Monday, June 1, 2015

Mi queirdo madre, this week was a little diffircult... we ended the week with little lessons and Florentino and Rosa had a fight and they put off the wedding and they didnt come to church.. we had a lesson with them saturday night and i thought that it was super powerful and they didnt come to church the next day... made me super sad... right now we have 0 inv. with fechas... and im super nervous for changes or cambios... idk why.. but im a little stressed.. ha my comp has gotten a little worse... doesnt get up on time and he just doesnt have any drive.. he got mad at me for `` walking to fast``  and told me who told you that you have to walk fast? and i told him nobody.. but i have desires and i want to walk with a purpose.  and then he asks me a question like is it ok to listen to rap and rock.. and i said depends.. on the music.. can you feel the spirit when you listen.. and he told me can you feel the spirit when you play football...? i told him yes.. ;) ha he just does things without any purpose and i feel like he wants to fight.. he hit me a few times in a members house in the arm.. and i told him to do it again so he did.. and i literally almost fought him... ha im praying for help... ha im happy.. healthy and all just feel like we need to be better and put out more effort.. im so glad to hear that you guys got to race and were safe dooing it! the family search is kind of different.. im still learning and getting a feal of what its about.. this sunday i taught the future and x misionaries after church and it was super good i feel like im really getting to know sopanish but need to work on my pronuociaacnion.. ya i know i didnt spell that right... haha but it was a ok week.. im gonna try and doing things better and right with the comp.-
hmmm, so sorry to hear about comp, maybe a change would be a good one, dont let him hit you! do you pray together, have companion study? have you let mission pres know?  are transfers next week? continue to do what you know to be right, we've always said you may have to stand alone, but be standing for whats right and you are never alone....:) sending hugs through the computer-things will be better I promise!  So as far as investigators go "just keep swimming" do what you can on your end and have faith, maybe if comp was on the same page as you things would fall into place, just keep chin up and doing what you can-Joseph b Wirthlin-"come what may and love it"  try to look for positive things to say to him and throw him off his guard :) so what did you do for pday today?  as far as family history do you get to work on your own?  if so we found out that there are some on Gram Jo's line that need temple work done, the Carlos side....whats plans for today and this week?
If there are changes i want to stay and he can go... haha we pray when we leave the house and i pray alone when we get home somtimes i can get him to pray with me.. and we have a had comp stufy about 3 times the past 5 weeks.. its hard.. idk why nodbody wants to study with me... ;) ha  tranfers are next mondy.. so idk what time ill write you... becasue idk whats gonna happen.. ya i can work on whatever i want but the thing is is that idk how.. haha so thats gonna be a little difficult. but ill learn.. this week we have to got out to telix tuesdays and wed.. and then other pueble vfridays and we eat sunday in another other pueble.. so we arent going to be here in etla very much... ha we are going to be traveling alot and payinmg a ton of money... 
sounds like you will see lots of new places, be sure to take pictures and as far as the money goes to travel do you pay for it? if so its there :) you can do hard things Justeroo and you always do them well when all is said and done! big look into gram Jo's line and see what you can do there, its a place to start :) sounds exciting new things! so will you find out about changes sunday night? what are you doing while you travel around?
yes its my money.. so right now i have about 1500 pesos for the month, for food and for the cost. every time we got to telix its 24 and to return its 24.. soo.. ya i have faith that i ll have enough.. ;) if not i have faith and my family and money.. ;) haha im happy! i hope you are too! jordans truck is great! how is jace!!!?? 
is this nacho libre film town? huge cactus, do you ever eat it? eaten anything weird? hows health? clothes ok?
HAHA jordan... ;) haha umm good for jax and good for jace i think.. haha umm yes the nacho libre church.. i havent eating anything really new and all is good as far as health and clothes and everything!!! i miss you guys.. ha i wish i could be a part of all the fun your having.. ha but i know im suppose to be here,, tell skid thanks i miss him mucho! 
tuesay we helped put up or cement a roof.. my shoulder was so sore. i hope you can read my shirt... ;) haha 

ya well the church is up on like a desserted hill.. and just cacuts and the church and we were the only two there.. haha MAddy deffienetly needs to have a lot of patience with herself.. and jsut keep pressing on with the food and the language she can totally learn spanish a lot faster than i can.. jha the food is different and its hard... but God called her.. She CAN do it. ha i know she can and shes going to do big miracles!! haha
oh and can you look up elder hunter watson on FB i sent a bag home with him but he told me he would take it to my house.. so if you can go to his home coming and get him i have letters and some other things for you guys.. ha it was a ton of work i found that shirt in a house we cleared out.. ha 
haha ok ok... haha we eat a lot of posolote and corn and chircken and this week i bought to eat bread and ham and cheast for a sandwhich.. haha and ive been pretty consistent doing my excersise on the roof so  i am getting somwhat healthy.. and i need ot be healthyto give service ;)

he lives in south jordan. and my scrip for the week is hel. 15.13... 
he leaves june 8 for his house.. his fairwell he told me is on his FB.. ya,, hes a great guy.. ;) haha temple this week, elder Aguero from plain city.. i feel like we are gonna do big things.. :) my body feels like or needs snow.. haha there are white clouds but no snow.. ;) sounds good and i tried doing fam history before but i gotta go gonna send like 3 more pics and then ill talk to ya next week! ha
more service.. thanks so much mom for all the love and support.. if you need anything im here.. ;) ha tell jax i shaved ;) and ill send more pics next week! 
K, ill try and be sure we get there, have fun at the temple, enjoy and treasure, soak up the spirit thats there! this week will be a good one, might be your last week there-go out with a bang! talk to you next week, boys and dad send there love, they just walked in the door!  be safe and happy, keep your chin up and dont let comp get you down!  you are super duper!!! love you so much-love mom xoxos
thanks so much love you guys too!! or in Meitzteco `` Na.sHeli`` I love you haha 
Na.sHeli Elder Weaver
Con amor Elder WeAver
LOve you guys Elder Weaver :) 

love you justin, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually!!! have a super evening and great week! be happy- big smiles and hugs from home! chat with you soon-Ill be looking for you all day monday maybe from a new location :) great adventures and blessings!
sounds great! thanks ! have a great week familia! :)

President, this week was a rough one.. we didnt have very good numbers and we had a lot of citas fall.. and its really hard when the app is far away and arent there and so we have to burn more time trying to return and catch other apps.. also with the comp it has been a little difficult... we were walking to a app oneday and he asked me how to pronounce the F word.. and i told him its not important. and he started laughing and just like that i lost the spirit.. luckly the app fell through.. ha but it has been a little difficult, he got mad becasue i was walking to fast, and hes not getting up on time anymore.. But we did have some good lessons this week and im really looking forward to this week.. im taking the leads in lessons and making things work. i hope and pray that we can get better this week. i dont mean to sound like a tattle tail.. but right now thats how things are with the comp.. and i dont want to have this spirit of contention between us, because if we have that then we can have the spirit that we actually need. i love this ward Etla and this past sunday my comp and i were able to teach the futre missionaries and the x missionaries that are helping us with the menos activos.. im very excited to get better this week! 

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