her husband and they consider us their grand children.. ha
Oh yea….Ok, now I get it I thought the two stories were different peoples….do you have pictures of you with Vicky and husband? How about Adair? Feeling the spirit a lot right now in this area, it seems like things are clicking and the work is moving forward….
i like the area alot.!! but if i could just work in my area then i feel like the work would fly and sore!!! haha but being a helper.. i got to help others aswell haha i feel the spirt yes! sorry dont have picks of them yet.. ha 
So glad that you are happy! Do you think you will be zone leader until you leave? With special transfers do you still have regular transfers coming up too?Did you get emails from the boys?Jared T came home last week too, he lost a lot of weight, I haven’t seen him in person but on fb, super skinny, Brayden said he lost 17 pounds in his last area…he is skinny too….you will probably be the big guy when you get home, eating all that pizza…haha! K, so you know that I am going to ask, did you buy shoes? What did you get to do for pday today? Temple visit soon again? Fhe tonight?
maybe ill be a Zone leader, i would like too.. it would be me busy and not die. haha  ya we are having transfers normal aswell.. they are in august. yes i got emails form them. 2 line emails..;) brothers..;) haha no i havnet gotten shoes.............  we were going to go to monte alban but ended up not going... dont have a temple visit soon.. and maybe this week we will have a fhe.. we have alot going on thisweek.
Do you think you will stay in area? How come monte alban a no go? Tell me about your week ahead :) I know that you probably get tired of chatting with me, especially when others are on, I know Marcus is :) tell him hi…haha! I don’t want to seem like a burden or buggy….
no its all good no worries..:) we were going to go with other elders.. but he woke up sick.. so he wanted to change the day till next week! so we are just gonna wait a week! this week tomorrow we are meeting with presidnet junco.. stake president. and he is going to give each of us a map of our areas... this thursday the Zone Meeting  and friday ill be in Violetas.. on splits :)))) 
Very fun week ahead! Maybe since we have the go ahead Ill contact Pres Villanueva, think that’s his name and talk about hotels….is the zone meeting the one that you are incharge of? Do you get to do something fun, or is it a more serious one, training? Do you know who you will be with in Violetas, how long does it take to get there?
me and my comp are incharge of it and we are training.. andill be with Elder Reyes.. its a area like 10 min away.... drving.. haha it touches my area. 
Have fun I am sure it will be great! Tell Elder Reyes hello and have fun and enjoy working with him! You get to drive a car on your own? Glad its not far away and please travel safely…what is your ponderize for this week?
will do.. haha no... but driving in a car.. its about 10 min.. haha umm do you have a ponderize???

 Love the pictures, you look awesome, I know that I have said it before, love the short hair! And your buddy blue tie! Awesome! So if you could put caption to pictures what would it be…glad your shirt was long enough to cover rip….need another pair of pants?
im good with pants i still have 4 pairs.. :)
How are your white shirts, Ill try and get a package of for birthday by the middle of august so be thinking of things you could use or would like me to send….it will probably be the last one I send….so think hard-haha! I know how it is trying to get any of you to write more than two lines especially to each other-hahah!
to be honest mom.. im good.. you dont need to send another package... haha im really fine! you could save the package for when i get home...;) haha 
Don’t be silly, it will be a birthday package :) big 21! So crazy!! Your growed up way to fast!! Do the members their say or know much about the Utah pioneers? You should tell them gma sheri’s pioneer stories-the howling wolves and snakes….
the memebers dont knwo much... haha if i can remember the whole story ill try and share it with them! :)
I am sure that they would get a big kick out of it and to know of the hard ships through the snow and the answers to prayer… does your ward library have pictures of the seagulls and the handcart company, you could tell about your trek experiences…Pioneer day is next Sunday, we are celebrating it on Monday tho….dad and I are going to ride and then hit the parade and then we are all going tubing down the weber river, jax is bringing a date ;) should be fun!
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats gonna be sweet!! takes lots of pics"!!!!!! i wanna see! oh and next monday is the Guelegetza!!!!! and i am right by it!!! i am dying and hoping we can goo!! :) 
What is monday is the Guelegetza? I hope you get to go too
thats a great Ponderize!!!  and the Guelagetza is somethign huge here in Oaxaca!!! youll have to look it up online! it has a lot of traditional dances! 
this is our plan de Zona…

