Monday, June 13, 2016

it was a good moment for me:)

Mom, and Dad(SUPERMAN) 
Glad to hear that things are moving along with work and with ball... makes me a little trunky.. seeing those football picks.. ha i miss ball sooo much.. 
This week was a hard good week!! and to be honest we werent able to see jared or his mom at all this week, we went by and they werent there at all this week.. kind of sad. but tuesday we had the district meeting and i went with the DL to do splits and we had a good day, found somthings that they could get better on and help the district to get better, then we came back on wednesday and we worked alot in our own area, then we went to Dainsu and i went with Elder Lindsay andmy comp went with his comp.. and we contacted alllllll day long, and we were able to help them to get more work and find some people that are really chosen.. me and elder Lindsay kocked a door and a older lady answered and she said that she was feeding her sick sister and i explained just a little bit about the priesthood and she let us in and me and Lindsay gave her a blessing and then we left... made me think and almost cry while we were giving the blessing because i stopped for a second and thought.. " we are two white kids in some place in mexico and we are giving a blessing.. using the priesthood we have and we are speaking spanish" it was a good moment for me:)  ha 

So Sandra and Alesandra are good for this saturday and i honestly have a strong tesitmony of hard work.. because me and my comp have been working hard and the other day a lady from bosque called us and said her boyfriend was taking lessons from the missionaries in mexico and now he is hear and he is getting baptized on friday. so last week were teaching him aswell.. his name is Edwardo.. hes a great guy, thats in the military!  soooooo this week we are going to be super busy.. tomorrow the DL asked us to give the district meeting and then thursay we are going to be cleaning the font and friday we are going to have a baptism and them saturday aswell 2 baptisms.. and we might be going to another area to give a baptism interview.. soo things are good :) i love the spirit the spirit has helped me alot this week to teach and help the elders understand rules and why we have them.. 
didnt try my card yet because i didnt know the pin.. haha but its the same..;) my bad. ha 
Wow, what a great week full of blessings and so grateful you are a hard worker and really put things in to motion in the 4th quarter!!! Keep it up, you are an amazing example and are touching lives that will affect generations to come…Incredible how the spirit works and with obedience the blessings come, you are proof to that 3 baptisms this week…so happy, brings tears!!  about your card, tell me your pin so I can call and make sure it will be working for when you try it later today or tomorrow…hope you didn’t need it  Having FHE tonight?When you went with elder Lindsay did you travel far? What are you going to do for district meeting tomorrow?
its **** and tonight we dont have any FHe,, but we are teaching Edwardo and Sandra and Alesandra everyday this week so that they ar eprepared for their baptisms!! haha no we didnt have to travel to far.... it was still here in the city! i think we are going to do how to begin teaching.. or how important the spirit is... :) something along those lines! 
Ok, so I called on card and its activated 😊 you do have a very busy week ahead of you, we will pray for them every night that they will continue to feel the truthfulness of the gospel, and please remember that yes you are a white kid in mexico somewhere, called by God to serve these people, and who knows you may have promised them that you would find them and bring them the blessings of the gospel!So how is comp…touchy anymore, hoping that it has become a thing of the past…How is being zone leader?  Do you think with next transfers there will be a change?Our lesson in RS yesterday was from Pres Hunter, lesson 11, true greatness…I wanted to share part of it with you…Realizing who we are and what we may become assures us that with God nothing is impossible.  From the time we learn that Jesus wants us for a sunbeam through the time we learn more fully the basic principles of the gospel, we are taught to strive for perfection.  This reminded me of you because you have always been my perfectionist 😊So what did you think of the package, did pants fit? Did you like the tshirt?
thanks a bunch!!! ill use my card and see what happens.. haha ya it was super cool... ha it was a pausing moment. ha i like being a Zl.. but its stressful.. i dont think we will have changes in 2 weeks.. i think ill be here again for another change and then leave and go to my last area.. or i could stay here to end my mission.. :)  i loved the package!! and i love the shirt!!! thanks sooooo much!! umm yes pants fit aswell!! :) thanks i forgot what a american party was like in the mouth.. but the beef jerky helped me remember! 
i would send pics but they take tooooooo much time to download on this computer.. so maybe next week.. sorry
Tonight dad and I are riding out to Roy to ride with a group riding with a little girl that was hit by a drunk driver and still trying to live a normal life, should be fun, we are riding as long as she can go and at her pace, it will be fun, hoping that the weather holds out, we have had some pretty loud thunder and lightning storms this weekend…So just FYI, I told Jordan that he has until Jace gets married to find an apartment, so he has been putting stuff in storage and says that he is looking, so there we go, we have a deadline for both of them to be gone…then we are going to do some rearranging and maybe painting 😊 😊 are you in a café?Our weather app shows you getting lots of rain, are you?Any more service opportunities?
no im in a cyber.. and its rained everyday this week!!! haha and its sprinkling right now.. tomorrow we are going to give service to a sister and cut her tree.. thats goona be awesome be safee!!! tell her hi for me!! ya jordan told me.... any luck with girls!!?? i will tell her  no he doesnt cook for me.. he eats a lot of top roman!! and ive told him that he shouldnt but he keeps going ha and ya we are better he doesnt touch me as much.. WAIT you want me to bring my old shoes home or throw them awaY!??  
and ixcotel is a lot happier with elders..:)
I want you to bring them home….so did Jordan say that he was ok with moving out? No he hasn’t dated for like 3 weeks now, so to have any luck with them you have to be with them right?  Really don’t know what else to do!!!Are you happy? Do you have a ponderize?I have another part of the lesson to share with you,… Giving consistent effort in the little things in day-to-day life leads to true greatness. Specifically, it is the thousands of little deeds and tasks of service and sacrifice that constitute the giving, or losing, of one’s life for others and for the Lord. They include gaining a knowledge of our Father in Heaven and the gospel. They also include bringing others into the faith and fellowship of his kingdom. These things do not usually receive the attention or the adulation of the world.How is pres? Still give you a bad time about Utah?Jax starts camp this next Monday, padded 2-adays….so crazy how some things are going fast and others not so much….Fathers day is Sunday, we may go to debs for dinner, still trying to decide…Whats your favorite part about this area you are in?Be making a list of those you want to visit when we come and places to see, and things to eat and get….to bring home….
he seemed happy when he told me... haha im not for sure.. i feel sooo bad for the poor guy... i really want him to get married.. and i cant imagine how he feels that bailey and jace are getting married.. yes im happy!!! lets read the talk from elder Holland from the liahona!! for the ponderize! hes good and yes he does.. he talks to my comps and tells them that there work is to truely convert me to be a cougar.. haha wont ever happen... Well my lovelly mom... i love you so much thanks for chatting with me... i got to go.. but for sure next week ill be here!! have a great week!! love you guys! 
I hate that this hour goes so quickly, but I know that you are on the Lords time,
Im sending you a joke to close with….
What did King Lamoni say to Ammon?
Could you give me a hand? Hahahah
I love you and hope that you are big smiles right now,Please have a beautiful week, take a moment at the baptisms and soak the feeling up, what a great and wonderful gift for all involved to witness the miracle of missionary work!!
Love you more than you know, so very blessed to be your mom, thanks again for chatting with me!!! Means the world!!Love you my justeroo, be safe and super!!
Love you tons, mom
Xoxoxs treasure you and our chats!
thats an awesome joke!!! haha love you guys! have a great week!! :) elder Weaver love you mom!

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