Monday, June 27, 2016


that was the Zone before changes!
the past 6 weeks.. i have eatin a pizza by my self...... haha its probably bad.. ill stop..

Holy pizza and fire!  Yea you got to burn and are now officially on the down hill side of things, but we want them to go uphill as far as the work 😊 did you eat a whole pizza yourself?

Dear mom and dad, sounds good..about the whole flights and plans!! . now ill try not to be trunky this whole week.... haha

 this week was a good week, it was a Little rough being the last week of the change.. but we still worked!! the teachers are stilldoing there thing and blocking roads.. so we werent able to have the baptism of Alessandra and her mom Sandra. and up until friday we were hoping and praying that the teachers would open up the freeway.. and so we went to clean the font and it still had wΓ‘ter in it and the drain doesnt work.. the pump broke.. so me and my comp had to bucket drain the font.... and i broke my back... haha ( not really)  and then after we played soccer witht the teengagers from bosque and the stake president.. and i scored a Goal and ran around chanting USA USA... haha it was fun! but Edwardo was able to reciece the priesthood yesterday and me and my comp got to talk in sacrement mtg yesterday in the Ward of Bosque..  and my comp talked about scriptures and i talked about the priesthood.. and i mentioned that we have a house of 5 men and that you are always keeping us busy in the work.. mom  haha the protesting is still going on but it seems to be a Little bit more calm.. nothing serious has happened inmy Zone so we are all good. today we got up and went to send some of the missionaries off the to the Itzmo.. we are using a different transport system this time.. and we are taking pictures and taking notes of numbers of the vans that take missionaries. so that they are all safe.. tomorrow from my Zone there are 2 more that are leaving in the morning.. And we also have 2 newbies in the Zone!!! and that makes me super excited and i hope and pray that they are happy here.. this week we are also going to be having a meeting again at presidents house.. a leadership mtg and its gonna be super great!! cuz we are going to eat to!  and next monday we are having a Zone activity!! we still arent to sure what we are going to be doing but its gonna be good!!! i love those scriptures!! im gonna be trying to use them this week!!! :) if you guys can just pray for the safetly of the missionaries here in Oaxaca..:)

How is jaces Leg!!??

Jax just know that they Yell at you because they care.. take what they say and just get better..:) i know you can.
Hello my buddy justerooo   So glad that you are safe and had such a busy work week, would they consider being baptized without their family present…? Are the ones from zone leaving to go home or just transfer! And how awesome to have new blood!! What do you think about are tickets and plans?
umm they want to wait for their dad to be here.. because its a special momento.. theya re just getting transfered.. haha i think that the plane tickets and plans is just perfect!! im assuming that you got a Green flag to go from president.. ha
She said that whatever we plan was ok with them because of all of the changes, she still wasn’t sure who would be leaving with you, so maybe look at the board again next time you are in the offices….I will forward her your plan ticket stuff so that she can either forward it to travel dept or tell me where I need to send it 😊 so how is comp-any wrestling matches? Do you have to be Nacho libre? Haha!
sounds good!!!! WOW.... we just felt a earth quake!!! haha  and nope.. he was buggin bad one day and touching and punching so i hit him in the arm pretty hard and told him if he doesnt stop a hard one is coming.. and since then there hasnt been any touching.. :)
Are you kidding me? Earthquake, dad thinks you are kidding me and just trying to get my goat! So glad you put him in his spot!! Don’t put up with stuff you don’t have too 😊
no im serious.. ha but itss all good now. :) how are you and dad doing!?!?!?!?!?!
Was it a big one, things moving and shaking a lot?  Dad and I are good, I think he is getting tired of being with me allllll day long everyday, working with him still and riding together…but we are good…he is stressed because we have a ton of work and need to be different places and wish the boys were willing to work a little harder and faster to get things done at the condos with window wells, but we are thinking this will be a good week, get mostly finished there and move on to other things….Dad and I set rocks today and did a power trench, so it was a good day, he is doing a crit on the 4th of July next Monday,, did he tell you he is 2nd in the state for his age group in crits-pretty awesome, he is fast and rides hard, loves his new bike…
I am getting things ready for the shower here on Wednesday and then after that we just have to get ties to matches dresses and his tux and we are done with our side of the planning and wedding responsibilities 😊 yipeee!  Ill get you a tie too and send in your bday package 😊
Any new contacts this week?
just tge computer monitor shook.. haha but its all good. im glad to hear that you guys are doing good and that you have work.. haha its better then no work. ha when i get home ill work super hard.. haha thats super great dad good job!!!! thats sooooooooo awesome..!!!!!!! i miss ya tons! keep riding fast! sounds great about the tie..;) haha youll have to send pics.. so i can kind of get familar with her family.. haha if you rememeber..
Of course I will remember, I know you will work hard, you always have, but for right now continue to work hard for the Lord, your hard work brings us blessing of work and that awesome!!! Any aftershocks? Did you get some new shoeburaru’s?  Oh and did you try your card? Work ok?
ya there was a aftershock but not bad.. ha  nope dont have new shoes.....  i did use my card.. but i didnt have any money in checkings account so got it out of my savings..
Ok, Ill check into that….and put stuff there so you can get what you need this week, Ill do it first thing in the morning about 10 our time…sorry about that…. Get some shoes, you have a lot of work to do and have to take care of your soul and soles 😊
hahahaha nice joke.. ha :) love you mom.

