Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Presidente, this was a very good, and enjoyable Christmas.. Christmas night we were able to eat with the bishop and then Christmas day we were able to give alot of gifts away.. we has a hard time with lessons, because people left and went on vacaions.. so that was a little rough. but the lessons that we did have were  good and filled witht the spirit of Christ. we shared in lucas 2 with members and non members and  it was a great last Christmas in Oaxaxa.. last nigvht at about 2 in the morning woke up and threw up and then again at 3... then again at 640.. and then again... and we went to bodega to get food for the week an i bought some medicince.. but i also threw up in Bodega.. in the b atheroom.. i kind of feel like garbage.. but im getting a little better little by little. thanks so much for your love and support.! you guys are the very best! happy new yearss this week! 
Dear mother... i am so energized after we talked and im soo happy that we had a good conetion and that you ar all doing good and happy!! i like Kenzie... shes cool! ;)  after we skyped we went to a families house and we agave some gifts.. it was good and im greatful for the things that i have... thats supe crzy about natalie.. and i just realized that harrieson is coming up on 6 months.. and brayden has like 6 or 5 months left.. i think. its going by fast...
dont worry about the memory.. i can buy one here.. they are cheaper.. 
Sunday was a good day! the bishop was there for the whole time and we had a good pricipios class, we talked about God.. how he is our loving heavenly father.. after church we went and we ate and we got back that night.... and today at about 2 in the morning threw up... what we had eatin.. and then again at 3 and again at 640.. and again at 10.. i havent eatin anything today.. becaseu i just tried to drink water and i couldnt even keep that down.. went to Bodega.. or the store to buy food for the day.. and i threw up there in the batheroom.. came back home and i took a drink with vitamins and went to swleep.. still havent eaten today.. still feel like throwing up.. but ive been able to keep water down... so i think im getting a little better.. 

Mom  im so very greatful for you guys.. my comp recorded me talking alittle bit.. and i had the hardest time tryiong to understand myself to.. i was talking fast and out of order.. it was just super messy... im sorry, but thanks for puttimg up with it!! hope you guys are happy and have a great day and a very happy new yr!!! :) love elder weaver

:( sorry you are not feeling well, hope that it is only a bug, and that you get better this you have plans for tonight?
You didn't seem to talk too fast, and we understood that your English is now your second language and we love it! Do you have lots of appointments this week?
I am very proud of you for spreading Christmas cheer :) tell me where the families surprised?
Today has been way to cold to work so they are trying to fix the struts on Jaces car, (my old car) we took down some Christmas and put snowman up, trying to be cheery about the white stuff-haha!
i hope so too.. to be honest we might be going back home... not sure... stomach still hurts.. but im gonna try and make the sacrfice to stay out.. haha sorry.. my spanglish is pretty messed up.. ;) this week i think is going to be another hard one.. maybe alittle harder be new yrs.. there is going to be a ton of drunks.. thats great its cold!!!! its insanley dumb.. how hot it is.. ;) haha yes the family was surprised and very greatful!

don't push too hard, you need to take care of you first to take care of others....what did you have to eat yesterday?
Do you have a fan that you can sleep with? make a tunnel like Jordan did :)
Any peppermint candy or candy canes may help your belly...
whose names can I put in the temple?
what goals do you have for the new year?  I am excited because in sunday school we will be studing the book of Mormon and I want to read it again, not just listen to it, and to be better organized, feel like I make piles everywhere I go and I need to clean them up ;)
have you heard from Pedro this weekend, is he able to attend church?

we ate some tacos.. and she gave us a cream.. i think it was bad.. ya i have a fan... im gonna try and make the tunnel again.. it didnt workt he first time.. ok.. ill eat my last one! thats a gret goal!!! one of my goals is to read the boiok of mormon is spanish and enlglish.. before the end of the yr.. we went and saw pedro on Christmas and we took him a pizza a dr pepper and two white shirts a tie, andother shirt that i had and some candy!!! he cant come to church becaseu he cant walk.....

I hate that you are sick-sorry! Spanish and English is a great goal, :) Poor Pedro, do they have someone who can take him the sacrament? So glad that you gave him some Christmas....
Do you have a ponderize for this week?

ooooo i didnt even think about that.... thanks mom!!! to behonest no... between thowing up and being sick havent thought of one.. do you have one!?

