Monday, June 8, 2015

Na.aShelli elder Weaver

Hola Mi Hermanito!! Espero que todo esta bien contigo, y que estas trabajando duro con tu compenero. I finally got a truck!! It's a beautiful 2003 Ford F-150, with an extended cab like dads. I'm way excited about it!! Tomorrow after work I'm going to get it licensed and registered, I'll also be talking to Nick about taking over some of his lawn mowing places, so as soon as we figure that out I will go buy a lawn mower, and a weed wacker. IM super Excited about it all! I love you buddy! keep working hard and stay righteous!

jordan...... im giggling like a little girl..... its beautiful!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i wish i could explain how i feel... hahah ohhhh i love you... hahahahhahahahahahhahahahha Jordannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahqhahhahah i love you! good job! you got the truck and your getting things going jordan! ive been praying super hard for you and i hope you can keep moving forward with your great life! youre a great example to me! and the truck.. oh my.. those rims... :) hahaha that a boy! now get a girl a go for a ride and marry her and ride off in the sunset in your beautiful truck! :) con amor... ELDER WEAVER

Well my week was pretty awesome!! Football started and Monday we went over some offensive plays the. Went over the defense and then Tuesday we went outside and did some 7 on 7 and I was put in the second string defense at will linebacker!!! And I've been getting reps all week and after that we go into the weight room!! This Saturday we have the weber state 7 on 7 an im pretty sure I'm going to that!  We havent got player packs yet but I'm excited to actually have my own!!! Love you! How was your week? What did you do on Wednesday? What did you do on p day? Do you still play any sports not p days like soccer or anything? If so be safe! Don't want the white kid beating all the Mexicans at soccer ;) "that's one bad white boy" ;) love you be safe

that a boy!!! keep working hard and beat the guy thats playing starters.. ;) you can do it! have fun in 7 on 7 i loved 7 on 7 and its a great time to really learn the coverages and all! wed we went to the temple and then went out to telix.. and spen a lot of money.. and we havint been doign alot of sports not latrly... today we just cleaned the house and washed clothes and bought food for the week.. ha hey im proud offf you!!! ;) haha keep working hard and youll see results"! love you jax! have a great week and keep gettting better! ELDER WEAVER

Mi querido mamma!!! que arriba?? ;) haha this week was pretty difficult.. me and the comp had a pretty bad arguement, and we just had a bad spirit all week.. haha but we got the changes sunday night at about 10 and it turns out that it was the time for my comp.. he was only here for one change and im still here in Etla and im with a elder that has 21 months and he is from guadalajara and he is super short.. haha but we seem to be pretty chill as of right now.... i learned that i dont want to judge to early.. haha so well see how the week goes. but im super excited that im still here.. i am hopeing and i feel like we aregoing to do some big miracles here this change.  ROsa and florentino i think dropped us.. we werent able to get with them at all this past week and so we.ll still keep trying and then we have 4 other couples... that need to get married also.. and 2 of them have dates for the 20th to get married.. the other pueblos are good... ha nothing to much happening just paying a lot oif money and because im white i have to pay more... but im learning how to argue and get the right price.. or i just give them the money i think is right and leave.. ha so im hoping this change with this comp we can get a long and do the lords work.. con amor elder weaver

yea, i am so excited that you get to stay, ive been praying for a good change, you look happy with comp so far, i know its only been a few hours but yea!!! so what have you been up to today? lots of weddings to get done, they say that june is the busiest month for weddings :) we will pray that they all get married...

nothing we just went to the ADO and we changed comps and we came back he unpacked and i washed Gs and now email, and we have a FHE tonight! soo im excited about that! ya i hope we can have a big miracle and have all 5 done!! ha 

what does that mean-have all 5 done? what are you teaching for fhe and where do you have it? is the little boy you turned upside down and sent video of still your friend? :)  it makes me smile to hear that you think your hair is too long after always wanting it to be long :) getting lots of rain? we have seen some big storms that looked like they were headed your way last week...doesnt he seem kinda racist that they charge you more because you are white :) do you ride buses or taxis? still talk to people during rides about the gospel? what about the family history stuff find out more about what you are supposed to do?

like get all 5 couples married.. ha sorry and sorry if i was supe pushy about the high five pic.. tell grandma pat sorry too.. haha i am teachging about faith and i have a really good idea that im gonna use! haha and yes he is my friendd.. doesnt talk to me that much but ya.. haha  we have had a lot of rain!!! a lot! both taxis and urbans for telix and huizo  ha ya i contacted a guy in the taxi andhe was driving and he was a cool nice guy.. might never go to church because he is always working but ya meet some good people..  i found out a little biut more.. still way confused on how to use it..

you were not pushy at all about the pictures, infact she gave me all the cards she has with photos, way back and im going to make cds out of them, one for you guys and one for me :) tell me about your faith lesson, ive got to do fhe here tonight, i know big chuckles but yes we are going to try and have it AGAIN :D been able to buy what you need with all the money you have to spend on transportation? eating ok? i bet your ward is super  happy that you are staying :) your pictures shows comp with headphones what would he use them for? do you guys use ipads?

