Monday, June 15, 2015

Alma 5:16

Mi querido mother! sooo good to here about the lake and the family and how everything is super amazing! im so greatful for the lord and my Heavenly Father who blesses us so abundently!  happy anneversary :)
This week was a pretty good one i guess.. ha we werent able to get anyone married but we got 2 other inv. and they now have dates for bapt. and there names are Ingret and Abigial and they are about 14 and 12 i think... this week was good with elder cruz.. he only has 3 months left but hes still kicking and working! ha hes super clean too.. ;) ha we worked hard this week and i had the great opportunity to give 3 blessings this week.. i really felt the amazing power of the priesthood and the gift of tongues, i know they are real. i dont really remmeber the words i say but i can remember the feelings.. one i gave to hna Pantoja her daughter left.. and this is the second time she has left.. she is kind of rebelious and she s16 and shes gone and they dont know where she left but its the second times shes gone so i gave her a blessing of comfort. and the other this member named genaro wanted a blessing of strength and so i gave the blessing and after he stood up and gave me a brazzo and said  i can tell you have the priesthood. then sunday a lady ask for a blessing so that she can have more desires to come to church and read the scrip.. and it was just all incredible.. in spanish...haha this morning we gave service and washed and shopped and i have a little chest pain.. since yesterday.. i thinmk im gonna call hna madsen tonigjht.. i love you all and im excityed to chat with you too mom my scrip is alma 5; 16 love you guys :)
so glad you had a great week with so many opportunities to exercise the priesthood power! what kind of service did you do this morning and explain chest pains? eat anything new that might give you heartburn?
we just cut a lot of weeds and grass with machetes.. and the chest thing is all good! haha no worries! haha:) did you ride the wave runner too!?
So of course I am concerned about your chest, please take care of yourself.  no hahas!   I did ride the wave runner twice, got soaked and sat in the sun to dry off! pretty fun, maybe when water is a little warmer I will try the board-HAHAHAH
So are you really liking being with Elder Cruz, love that he is clean, just like you :) do you have comp study together?  is he easy to understand?  did I tell you we are changing to sacrament meeting first the first Sunday in July, I am excited, it will be something different, how do your meetings go?
haha then do it mom!! ;) haha yes i am liking him a lot we do all our studies that we need to and we are clean and on time to things! he is so much easier to understand!!! wow!! i know moer spanish then i thoughjt! they went good! we only had 4 show up to church but it was the ones that are the closest to baptsism!! ha 
super! you are seeing the blessings from working together already! way to hit the ground running, when are baptism dates? do you have sacrament first? have FHE tonight? how did your apple/faith lesson go? do you find that you are dreaming in espanol yet?
the baptism dates are for the 11 of july we have sacremment first we have FHE tonight with the lady that her daughter left

this is a brdge that we pass sometimes.. and we went to a recent converts house and he was like here take a pic with this.. you dont have this in your country.. so we started to take pics and he kept getting more creative.. ;)
more and more creative
the one picture makes me cry, you look very happy!!! so happy tears! and the other makes me smile, big! love the cowboy hat!!! do you still have to travel  alot to different pueblas and telix? eating good? eat anything weird?
yep!!!! still changing and traveling alot!!! haha be happy mom!!!! tears of joy!! ;) this is oneof my favs
wow, did he make the hat? do you throw rings up and try and catch them on it? HAhahah-why such a tall top?
i dont think so.. he just pulled it out and was like here!!! use this! ha hahaha i really dont know.... so weird... but he is a great guy!!! 

so tell me about the basket, does he use it for work, to pick something? the trees and stuff are sooo green are you far from your apartment?
 he told me he bought it so i could take pics with it.. ;) haha but its for fishing i think... and picking herbs and just throwing it in and waling.. :)

and this is how was have to talk when we are at his house.. ;))))))))))))))) haha

LOL-does he hold meetings at his house? so cute!!! does he have family? how often do you visit him-what's his name, is he a fisherman? what city does he live in?
no... just when we come to give a lesson we have his FHE like this... haha he has 2 daughters and one son hes only in his house on sundays and we go every sunday! he lives in a place called santos degollado! it close.. ha
does he feed you every Sunday? what is his calling in the ward? tell him gracias from tu madre :) mucho amore for taking you in :)
he gives us atole and it is super good and he doesnt have one yet he was baptized in jan.
awesome! tell him thanks for feeding you!!! and that we love and appreciate him!! are you eating well? clothes ok? need anything from us?
all good!!! he wants a football from the actual leather.. but i told him well see.. ;) haha 
welp.... its that time again mom..... ill talk with you next week with new things to tell you!!! ;) love you tons and hope you guyys all have a fantastic week!!! LOve you tons! be happy and smile! :)))))))))))))))))
I love you too!!! treasure this time i get to chat with you- have a super sparkly week, know that we love you, pray for you and remember you in all that we do!!! be safe, please take care of yourself-hope chest pain goes away and doesn't return-have a great fhe tonight love you tons and talk to you in a few days!!! love so much-mom xoxoxoxs
love you soo much too mom!! i treasure the time as well! makes me so much more happier and relaxed! for the week!!! hope you all have a great week and remember we fly high ;) ha ill keep taking pics and you guys too!! ha love you talk with ya next week! 
Con Amor Elder Weaver

Hole mi hermano! My week was good I went to youth conference Thursday though saturday and it was pretty fun! Thursday we went to the temple then had a fireside and the fireside was probably my favorite because we had a guest speaker speak on the power of one. Friday we went on a tour of the conference center and then went to heber valley camp! It was pretty fun! Not really doing anything this week but next week we have our full pads camp the weber state one!!! I'm pretty excited!!! Love you be safe
hey buddy!!! wow!! that sounds super fun!!!! haha keep growing spiritually bud! itll help youmore than you know on your mission!!! haha what was somthing that you learned on EFY!?? have a good week and keep killin it in ball!!!! love elder weaver

Dear President, this week was a pretty good one we wokred hard and we were able to get two fechas out of it.. the weddings we had planned for the 20 fell.. but they are still getting closer we have definetly made some progress with them. the new comp is great! we seem to have the same desires to work, he only has 3 months left but he is still working with some fire and i hope that we can keep working like this to better serve the lord each week, we were able to give a few blessings this week and i really felt the power and the amazing gift that it is to have the priesthood and to have the gift of tongues to give a blessings in spanish.. the lords work is incredible..  i am happy and learning constanly.

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