So mine is from our lesson from Pres Monsons talk, I think I am going to put it on the fridge and try and memorize it....I know that I depend on so many to light my lamp, I need to be more aware and try to help other light theirs... Its the poem Pres Monson recited during the talk where he started to slump down...

I met a stranger in the night

Whose lamp had ceased to shine.

I paused and let him light

His lamp from mine.

A tempest sprang up later on

And shook the world about.

And when the wind was gone

My lamp was out!

But back to me the stranger came—

His lamp was glowing fine!

He held the precious flame

And lighted mine!8

sounds good i took a pic.. and ill try and memorize it as well..


Ouch, your arm looks really bad, but love the smiles!!! The kids are adorable! who did you get the car from? is that your district? love the Christmas stars, you can use them for Easter too....
ya thats my district... and the hermana that is closest to me bought me that.. and i got her choclates..... but i didnt know taht they had alchol.... ;) ooooops..  he might be in his Gs..... his birthday was the 25th... his name is Rodolfo.. hes a less active member

big smiles-Hermana gets alcoholic chocolates :) lol!! love the pic of Rodolfo, did you visit him because it was his birthday on Christmas? great picture of star, I will share that one on fb....I posted the picture of you on tv with brothers for Christmas and so many like, and some comments-lots of people love and miss you!!! I do too!

yup... and i can say that i bought alchol on my mission... we went on the 26th.. we missed his bday.. but we still went to see him.. thats great!! and how is jordan doing witht the girls???

they will let us know sunday night.. and if i change it would be monday in the morning.. i think i would miss Pedro a ton... hes reall gotten to be my close friend.. i think i miss the drunks the least.....and no i can still read english, somtimes i forget what a word means..

yea, not everyone can say they bought alchol on mission-haha! ___ anyways, lots of people still writing you? hear from anyone new lately?

ok ill keep him in my prayers!!! poor little guy... but no... no one has wrote me... liesl wrote to say merry Chrismas, and Shania.. and my family!! :)

:) all of us important people huh! big smiles!!! Shania was funny about a week before Christmas she texted me and asked for your address she wanted to send a package, I said that was super sweet, however its almost $90 to send and that she could send an email and put something in the next package I send, she said ok, so I am glad that she wrote you, I think she has a crush on you :) you were her first date after all- Liesl has been down at byu, her mom says she is not into education just trying to find a husband-haha!!!
So what do you get to do on new years eve? new years day? any fireworks? do you get to see anyone burn manicans? do they do that new years day?

haha thats super nice of her!! liesl told me that she is going to go to china to teach english.. but i dont think so.. we cant play with fireworks.. and i think we have to be in the house at 8... a little more earlier.. and no.. maybe we will see them burn there manicans... they make manicans and they fill them up with fireworks and at 1259 they burn the manican.. they say its like burning the old you.. haha
:) Pedro fb sometimes, and I like his stuff for you-haha! I have no idea what it says, but sometimes there are pictures and those are the ones I like....wish he had better circumstances and could get help-I will definitely put his name in the temple, he is proof that you were to be in Oaxaca-for him! feelings of where you will go? think comp will go too? do you get to work with the sister missionaries at all? If you want anything from that area, there is money to get it, not sure if you will be back that way....

nopr... we dont have time... and i dont remember the name of the little girl... just got done throwing up again... but dont have anything in my stomach.. so im just dry heaving.. ya i was also thinking about buying something here.. don t know where im going but i feel like im going... and my comp will stay to show the area around.. Mother dear.. i love you so much!! thanks for chatting with me.. to has been very rough but i try and keep my face smiling... i got to go... but know that im very greatful for you and how you are bearing with me the good times and the bad times and the sick times... im eternaly greatful!! love you bros!!!! and love you dad!! thanks so much for all the support! love elder weaver

I love you justeroo, please feel better, go home and go to bed, try to sleep it off and take care of you, we will have special prayers for you tonight! be safe and happy, chin up and love it come what may! tell perez thanks from us! Dad and guys say they love you and loved seeing and talking with you on Christmas, so great to feel your spirit, feel better, love you so much, treasure you tons, happy new year, chat with you in 2016 love always mom xoxoxsw

thatnks so much!! talk with yanext year!!!!!!!!!! love you guys elder weaver

feel better my friend, god speed, love you with all we have, love mom and dad! be safe, follow the spirit

yes sir. :) 

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