Monday, January 11, 2016 happy!!

Dear mother.....____ok well im here in Ocotlan.. and im with Elder Merrill, hes from American fork... but ive asked him many times where american spoon is and he doesnt know.. ;) haha but he is good he knows almost nothing of spanish.. so i know how he feels..  and his last comp was mexican and he talked all the time.. but with me ive let him start lessons and talk or TRY talking alot, and hes learned alot!!! he tells me that he hates me sometimes.. and i jsut tell him i love him.. ;) haha  the area is super clean!!! compared to linda vista!! wow.. and the people are more calm...  i feel so much safer..  the apartment is 2 rooms big.. but they are kind of big rooms... ill send pics.. Im very happy... this week ive already had so many new experiences... im in charge of Zimatlan and another area called Miahuatlan.. and they are kind of far apart.. tuesday i stated with the zone leaders.. an they are great! elder Nonu us is from utah as well.. hes tongon, and super good! and the other Elder Ramirez is great to hes from Argentina.. and i talk with them each night! thursday i had a distict mtg.. and then friday wewen to Zimatlan and i did a baptism interview for a girl that is 15 yrs old and has a baby of 4 months... its incredible the spirit i felt.. to know that she was ready.. i am greatful for the spirit to guide us everywhere..  and then saturday we had a baptism... but here in the branch there isnt a font and so we have to go to a stake center in atoyac, and so we went there and cleaned it out and filled her up and ya!! sunday Daniel was confirmed and now is mom is ready for next week to get baptized!!!! lots and lots of work.. and tomorrow im going on divions and ill be in Miahuatlan and then thursday ill be in zimaltan... we have had a lot of new experiences.. we contacted some teenageers playing basketball and we played them, and won... ;) and after they saif that they didnt want to listen.. that kind of stunk.. 
we went to a house friday night and we talked with a family and they said that there grandpa was super sick.. and so we started talking about faith, and then i thought give him a blessing.. so i told them that we should give him a blessing, and i helped my comp say the prayer for the oil, and i gave a blesssing.. and then that sunday the hermana came to church and told about the blessing and she said that when to the doctors the next day, the doctor said that his diabetes had dropped and that he was healthy again... and she started to cry.. and it was a super great experience!!! :) im happy!!!! a little stressed... got my haircut today.. and we played bball.. ;) love you guys!! be happy and have a great week!! in the branch there is only about 20 members that are active, this sunday thre was only 18 people..  Ponderize for the week 3 nefi 27:21-22

So very happy for you, again prayers have been answered :) I know you are called by Heavenly Father to be there and at this time!!! American spoon, so funny :P ____
So sounds like elder Merrill is a greenie? Love that you get to start area with a baptism and that you are happy!!! Is the city like Ogden? 
Where our branch meets....
 bucket is to wash my clothes

 oven doesn't work

 Colder than Linda Vista...50's at night
that little kid that got baptized is Elder.. his name is Elder its super cold here... ive been sleeping with my jacket and sweats and 2 blankets... dont worry cut my hair today... 
ya its a branch.... there is no font.. and the branch pres is 26 yrs old.. we travel by bus... thanks im happy for you guys too!!!!! thats great! 
___;) ha and ya hes uper green!! talks about his GF all the time.. but i try getting him to talk about the people.. and his getting better.. hes super green! what do you mean like ogden!? like how big it is or the buildings and stuff!!?? 

Remind him to loose himself :) is it as big as Ogden, house looks very basic, is that a pail for leak in the roof? And looks like you have some cooking elements:) food options just became different :) I've watched the temperatures and looks lot cooler than Linda Vista, are you cold at night? Need to buy stuff to get settled? 

ya its as big as Ogden and maybe south Ogden, and the houses ya are basic no.. its to wash our clothes im just a little cold... buit im good i think ill get use to it again..  ya and the oven doesnt work..

hahaha to be honest there isnt alot of mountains.. and people sell in the streets... they have there own little buisnesses.. and theres some hotels here, and it reminds me of st George kind of... dont know why but it does, with the nice little houses and jsut clean roads..

You read my mind and answered questions as I asked :) great minds think alike!!! I didn't sent pic today, I'm replying to yours so they are pix you sent :) have you been feeling ok, gotten a lot of FB friend requests lateLy :) the word is out that you are super ;) so what do people do for a living in this new area? Lots of mountains?

