Monday, January 18, 2016

Con amor Elder Weaver

WELL.... this week has been kind of dark... because we havent had light all week.. since last monday and we still dont have light now.. and so today we were calling secretaires and making calls to people trying to get power so we dont have to take cold showers and study in the dark.. ha 
This week was pretty good i went on divisions with Elder Silvestre out in Mihuatlan and hes a good missionary, but somtimes i think hes a little to focused in numbers then the people.. then we were able to have a baptism this saturday, her name is Maria, her son Daniel was baptised the week before, she is a great lady and going to be a great member of the church, i still havent bought pants yet.. havent had time.. we are teahing 2 little kids right now and there names are Emmanuel, and Giovanni.. and there mom is a member and was baptized in georga!! dont know what part.. but thgere she was.. and now was are going to see if we can get the dad and the 2 kids that are 8 and 11 to get baptized, we had a Branch activity and Elder Merrill and  me took them there,, we baby sat for about 3 hrs.. haha and the activity was super good!! we had games and activities and then we ate and we took them back to there house. Then sunday we took them to church and their mom showed up late with the 2 littles girls and her husband.. so we are hoping and praying for them. no rats.. its a clean house.. and clean neighborhood! 
This week im going to go on diviones with Zimatlan on thursday! on wednesday we are having a missionary general conference!!! how cool is that, all the missionaries in the world are going to watch the conference. im super excited for that!! we are going to havbe aFHE tonight with a family that less active.. ill send pics there are 2 little girls that ar esuper cute!! im good with health, but i do have a ingrown toenail.... hurts kind of... but im good the work goes on.. with one foot ;) haha i feel bad for you guys.. when i wake up in the morning im freezing..... but there is no snow or rain... but im so cold.. hahaha love you guys hope you all have a great week!!! get better dad!!! 
Elder Merrill is doing good some times gets distracted witht he Tv... ha but hes good and super fun! im writing from another internet place... for 20 pesos.. 
Con amor Elder Weaver

:/ someone forget to pay your power bill? you have candles? cold showers...brrr
I will put all those names in the temple this week :) what a small world that you would run into someone from Georgia-you'll have to find out when and what part...
love that the little kids are drawn to you, they see your humble nature and feel your spirit...keep it up, they are great to plant the seeds of the gospel with to have life times in the gospel.
Do you go on divisions by bus or taxi? does it cut into your food money for the month? have enough to go on? what are you going to teach for FHE
Is there a doctor that the mission mom would have you get your toe fixed? Jordan had one fixed on his mission too....check into it, even if you have to pay for it, it would certainly be worth you need new shoes? get some pants this week and pick up another blanket so you can be warm :)

ya the secretaries didnt pay the bill.... haha ya bought candles.. dont help that much.. i go by bus.... taxi.. somtimes the back of trucks..;9 haha and ya it comes out of the food money... thats why im living off of Top Roman...;) hahaha no jk..;) ill try and get new pants.. if i have time.. im good its crazy having to report  every night witht he elders.. haha somtimes im super tired.. but its fun ive learned alot.. 

haha, not funny about top ramen, use your card there is extra money if you have to use it, do!!! You are definitely developing your leadership skills and being a great example, will your comp go on divisions also or stay in Ocultan? and haha not funny about the back of a truck-:P
what religion are the people in this area? are they pretty open to you at the door step?

catholics.. there is a huge catholic church here!  my comp stays here and i change, but when i do diviones with the LZs ill stay here.. some people are.. the other day a lady just closed the door on my comp.. didnt say anything and just clothed the door..

hmm, different from JWs? your branch activity looks very fun, and like you had a good turn out, do they have activities often? do you knock a lot of doors or do you work off mostly referrals? or following the spirit?

ya very different... some are more shut in and dont want anything and others that want to talk alot.. not sure if it happens alot.. only havbe 2 weeks here, but ya thisweek we knocked 49 doors.. and a  couple people in the street..  and we follow the spirit alot.. 

wow that's a lot!!! do you place many book of Mormons that don't really want a visit right away?  still feeling safer? Making your own best two years experiences :) So happy and proud of you!

All way a treat to chat with you! please continue to be safe, and I hope you are warm tonight! Be safe in your travels, enjoy FHe, take good care of you, and try to make time for pants and a blanket, and some food :) Dad will get better, he sends his love, be super and keep smiling, he says use money that you need to, be strong and healthy so you can serve the best you can!
Love you Justeroo, God bless, be healthy, have fun and enjoy, thanks for the chat and the pictures, love to see that smile!!
love mom and dad xoxoxs

yup still feel very safe... im good and ive learned alot!! but mom  ya its time again. ha thanks so much for chatting with me!! hope you all have a goood week and are safe and warm.. hope dad gets better and that you guys have a great week!!!! love ya all so much!!! :) Love Elder Weaver

thanks guys!! your all the best! talk with ya next week!! :) con amor Elder Weaver


 my comp is a great guy.. 
Love your hair cut you look great! Does comp have fb? does he care if I post on fb and tag him?  love the baptism pix, she looks beautiful and so happy! who did the baptism? how is the gentleman with diabetes feeling?

his name is Merrill.. she was baptized by the Predient of the branch.. i wanted elder merrill to baptize her.. :( hes ok... we went by yesterday and they said that he got bad again.. 
noticed the one boy is flipping the bird? teaching them tonight-is that the grandma?
haha ya i saw that too and laughed pretty hard.. ya we are going to teach that family tonight!!!! and thats there grammy ya!! 
this dog is 2 yrs old.. his name is YAK. and that is the branch activity..  thats Giovanni and Emmanuel
handsome boys, is the dog a good dog, he is huge, what does yak mean in Spanish? hope you are winning at the activity :) do you speak only Spanish with Elder Merrill? I looked him up on fb and couldn't find, I will look harder...are you liking your ward/branch? where will mission gen conf be held?
i dont know.. its jsut YAk.  ya my team won.;) ha no i speak english with him.. but hes got alot better at spanish, and sometimes he really hates me.. ;) because hes gotta talk spancih i like the nbranch alot!! i think we are having another activity this week! the conference will be in Oaxaca the city..

keep up the Spanish, he might not like it now but will love you for helping him learn, especially when he has a brutal native that wont be so kind :) Do you get to travel to Oaxaca for the conference in person? What a great experience either way....and to know that your buddies will all be doing the same thing at the same time :) awesome, don't you just love the gospel so much!!! think you will have power today? tried cooking anything at home, before the power was out of course :) still eating lots of chicken rice and beans?

yes its going to be very good, but i also feel like we might chewed.. nope i was going to make mac and cheese.. but ya now.. so iended up eating the noodles raw.. haha 

why would you get  chewed? world wide butt chewing-nah! if I put together spring package for maybe end of next month what sounds good? want garments in it?
will you get to travel to Oaxaca Wednesday?

ya we are traveling to Oaxaca wed.. ya that would be great! new Gs.. love you guys havea  great week!! love ya all! love elder weaver

Hello Justin! My week was good! This week starts the new semester! Lifting good! Playing rec ball and it's pretty fun! The mustang is doing good! ;) how was your week? Love you

my week was full of darkness...haha we didnt have any lights... we have to shower in the cold water.. and my comp is usper great!! he makes me laugh alot.. how are your lifts!!???? have a good weeek!! love elder Weaver

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