Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey my friend!

Hey my friend just a short note to tell you I love you and hope life is great for you. I love to read your letters you are growing in leaps and bounds  I'm so proud. I always know you could do it ever a drought in my mind. You are learning you can do hard things and with the Lords help you can do even harder things,
     Just to let you know that song hall of fame is on my iPod and every time I here it I think of you and your awesomeness!!!! I hope you can see it in yourself.
     Please be safe and smart. Your always on my mind and in my heart miss you a ton keep up the good work love you more than all your brothers your my FAV :)))))))
#44 proud dad
Thanks so much dad! i really enjoy your letters they make me happy and help me feel better and have more confidence in myself.. for some reason today i was studying in DC and a thought came to my mind that when you were under the mustang the one day changing the brakes and the car rolled back and you moved quick and fast enough to get out with just 2 scratches.. i thought.. what if something would have happened.. something worse. ill be honest i dont think i would be in mexico right now.. but you were guided and protected by the spirit i think, and when i thought about this i kneeled and thanked my heavenly father that i have such an amazing dad that gives me so much support and love and sacrifices everything.. im still trying to be mmore and more like you everyday! thanks so much dad youre my favorite dad ...;) 
Elder Weaver Supermans son

Wow the rain is jsut everywhere! here too! ha sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! well have to do that when i get back! ha this week was good we got 9 new inv. and florentio and rosa are doing good they have all there papers and stuff for marriage and we are hoping to get them married this saturday! but there little baby is sick.. so im hoping hell get beetter. this week on saturday morning we did more service for a member that is going to move to a new land so we went and beat up the weedsand cleaned it up just a tad bit.. yes that was our casa! the zone conference was super good i got up and shared a experiecne and talked pretty good i thought.. and then wwe talked about how our faith cant lead them to actions... we need to help them grow in their faith so they have the faith to act. and now we have 2 hrs to be on internet.. one hr to do famly seach and 1 to email still!!!!! :) no mom!!! dont worry about a packge! i saw the price and its ok! i dont need anything right now! so dont you worry! ha :) ill be honest idk.. becasue after this change 30  missioanries go home and only 9 come in... and so they might have to close a bunch of areas.. so idk whats going to happen but i want to stay here.!!!! 
This tuesday im going to be teaching englsih classes.. kind of excited about that!
and have you found that pic of me and jax doing the high five!?  thi
This week was pretty good and im healthy and happy! comp is getting a little to relaxed.. but im praying for help.. nothing big.. just a little to relaxed sometimes... love you all!!! elder wEaAver ;)

i told him what freak means.. and he started saying it more and our ward missionary leader taught him the F word.. sooo. ya
I won't send package if you promise to buy the stuff you need there ;) glad to hear about the work, but sad about loosing so many missionaries and areas!! Baby Rosa will be in our prayers, as will parents, comp getting lazy-sorry we will pray harder ;) 
Bishops wife still learning English? 
I can't view video or pictures right now we are still on the way home and they won't load on my phone so I'm excited to see when we get home
So what kind of family history stuff do you get to do and yea!! I'm so glad we still get to chat!!! 

haha ill try to.. ;) ha she kidn of is yes! she wants to have english classes in her house with a few people but sometimes we just dont have the time.. so i cant go teach. ;( today we didnt get on in time to do the family history.. so for next week!! haha yesterday... we went to a inv. house se llama genaro y el es muy bueno la verdad tiene mucho tiempo investigando la iglesia, pero solamente falta casarse.. perro también necesita divorciarse.. y hablamos sobre matrimonio eterno... y fue muy espiritual! 
Are they closing areas because work is not going well? How are you? Healthy, happy? Any spiritual experiences this week besides talking at zone conf? Get to go to temple anymore? Stopped to get gas, video came thru-what was in his eye? You look good justerooo! No more freak words-lol
yes and they arent going to have very many missionaries.. i am good and healthy, got food and im not sure if we can go to the temple this week or not.. becasue we are haviong a zone activity on the next mondy and so im not sure.. haha ye im going to send another video thati couldnt stop laughing... haha this little kids name is oscar. and i was swinging him around before.. and my comp told me to hold him upside down..

Pres, this week was a good hard working week! we are hoping to get a couple married this week! and we have a lot of work to still do! i have learned that faith is something more important that i thought it was. es algo que si las investigadores no tienen no van a progresar.. como le dojo en la junta, me gusto mucho yo aprendí mucho y voy a aplicarlo en mi trabajo para servir al senor mejor y hacer las obras que el quiere. thanks for you word of incuragement and faith in us. i am excited to learn and grow more this week!   
Awesome love the Spanish and English-you are growing so much!!! Keep it up!
oh...... ya my bad.. haha ill send pics for the next time dont have time.. but ill send them next week! love you guys so mucjh! we went to the church were nachooooooo was filmed.. so ill send pics next week! love you guys! be safe and know im so greatful for your examples to me! love you guys! elder weaver 
Grateful for you too!!! Big smiles!! Love you tons-treasure you! Love mom xoxos
xoxox love from oaxaca! :)
Service is hit and miss right now on the freeway-know that we love you and continue to pray for your safety, you health and happiness, look forward to chatting again next week-have a super week and good luck with the wedding their family is in our prayers!! Enjoy everything, take lots of pictures and keep a great journal, all your memories!!! Love you bud and excited to see you gaining a stronger testimony and seeing your confidence from all of us in the car ;) what's fave scripture this week?
the scrip in DC 18 verses 15 and 16 makes me have a lot of joy.. ;) haha love you guys! have a fantastic week!!! elder weaver
haha ya im getting it sent... i laughed so hard.. ha idk.. if we can i wanna do it with inv. and my comp is 20 his bday is august 14! here is the video.. ha :)))))))))))))

Awesome-video sounds cute-so what kind of family history work will you do? Research your own family names or help those there? Do it at the chapel? Getting names to take to temple? How old is comp?

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