Awesome!! I will get it translated…
So sad for elder, what blessings he is missing out on, grateful for a pres into with the spirit to help the work move along and also do what is right for the elder himself, he will be better off in the long run I hope….
Do you see very many 18 year olds serving? Do you think the maturity level has much to do with the work?
Caden your cousin is leaving next month for mtc and going to New York, I think he just turned 18…seems so young….
Do you have very many sisters in your area? Have they started wearing pants?
Saw a picture of you that Hermana madsen posted in the pouring rain, soaking you to the bone….does it rain like that a lot? We love the picture of course because you are in it and that the pres is in shorts
😊 seems like such a great guy!!
yes!! haha all the newbies..  but thats cool that kayden in going to new york tell him congrats!! nope havent seen hermanas in pants yet.. but we have 6 sisters that arein the zone.. maybe about 2 times a week it rains like that.... :)
Wow, so is that ½ your zone that are girls? That’s a lot of rain, does it last long? How are your wards doing? Ixcotel being nice still and welcoming to the spirit of missionary work? Please encourage Jax to read the bofm, I really think he needs it right now and your encouragement will go a lot further than mine-haha!
... haha ok ill invite jax! it rains hard but not for long.. thats the nice thing
Anyways….glad that you are happy and that your testimony is growing, we can tell by your letters that you are excited about the work and serving the people where you are! So very happy and proud of you! Are you feeling safe? Any scary stuff?
im doing good! all good! and safe! nothing scary.. today cut my hair again.... hahaha :) hows Superman doing?
Was it scary cutting your hair? Is that your scary moment? Haha Dad is having me type but talking… He says I am fine, Ive been reading all your letters and I am proud of you, he sits here with me and reads as we chat, he is excited to come and get you and excited to watch you play college ball 😊 (there is something to think about, no really just wait till you get home, focus on work) You are wonderful, be happy and super! Love you, dad 
its always scaring going to get your haircut in a new place because you dont know how they are going to cut it...;) ha thanks dad! those are some inspiring words! ;) ha but ya i got to go now....  thanks soooo much for chatting! i love you guys! have a good fun week and happy Pioneers day!! you guys are the best!!! chat with ya next week!!!! :) love Elder Weaver 
Your are the superest! Please be safe and have a wonderful week! Know that we love you so much and are so proud of you and the great, super man you are turning into….continue to share that amazing spirit with others and know that we are praying for you and those you will come in contact with, that the spirit will be strong with you and they will be receptive to it! Enjoy and treasure this week….thanks again for chatting with me, it means so much!! Treasure you justeroo, be super…
Love mom and dad
love you guys have a good week! you guys are the best! Elder Weaver

Plan de Zona Amapolas

Objetivo: Que los misioneros comprendan la Expiación para poder enseñar el arrepentimiento como una bendición.
¿Cómo podemos enseñar el arrepentimiento más eficazmente?
1.     Arrepentirse diario.
-Alma 34:10, 15

 10.- Porque es preciso que haya un gran y postrer sacrificio; sí, no un sacrificio de hombre, ni de bestia, ni de ningún género de ave; pues no será un sacrificio humano, sino debe ser un sacrificio infinito y eterno.
 15.- Y así él trae la salvación a cuantos crean en su nombre; ya que es el propósito de este último sacrificio poner en efecto las entrañas de misericordia, que sobrepujan a la justicia y proveen a los hombres la manera de tener fe para arrepentimiento.

2.     Practicar de 2 a 3 veces a la semana la Expiación y el Arrepentimiento.
-Alma 37:33
33.-Predícales el arrepentimiento y la fe en el Señor Jesucristo; enséñales a humillarse, y a ser mansos y humildes de corazón; enséñales a resistir toda tentación del diablo, con su fe en el Señor Jesucristo.

