Monday, June 20, 2016

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! Thanks dad for being Superman and teaching me how to fly high

Thanks Dad, i love you and miss you too!!  i hope you were able to have a good fathers day! not a good fathers day but a SUPER good fathers day! you have my word that ill keep working hard, there is still alot of work to be done and ive got arms and legs and a mouth to do it.. hahah :) ill pat myself on the back but oyu have to to! tell yourself good job for being a fantastic father!! love you dad have a great week and stay safe! Elder Weaver

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! Thanks dad for being Superman and teaching me how to fly high
Wow... well to start off ya that would be good if you guys could come in October.. i feel like that would be good!! well this week we have been runing around and trying to get people ready for baptisms and Edwardo was able to get baptized in the Ward if Bosque and so we broke that record of a year and a half without baptisms.. so that was a great blessing!!! and Sandra and Alessandra changed there date to get baptized because right now the techers here are going crazy in all of Oaxaca and so their familiy couldnt come on saturday because the teachers made a road block and so we changed there date for next week!! so hopefully things will calm down more.. ha this lasat saturday we helped a less active member change his house and he Works in the military.. and when we were coming back me and my comp road in the back of the truck.. because here its ilegal.. but legal.. ha and the teachers made a road block. so the member took another road and then the next thing we knew we were in the military base... haha and a army dude saw me and pointed and then they came over and started asking questions and so i got my Passport out and they just kindly asked us to leave and wait for the member outside.. so we did.. and one of the teachers that was making the road block came and talked with us..  and we contacted him.. haha so there ya have it mom.. we talked to one of them.. hahaha  i tried using my card but it didnt work.. i used the same pin i have with my other card but it didnt work..  ill try and use my old card agian.. haha
That is soooo crazy... is jace alright!!?? is he still gonna marry her? ;) haha jk was it super bad!!!???!?!?!?!? we did nothing here for fathers day... no one remembered.. haha its kind of to ya son mom!!! :)
What a blessing for Edwardo, and so sorry about Sandra and Alesandra, hope that the things of the world will not stand in their way this week,And oh my goodness were you so nervous on the military base…who did they think you were or what did they think you were doing? Way to use your 20 seconds of extreme courage to contact a protester, 😊 did you leave him with a bofm?Ill call on your card right is **** right?Are the pictures in the city you are in now?
ya i hope itll turnout good!! i thought ohhhhh no... hahaha i knew they couldnt do anything, becuase im legal.. but it was kind of a shocker.. haha  we left the protestor with a restoration pamplet.. ya thats my ppin!! and ya those are the pics of the city!!! is jace ok!!?
Yes Jace is ok, he goes to orthopedic guy on Thursday, went to work today and was just in the hoe digging, he hates using his crutches…Jax had a good morning at ball, its 95 today so when he goes back in an hour it will be a toasty one, but they have dinner and pool night tonight….So we will get flights figured out this week and shot for the October date, Ill let sis and pres know…so any new contacts besides protester, how about Jared or Karmen and way to go breaking the streak for baptisms, I am so proud of you and what a testimony that you are in the right place at the right time….
umm ohhh good.. did he cry when it broke!!??  sounds good about flights!!! umm this week we also passed by and couldnt find either one.. so we are in the search yet again for more and more people to teach.. thats super hard for me.. haha knowing that someone could progress sooooo well but then we cant find them again to teach and help..
Remember that sometimes you are there to plant seeds that may grow, because we all have agency, again its another lesson that will help you when you are a parent 😊 No jace did not cry, he was very anxious and couldn’t sit still, when we were driving home he couldn’t let it just sit he held it up with his hands so that the weight of his foot didn’t pull on it….pray that he wont have to have surgery….You will continue to find those searching I know you and your willingness to work, keep chin up and know that you are a great, super amazing servant of the Lord….How are your wards, will the Edwardos new ward embrace him, were any there to support him?I just called about your card and redid you pin again, **** so try it again and it should work….
ok ill try my card again.. umm yes i feel like they will, there has already been alot of members that talk and help him along!!! the Ward Bosque is very supportive!! :) ill keep you all in my prayers!!! how is jordan with the girls!!??
Thanks for prayers, always can use them….jordan said he wrote you last night, he is still talking about moving out end of month, no dates last 2 weeks, I am super anxious for him to go to the Spanish branch, there is a really pretty girl there and she is a teacher at Fremont we want him to date, he says starting july he will go….really kinda at a loss for what to do anymore….just keep praying!! Saw maddi yesterday in sacrament for fathers day, she wasn’t super chatty, just said hi and said things are good…

this is what my comp likes to eat..
thats the church of Santo Domingo.. all of the inside is gold..

