Monday, January 4, 2016

new year changes....Ocultan

Buenas tardes... mi amada madre.. ;) this week was a pretty good one... after we got done chatting i call the District leader and told him that i was wounded... ;) haha and we went home and i was able to rest... then tuesday i was just feeeling sick to my stomach all day.... and the Hermana gave us Iguana to eat.. for lunch... oh wow... i liked it.. but the soup was kind of grouse... needless to say to say i like iguana..  then for new yrs eve we came home early and the bishop gave us to eat dinner.. and we ate sheep... with a ton of fat... wont lie.. that was a little hard to eat. but it was good. then we went back up to our house and we made a manekin.. and we stayed up and te mexicans went crazy at 12 with fireworks and blowing up there dummies, mannicins and shooting in the air... no worries we are safe.. we went to morro friday and said goodbye to the people out there.. it was hard to say good bye to Benjamin.. im still in linda vista right now...BUT tomorrow im going to the City.. in Ocultan.. and im going to be the District leader...... and im going to be ending a training with a Gringo!!!!! im not sure who it is yet... but tomorrow ill meet him..  im sure excited.. to train.. but to be District leader, makes me a little nervous... haha im healthier.. and im happy!! im glad to hear from you mom!! thanks for the prayers and the fasting... its incredible the power an d the tools our Heavenly Father gives to us to help others in time of  need... thanks so much!!! i missed jax too... maybe next year we will make a mannecin and light him up with fireworks.. ;) haha love elder Weaver
:) yea, so glad you are feeling better, you had quit the adventurous food week and I am sure it was hard to say good bye, but they are friends for eternity :) so is your new city call Ocultan? and district leader!! yippee! so excited for you and a gringo to boot :) hope that you will like and get along with he is still a greeny (kinda)? how many elders/sisters will you be over?  you are a great leader that leads by example so this comes as no surprise :)


this is Jovanni!!! and hermano Nico... he is a super cool guy!!! might be leaving on the mission.

thats benjamin.. and the older lady is 93 yrs old.. ive given her about 3 blessings and my comp gave about 3 too!! haha 
ya ill be in Ocultan.. and ya he already has one transfer.. but im going to end his training.. haha and hes from utah... thats all i know about him... im not sure how many hermanas and elder ill be over.. im not excited for the busride tomorrow.. 6 hrs...

hope it smelled better and tasted better than it that Benjamin? such a cute kid! love the maniquin !How long will your journey be tomorrow? going by yourself? having going away dinner tonight? is the city a sea side city?
ya it tasted better!!.. and itll be about 6 hrs.. and i thinki im going with the Zone leader. we are having dinner witha member and its in the city...

I am sure she will miss your priesthood blessings and your service to her, is she the one you were teaching and trying to baptize?  Pedro sad? whats plans for tonight?
no.. shes another lady.. this lady is sealed to her family..  and Pedro is a little sad yes...  and we are going to go by some members houses and say goodbye.. :) 
hope you are traveling with someone, always fun to have company, comp from Utah, could be a good time:) I looked up your new city, it looks very pretty, lots of pretty was church yesterday? there are few people that want to be your friend on fb, jesus Quintas, Ramon Quintas, and Juan carlos Geronimo Miguel, do you know them?
Things here are business as usual, Dad and Jordan bday this week, so crazy, sometimes the days fly and others seem to drag...but we are celebrating this weekend...We start spin tomorrow night, very excited to get back on bik
ya ive heard its super nice aswell.. and  tell Jordan and Dad Happy Birthday!! or Feliz cumpleaƱos.. :)  thas good!! are you going tobe in the bike shop!!??

looks like you have lots of people that love you and will miss you, that is easy to you know who is coming for Elder Perez? are you leaving him in good hands? when will he know if he is going on a mission?
no i dont know that elder that is coming here... dont know who it is.. but im excited hes gonna learn alot.. he has to go soon... i think hes 24 right now.. so hes gotta make up his mind..  haha

We are going to be in the bike shoppe, dad is teaching again and has a full class, we will be there every Tuesday and Thursday evening for an hour or so...Jax is going to play rec ball with a friend, and be on a team with some kids from bville and from roy, they will have games on Monday nights, he is excited, still says there is nothing like playing ball with you that one summer when you guys owned the court! and the young mens leaders...:) do they play basketball in Mexico?
What would you say is the best thing you have learned about yourself so far on the mission?
ya they play basketball... but... and ive had the desire to contact someone and beat them playing.. ;) haha ive learned alot about how much Heavenly Father loves me.. but ya mom... time flys by.... thanks so much for chatting.... i love ya so much! next week ill send pics with my other comp!! love you guys be safe!! and be happy!!! you are the best! literally. Love Elder Weaver
Wow, super short today, :( hope that you have safe travels tomorrow and that all goes well, I love you too! big smiles and come what may and love it! Tell all those in linda vista, thank you, and Elder Perez! be happy, you are a treasure!! use money to get what you need in new area and enjoy your week, Dad says he loves you and to continue to be super-man! God bless you justeroo-excited for lots of pic next week, be safe, thanks for chatting,
love you mucho, mucho
Mom xoxoxs
ustedes son el mejor.. Con amor Elder Weaver love you guys!

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