ok! :) im going to put a apple in my bag and ask tell everyone that i have something in my bag that noone in the whole world has seen... and then ask what they think... and after ya ya im gonna pull out the apple and theyll be like hey!! thats a apple... and ill be like but!!!! no person on this earth has seen or felt the seeds that are inside this apple... how do we know that they are there..??? haha and go off of that.. ya we are going to  buy tomorrow and get more food. bnut i have food for tonight and tomorrow! sandwhiches.. haha no he has music on the usb and is listening to it.. dont have ipads... mom.. we be in mexico. ;) 

this was the district and we only changed my comp for the next change! ;) ha

Hey justin my week was pretty good! I had the royal shoot out Thursday and I played varsity defense and then sophomore everything! I did pretty good but sophomore offense I was doing anything franks wanted me to! Like the last play of te last game I was playing x and did a fade an went up for the ball and wapped my head pretty bad but u didn't do anything friday so I took it easy and sautéed at I started varsity at will thats pretty much my week! How was yours? Keeping safe? Love you!
Jax.. youre a beast.  keep up the good work i saw your video and you are getting so good!!! how is your lifting and your running stats! and how is summer!!!??? hahah it is so hot here and i miss you so much i miss playing bball and playing catch and everythging.. keep getting better, you ALWAYS can get better! im way proud of you. love elder weaver :)

this is the comp elder cruz.. and we just took that pic.. i need a haircut. ;)
Hey my young friend how's life? I hope you had a great week! And thing are going great for you? Things her are good weather is good starting to feel like summer, been riding the bike a lot, and having fun feels good to ride with the weight loss t really helps on the hills and I'm getting faster.
How are thing with comp?  I HOPE you know how proud I am of you! And how much I love you! Keep working hard it's not always easy to get along with comps. But try to learn lessons from each comp both good and bad things can help you to grow! Please be happy and smile and enjoy it goes so fast I don't want you to regret any of your time on your mission, so keep loving it. I know you can do HARD things you always have and always will just learn to smile while you're doing those hard things :))) ok. Have a great week what an amazing adventure your having. our father in heaven knows and loves you he is with you.
Love ya #44 dad

the life is good and can get better. glad to hear that you are losing weight and getting stronger and faster!! things with the comp were pretty hard the last week we had a pretty big fight.. but ya i got a new comp now.. i wish i could enjoy the mission .. ha im to worried about doing the right thing and if the comp doesnt want to.. how can i make him, other than saying somthing but then that leads to fights.., but i am going to smile and just strut with my stuff this week and my book of mormon, and jsut smile because you said so.. haha:) i  love you dad and thanks for the confidence that you give me! i hope you have a great week and be safe and keep riding and getting better yourself! 
love elder weaver supermans son!

mom... remember that root canal i had done 2 weeks before i came out.. on tuesday it kind of came off will i was chewing a jolly rancher that was chewy.. but i had a miracle... and ya the dentst here put in back on and it feels mormal and good!:)

great lesson! I'l use it too :) I know you're in mexico but just didn't know how advanced in mexico :) haha! sandwiches are good, making them ala mexican? get what you need and treat yourself to a treat :) have big meetings this week? get to see any more sights in Etla or other pueblas you visit? talk to pres very much face to face? what's greatest thing that happened to you last week?

haha ya!!! haha no big metgs this week and we can go to another pyramid.. there is one in our area.. but idk if we will go..

lots of rain...

 wow, sorry about the tooth-glad you got it fixed so quickly- :/ I think you sent me same pictures of zone, its not very big-surprises me...
ya the district iis just 4 of ius.. but got to go mom!! thanks for chatting!!! love you tons!!! ill talk with you guys next week! 
i have read this 2 times and i have cried, balled 2 times.. haha im not gonna read it anymore.. ;) love you guys so much thanks for the support and ill talk with ya next week! loev you be safe :))))))))))))))
 Na.aShelli elder Weaver

:) big smiles! love you, have fun treasure Etla! in our prayers  love you mom

you too mom! big :)))))))))))))) talk to ya soon;) LOVE elder Weaver :)

Presidente, this week was a difficult one.. me and the comp we had a little arguement and it really kind of ruined the week and i couldnt feel like we could teach with the spirit, i am happy to be here with elder Cruz and i think we are going to make some big things happen here in Etla. We have 5 couples that need to get married and 2 of them have fechas to get married for the 20th so we are going to try and get all5 couples married and started on there amazing blessings they can recieve with the gopsel as a member. i am so glad that i am still here in Etla, my comp was super disappionted that he left, but i know that the lord has his ways and all thinks work out for the best. i am happy and healthy, and im learning constantly. thanks for the great opportunitites that you have given me! im excited to see how this first week goes with the new comp.

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