No burning garbage in the street? You mentioned two other elders is that all that's in your district? Do you live with them too? Pretty young branch pres, lots of responsibility, is he a good guy? 

nope no garbage... ya they are mexicans and one american that isa just starting too!! learning spansih  no we jsut live me and merrill.. hes a good guy!!! but is always working

What is merrills first name so we can Check him out on FB? Do you get to teach fhe tonight, we are having mom and dad over tonight for fhe and then going to Jax rec ball game :) we are talking about journals, are you keeping yours? 

Dad says he is happy you are happy and very proud of you, continue to keep up the good work! He love ya!!!

his name is Nathen yes i keep my journal.. tonight we are just teaching we were so busy that i foprgot to set one up.. ha thanks dad i love ya to.. thanks for teaching me how to be a leader... i know i wouldnt be here without the things you and mom taught me.

:) you are an amazing young man Justin and the growth we see in you from week to week is incredible, you are learning and growing in so many ways that you could only by serving a mission! So very proud of you and your sacrifice to serve, the blessings are incredible and we can see the light if Christ in your face-so happy for you!!! Eaten with members yet? Same food as other area? Need anything from home? Lots of kids in this area too? Do the kids go to school?

thanks.... thanks for the fasting and prayers... i miss you guys... to be honest miss you a ton... haha the other day, on thursay i could have used a moms hug.. and then a dads motivating talk to get back to the back.,.;) ha  ya we eat with members!! they are all super nice and humble, there is jsut chicken, beans and rice.. thats what we havbe eatenso far.. im good!! i use that cold rag that you sent to me to put on my head and i put the phnone under it by my ear when i report... so idont have to hold it. when i repoort with the areas. im good! lots of kides, and ya there is like 3 schools here! 

Know that we are always sending hugs, wrap your arms around yourself and know it's from me, :) sounds like basics for food, stomach probably appreciates that? Glad you can use the cold rag, I can send another :) what do you like best about this area do far? 

will do!!! haha im good to be honest!! i think this week or the next week i might buy some pants.. i like how clean and calm it is... i feel more safe and relaxed..

What a blessing-I know it will sound weird but you sound more relaxed, more at peace and condifent with yourself!! Do buy pants, get what you need, gpa rhett came for dinner last night and gave us $25 to put in your account, you have plenty and we haven't taken anything from your savings :) get what you need and a great :) excited to see lots of pix next week :) 

me too! this week im going to be moving alot! ha love you guys be safe! tell Granpa Rhett thanks and that imiss him! 
we played soccer today... 
Wow, looks super clean!!! How come one elder has no tie? Did you play with other people or just one guy? Is he a member or a contact? Is that your district?

he didnt put it on before the pic.. and that kid is Daniel he was jsut baptized.. this saturday!  they are one campanionshoip of missionaries in my district there is one more, but they didnt come.. 

The other day we got a hand written letter from Brayden, he said that if it weren't for you he would not be serving right now and he is so thNkful for such a great friend in his life!! Do you get to chat with him on pdays? Harrison? Marcus?

dont get to chat but we send messages.. i chat with marcus.. and emaill harry, maybne like once or twice.. my whole time..

Thanks so much for the prayers and the support.. i love and miss you guysto much! i hope and pray for you every day! be safe nd happy! and thanks so mcuh for chatting mom! sprry if its a burden sometimes.. but thanks for putting up with it.. love you guys love elder Weaver

Justin, it is never ever a burden, sometimes I feel like I am just full of questions and don't send any wisdom your way, but please know that I treasure this chat time and would trade it for nothing!!! I often end up in tears when it's time to say good bye, love and miss you my justeroo, please be safe in your travels and know that we are always praying for you and your comp and those you teach!!! God bless you, treasure every moment!! Love you tons mom

Love ya mom! thanks! it carrys me more than you know! :) chat with tya next week! love elder Weaver   :)

Love you Justin, my very favorite elder!!!! Smell the flowers for me! Soak up some sun too ;) big smiles-love you, dad says be super-love from all of us!!! Church is true :) 

love ya dad!! :) love you guys! 

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