Edwardo.. and that member is German!

Do you like this food? Did you go on a field trip? Far away? How was your other interview for baptism? Tell me about Edwardos day….his girlfriend there?
i dont like that food.. its top roman!! and he layers the mannaise on it with soy sauce!! haha we went last monday.. today we didnt have any permissions to leave because the teachers are all about being crazy!  they ended up not having the interview they are going to wait.. and Edwardo is a great guy!! he and is girlfriend brought food for after and he is just a humble guy!! he gave his testimony at the end and it was FANTASTIC!
Ihave a few questions.. just kind of out of the blue..
Did jesus have a body in the pre earth life!??
Can satan tempt children..?
these were questions that a inv. asked and it kidn of made me think.. haha
and what is jordans bdaY?
Yuk, mayo on top ramen, explains the belly tho 😊  Do the protests make you nervous and do you know what they are protesting?  Jace and Kenzi are getting married August, 11 at 10 in ogden temple and grpa is doing the sealing…. Jordan bday is Jan 6, 1990 I don’t think Christ had a body in the pre-earth life, he had to be born to get it…I believe he was just like us and that he has a body now….I would say off the top of my head that children can be tempted especially after the age of 8, when we believe they are accountable…
they dont make me nervous but talking with the asistents last night president told us not to have our cameras or our credit cards and to stay away from all of the crazy áreas.. but im not nervous.. my área is peaceful for the most part.. ok thanks!!! i forgot that jordan was 26..
Do you know why they are protesting? Since you couldn’t leave today did you get pday stuff done? How is comp, he still makes me nervous, touchy still?Do you get to go out tonight and make contacts or have fhe? Hey and happy first day of Summer today!:) Im sure you don’t notice because its always so warm where you are…Are transfers next week? Any feelings?
the teachers are protesting for there rights?? to be honest im not sure.. ive asked so many people and i get alot of different answers.. and its jkust strange.. ya we can still leave.. and be normal missionaries jsut with a care step.. we are going to be teachingsandra and her daughter tonigth and visiting others to see if they are there.. my comp yes is still a Little touchy and now hes hit me a couple times.. i dont know if it was inspiration or jsut my natural man kicking in. but i thought about asking him to wrestle.. and just kicking the crap out of him.. ha no worries i stand up for my self.. if he hits me he knows one is coming back at him.. ha
Wow, you know that Jace had a comp that hit him and jace hit him back and he never again touched him, so please don’t take it….makes me worry, do you think youll get changed?
no i dont think ill get changed.. thats another thing.. next monday is changes and if the teachers are still blocking freeways and roads.. who knows what presidnet will do..
Hmmm, will you still be able to email?  Please tell Sandra and Alesandra that I pray for them and pray that things will work out this week for their baptism…will you get to do it? Where does family have to come from? This scriptures made me think of you today….Helaman 5:12 working around foundations lately makes me think how strong is mine and that I really need to work on making it stronger like yours…so very proud of you my justeroo….so anxious to hug you and be in the temple with you again…
ummm to be honest not for sure.. just know that if i dont write you then i have permission to write you on tuesday!!! i cant wait top be with you guys in the temple and hug you too!! i love you guys ooo much and i hopeyou have a good and SAFE week without anymore injuries!!! be safe!"!! i got to go mom.... love you tons!!! love you dad! again happy fathers day!! thnanks for everything!!!!!!!
So I just looked up protesting in Oaxaca with the teachers and please be safe and careful, listen to the spirit and follow it…you are always in our thoughts and prayers, love you more than you know, so happy that you had a baptism and the work is moving forward, continue to smile and know that you are an amazaing servant of the Lord and you are his son!!!  No injuries this week, I pray every day for all to go well…love you my justeroo, thanks again for taking the time to chat with me!! Hope your card works, fingers crossed, get what you need 😊 God bless and keep you safe!love you tons, treasure you always, Love mom and dad xoxoxos
will doo!!! thanks for all the love and support and prayers!!! you guys are the best!! :) love you tons! Elder Weaver :) )if i dont write next monday.. ill write on tuesday!:)
Ok, you know ill worry, but ill have faith not fear! Love you, big smiles, find joy! Be safe and happy
Love mom

NNOOOO worries.. just be happy:)

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