3.     Enseñarles a los miembros la Expiación y el Arrepentimiento.

-Alma 8:27-30

27.- Y Alma permaneció muchos días con Amulek, antes de empezar a predicar al pueblo.
28.- Y sucedió que el pueblo se envileció aún más en sus iniquidades.
29.- Y llegó la palabra a Alma, diciendo: Ve; y también di a mi siervo Amulek que salga y profetice a este pueblo, diciendo: Arrepentíos, porque así dice el Señor: A menos que os arrepintáis, visitaré a este pueblo en mi ira; sí, y no desviaré mi furiosa ira.
30.- Y salió Alma, y también Amulek, entre el pueblo para declararle las palabras de Dios; y fueron llenos del Espíritu Santo.

4.     Explicar con claridad porque dejamos compromisos.

    -P.M.E. Página 19

“Si la verdadera doctrina se entiende, ello cambia la actitud y el comportamiento. El estudio de la doctrina del Evangelio mejorará el comportamiento de las personas más fácilmente que el estudio sobre el comportamiento humano”.

5.     Dar una experiencia personal en todas las lecciones.

-Alma 36:17-21, 25,30

17.- Y aconteció que mientras así me agobiaba este tormento, mientras me atribulaba el recuerdo de mis muchos pecados, he aquí, también me acordé de haber oído a mi padre profetizar al pueblo concerniente a la venida de un Jesucristo, un Hijo de Dios, para expiar los pecados del mundo.
18.- Y al concentrarse mi mente en este pensamiento, clamé dentro de mi corazón: ¡Oh Jesús, Hijo de Dios, ten misericordia de mí que estoy en la hiel de amargura, y ceñido con las eternas cadenas de la muerte!
19.- Y he aquí que cuando pensé esto, ya no me pude acordar más de mis dolores; sí, dejó de atormentarme el recuerdo de mis pecados.
20.- Y, ¡oh qué gozo, y qué luz tan maravillosa fue la que vi! Sí, mi alma se llenó de un gozo tan profundo como lo había sido mi dolor.
21.- Sí, hijo mío, te digo que no podía haber cosa tan intensa ni tan amarga como mis dolores. Sí, hijo mío, y también te digo que por otra parte no puede haber cosa tan intensa y dulce como lo fue mi gozo.
25.- Sí, y he aquí, ¡oh hijo mío!, el Señor me concede un gozo     extremadamente grande en el fruto de mis obras;
30.- Mas he aquí, hijo mío, esto no es todo; porque tú debes saber, como yo sé, que al grado que guardes los mandamientos de Dios, prosperarás en la tierra; y debes saber también que si no guardas los mandamientos de Dios, serás separado de su presencia. Y esto es según su palabra.

6.     Utilizar el Libro de Mormón en cada Lección.

-P.M.E Página 115
“Les ruego que no dejen de apreciar en todo su valor el Libro de Mormón. Oren para tener una visión clara de cómo utilizarlo con más eficacia en su misión. Les prometo que si lo hacen, su mente se verá esclarecida con la dirección que deben tomar”.
                                                                       -ÉLDER JOSEPH B. WIRTHLIN
- Más armonía con el Espíritu
- Más amor hacia nuestros familiares e investigadores
- Nuestro Poder y Autoridad Aumentaran
- Comprenderemos el amor y gratitud de nuestro Salvador
- El deseo de predicar será más fuerte 
- Nuestros testimonios se harán más fuerte
- Satanás no tendrá poder sobre nosotros
- Investigadores que realmente progresen
- Alma 42:23
¨Mas Dios no cesa de ser Dios, y la misericordia reclama al que se arrepiente; y la misericordia viene a causa de la expiación…¨


Alma 42:31
31.- ¨Y ahora bien, oh hijo mío, eres llamado por Dios para predicar la palabra a este pueblo. Ve, hijo mío; declara la palabra con verdad y con circunspección, para que lleves almas al arrepentimiento, a fin de que el gran plan de misericordia pueda reclamarlas...¨

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