Translate 😊 and are you making fresh salsa? Yum, we need to bring that kind of stuff home and you can cook for us 😊
yes, thats salsa!! it was very good, ha hows jaces leg!!?? jordan and dating and jaxs toe!?
Jace got another set of xrays done and he said that he broke it during ball when the first doc said it was sprained, and didn’t show broken bones then, but anyway said it was broken to one side from that and healing and then he fell in the dam and broke the other direction so he is still in the boot and using crutches for the next week and then will use the walking boot for 2 weeks….so he is recovering…anxious to get married and we are anxious for him too…😊 its time-hahah!  Jordan not dating yet, really frustrating on our end….but hoping that the Spanish branch will stir something up that way….Jax toe nail is still hanging on-so crazy…he has some pretty good turf burns on his elbow from last week at WSU, but he is healing well, and getting bigger…I think he said he is 194, and 6’1” so crazy, definatley not a little guy anymore…funny to see him stand next to Roman cardon and pass the sacrament…😊  How are you feeling? Good I hope, when you say you are excited to eat, what are you going to eat this week and don’t you ususally eat? What was the picture of you by the water last week?
good for jace!! so no surgery right!?!?!  and  to be honest... i have been praying super hard for jordans eternal comp.. to find HIM and to recognize HIM.. and thats crazy jax is big.. i weighed myself today and i am 190.. with all the pizza im eating.. ha im good... but sometimes the Little things get me down.. dont know why... im excited to eat in presidents house.. its gonna be the second time i eat there,the first time was when i first got here.. the picture is just a wΓ‘ter way.. its not for sewer.. ha
Right, no surgery-yea!! We have been praying hard to and thanks for your prayers….you are getting big 😊 becareful with the cholesterol tho-haha! Little things like what? Yum, food at pres house and that means that we will see more pictures of you, she always posts them on face book-be sure to pass along our love and gratitude and apologize for me bugging about travel plans….enjoy the food and ask for recipes-haha!  So do you have fhe? And did you get to ordain Edwardo, want to give him your priesthood line of authority?
ya i would like to give him my priesthood line of authority, but i dont ordain him.. ha someone else did... just Little things like confidence in myself, girls, football... temptations..

Do you have a copy of you line of authority?
Please have the confidence to do the work right now and the other things will fall into place, if football is in your plans you will know it when you pray about it when you get home, temptations, its an everyday battle and you just have to pray and put your self in situtations to avoid certain things, limits and restrictions on phones and computers and other things are not a bad thing….you will be good, attending the temple often when you get home and having Brayden here as a good friend and influence will help, speaking of friends, ran into Kitty the other day and she said James is counting down the days until you get home because the Wo boys are going down hill fast, smoking pot and other things….she said he is anxious to hang out with you again, he has gotten swoll, 😊 haha- big word for mom, we think its steroids, she said he is on meds for a tumor in his brain, he is doing home school again because no scholarship because of meds for tumor, so no running….anyways, so much drama
I have the confidence in you that you have overcome some bad habits and have been away and seen the blessings of the temple and of the atonement and that you will be great-continue to pray for your companion and all will go well when you are home 😊

