Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's day!

Presidente, this week was a very good week, me and elder cruz seem to have the same desires to work! and we have been working. but it its a little dificult when we only have 5 show up to church and 4 of them arent married.. ha but we are still making progress! the elder cruz has helped me alot with the bible i wont lie that is one of my weaknesses the bible i dont know it all that well, but elder cruz has helped me so much with scrips and how they all can tie in. tomorrow elder cruz wanted me to give the district mtg and im pretty excited about that, im gonna talk about contacts becaseu we cantact people but some times it really is a scrip or just awkard and hard.. so i feel like we can get getter as a district in that aspect. im also very excvited to go to the temple this wednesday.
Super letter, sounds like a great week last week and a busy one coming up ;)

buenos dias mi amada mama!! como estas!?? haha im so glad that you are all doing good it really does make me so much happier to hear you guys are all good and growing stronger and better every week! thanks for the thought form jace i like it alot!! ha this week i had the great opportunity to eat pig brain tacos and they didnt taste to bad, but the fact that i knew what i was eating made it kind of weird... haha This week we are going to the temple on wed. and friday we are going to have divisiones with the zone leaders and i got made senior comp today with my comp... we are now equal :) haha we only had 5 go to church this week and 4 of them need to get married to there wife and the other might have to get married as well.. haha we had a good hard working week with alot  alot of rain!!! i hope im not saying this to soon but i think elder cruz has been my favorite comp so far.. we laugh we talk and we work hard.. and we have the same vision i think.. it has been good working with him, dad happy fathers day!!! i really hope you had a fantastic day and have a fantastic week!!! sorry im not going to be able to have flowers sent to ya but i hope you have a good week!!! my chest is doing good dont havve the pain anymore and everything seems to be good right now!! count your blessings.. haha love you chat with ya in a minute! 
So glad chest is better, I've worried about it all week! Congratulations on being senior comp!!!! So excited for you and those you are serving!!! And even more excited about you and elder Cruz getting along so well, prayers have truly been answered ;) any wedding dates set? How are Abigail and ingret?  Jax says hello, and he misses you, I just took him to afternoon practice, brian s. has been good to him and giving him a ride to the pool party after practice tonight ;) so what are responsibilities as senior comp when you are both equal? Glad you get to go to temple :) such peace there!! And splits, will they be in a different Puebla?
me too.. actually we went to the doc.. on thursday becasue i still had it.. and i got some pills and now im good!! haha no worries!! prayers really have been answered!! its so amazing!! haha nope... weddding dates are still floating around.. its so hard to try to make someone want to get married. ha and abigail and ingret didnt go to church yesterday.. idk why not.. but we have anohter app with them tomorrow.. i miss jax a ton too! and idk just have more res´ponsiblitlity and we are both equal but he is DL  ya ill be going with elder sulat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it his area!! im pretty excited about that!
Pig brain tacos sound awful-but glad you liked them :) so at doc did they run any tests? Take blood? What pills are you on? I want to send a package soon, what would you like from home? Lindsey, dads sis, texted me and said you are writing one of her friends daughters Brindee B, I guess her hand bug have been friends since babies-small world!!! 
haha nope no tests or anything just a good check up and idk.. whatever you want.. i think im good i dont really want mac and cheese or potatoes.. haha im kind of sick of those.. but idk im really good! and idk who that is.. brindee b??
 he wanted t o take more pics and he started to position me.. and role up my pants.. ;)

Hmm that's funny! I'll have to tell Lindsey :) haha!!! Megan h. asked hace for email did she write you? Doing fhe tonight? Staying dry with all the rain-haha!!! How is Oscar?
yup she wrote me...... yes we have a FHE with inv.. and hopefully with another new inv. oh man!! lots of rain.. one day we got back and i was completelty soaked... haha oscar is good doesnt erally talk to me that much.. :)
the hna Elioda and her fam  for a FHe on saturday night

Roasting marshmallows on forks? hands get a little warm :)
ohhhhhh ya!!!! haha real warm!

and today we went to nacho again so my comp could see.. and yesterday we ate with this kid and his horse... dog his name is scooby haha 
How do you get your investigators? Knocking doors? Did Oscar talk to you more before you flipped him upside down? ;) spiritual experience this week? 
we have a lot of members that give us references and some of them we contact!! ha most of the converts are refreeces! haha ya he talked with me a little bit more... haha this week my spiritual experience was with elioda with her fire we talked about how we need to shine our light so that other too can see were to go to reach true happiness..
You look good, clothes fitting ok? Need any garments? Who is the kid? His dog is huge!!!! What did you eat with him? And where?
yup clothes all good and gs also good and his name is eric and we ate with his family on sunday and they as a fam were just sealed as a family about 2 weeks ago!! 
Awesome!!! Running into anymore Zapotec language? I tried to make a date to get stuff from watson but no response yet-I'll keep trying tho-
What's favorite part of mission so far?
lately no Zapoteco.. haha my favorite part so far has been the stuggle with the language.. its so hard.. but when i can speak it and i feel like im a instrument in the lords hands its amazing. :)
One of those amazing spiritual gifts ;) I'm anxious for you to use it when you get home ;) do you know the name of pills on? How often do you take them? Did hna madsen refer you to the doc? Dad and boys say hi, dad and Jace fixing sprinklers, jordan doing some guys lawn :)
the pills are called lacomin ketorolaco abd i was taking them every 12 hrs from thur to sunday and yes the doc is a member of the church he is the mission doc

hey family.... dad i hope you had a grat fathers day!! and i wanted you guys if you have time tonight to sit together and listen to this recording for dad! thanks!! love you guys lots! and thanks dad for everything!!!  (justin sent a recording of him reading the poem "the Race" we cried all the way through it!!) wish I could get it to post......

Average is the enemy of excellence - liahona 

Hmm, so done taking them?  Glad feeling better? Are you drinking lots of water? Or coke ;)? What's normal menu for day?
ya im done taking them! and i feel good but the doc said if it starts again to go see him a gain.. but im good!! :) no worries momma!! :) im drinking tonds of agua and just whatever the members give- me ! we eat a ton of chicken and beans... im starting to get sick of them.. ;)
how are you doing mom?? :)
I'm doin good, bawling like a baby now... Just listened to the recording, dad and I in tears!!! You are an amazing son and we are sooo very blessed to be your earthly parents!  Riding my bike and keeping up with all the guys keeps me busy but I love it :) best job in the world being a weaver mom!!!! :) need CTR rings? 
haha i was bawling too.. haha :) but thanks so much for allowing me to be your earthly son.. i am so greatful and i thank my father in heaven everyday!! i could use some CTR rings.. ha love you guys and be happy! happy fathers day dad!! talk with you guys next week!! love elder weaver
Supermans son love you all! :)))))))))))))))))))))
well.. mom... that time again... great talking with you!! i hope you have a fantastic week with the family!!! i love you all so much and i am praying for the best for you guys! love you and talk with you next week!! :)
How come the day goes so slow and then our hour flies by?!!!?? Dad said he loves you keep getting up-your winning the race-glad you sent it in English, he said it would have been a huge surprise in Spanish ;) love you and hope wedding bells will ring!!! Be happy and safe healthy and dry :) haha!!! God bless and keep you, tell elder Cruz we love and pray for him too!!! Love you justeroo-mucho amor-madre xoxos
haha i could have tried to do it in spanish.. ;) ha thanks so much im hoping for wedding bells as well.;) thanks so much! the days are gradually getting faster.. ha :) thanks love you and talk with ya next week! Con amor elder weaver xoxoxo :)

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