no i dont have a line of authority right now.. to be honest mom.. im stressed. sooo stressed.. and im tired.  and i feel like Satan has me at my knees..and justy keeps hittin me..
Ill forward you your line…Justin remember you have the priesthood power to tell satan to leave, pray hard, use your priesthood, dismiss him, he is working hard on you because you are making things happen that have not in a very long time in this area, you have broken a streak with Edwardos baptism, he has been trying to get this area to hate the Elders and you are bringing love back so that the work can move forward, if you need ask for a priesthood blessing from a leader, even the pres, express your concerns, that is what he is there for, but know that you are stronger and more powerful then Satan, you have the priesthood power, the power to act in God’s name, use it…he is discouraging you because you are a fighter and strong, keep your chin up and talk out loud, tell him to get thee hence! To leave….and pray some more….you are always in my prayers, you are a valiant example of the work, he doesn’t want you to win, pray for peace and comfort in our Brother Jesus Christ and rest well tonight, but please seek the priesthood help-you keep getting back up and don’t let him win!
I love you!!!
Thanks mom... im gonna use and do everything that you just said... because i dont wanna go back.. i wanna keep going forward.. thanks sooooo much mom i love you!! i got to go... ha but ill chat with you next week!!! i love you mom!! you are the best!! have a great safe week!!! i love you all and im greatful im a part of our famly! love you guys, Love Elder Weaver
So very grateful for you and the example you are, keep smiling and don’t worry about stuff in the future, focus on work right now and being awesome, treasure the next 4 months, can you believe that 4 more fast Sundays 😊 Avoid bad feelings and thoughts, you’re a son of God and he loves you, almost as much as I do 😊 be safe, follow the promptings of the spirit, fingers crossed and prayers for Sandra and Alesandar, and those that you will teach this week, Ill forward line of authority…God bless you justeroo, seek counsel from Pres,
Love mom  xoxoxs
thanks a bunch! love you guys! :)
Thanks for chatting with me again-love you, hugs to you
Love mom
Big smiles and smell the flowers, rest well

Awesome jax!!! keep gettin it!!! i love you man!!
He misses you tons, he read your farewell talk this last week, he needs you on the side lines yelling “suck it 5!” 😊 fingers crossed they will go to playoffs and you will see him play the Friday after you get home 😊 been able so see any more fun things lately? Weird things lately? Funny things lately?
Big smiles, Justerooo…..
nothing weird lately.. hah this week we have alot of service! we are going to help a guy dig a well...  and another lady cut her tree branches! love you guys have a great week! Love Elder Weaver

Be safe doing service, and know that he listens and answers prayers and is aware of you!! Love you so much
Love mom and dad
Talk to you soon racoon
in a while crocidile.. ;)


  1. Hello elder Weaver,our name is Brother and Sister Humphreys.we are currently in mexico city and on our way to Oaxaca.we plan on spending 6 months or so in oaxaca,and we want to rent a home from a member of our church so we will feel safe and have friends and the spirit surrounding us when we arrive,and during our stay. would you please be so kind to direct us to a bishop who could help us attain lodging. A name and phone number would be great.we speak very little spanish,so an english speaking president would be helpful.we plan on leaving for Oaxaca tomorrow or the next day. May our heavenly father bless you and all brothers and sisters ob their missions. with admiration
    Sister Humphreys

  2. Hello elder Weaver,our name is Brother and Sister Humphreys.we are currently in mexico city and on our way to Oaxaca.we plan on spending 6 months or so in oaxaca,and we want to rent a home from a member of our church so we will feel safe and have friends and the spirit surrounding us when we arrive,and during our stay. would you please be so kind to direct us to a bishop who could help us attain lodging. A name and phone number would be great.we speak very little spanish,so an english speaking president would be helpful.we plan on leaving for Oaxaca tomorrow or the next day. May our heavenly father bless you and all brothers and sisters ob their missions. with admiration
    Sister Humphreys