Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 6 months!!!

jax, keep up doing the work!! thats so awesome man! i love it! and i hope you keep pushing yourself harder and harder! to get better muy bien con su español! espero que cuando me regrese tu puedes hablar conmigo y jordan.. ;) mucho amor and keep up the good work! i miss watching it too... but its honestly nothing like th misión...  ha love yoiu buddy!

Presidente, this week has been quite the week! i have learned so much and me and Elder Barerra are doing alot of work.. we got to know alot of the members this week and some parts of this huge área, we taught a gay guy that had sent some pretty bad and suggestive messages to the cell phone but my comp asked the zone leaders and we got clearance to have the lesson in the church and we had a member present and there was no problems.. we are getting better with our unity and because this is his first time being district leader he is still learning and so am i! and ive learned so much! because my comp didnt and still doesnt know all the ares..i have  had a Little more resposiblity and i kind of like.. because it keeps me invilved and its more of a companionship and we are working well together!
pues.... si usted tenia una semana con mushas actividades... jaja esto muy feliz a escuchar que tiene mucha trabajo y esta feliz. i have a had a good weeek with the new comp.. we met alot of members so that he could het to know them and be happy and sorry about jerico.. hope you can get a nother puppy son!;) love you jordan!
HEY thanks!! Yes im gonna burn a tie tomorrow!! im super excited about that!! and i got your package!! thanks so much but idk porque you sent me dads shirt... ha but good for jerico... im gonna miss him and i can wait to meet the new puppy when i get home...;) ha you guys arent on the cruise yet!?? me and the comp are super good! but he has a super different accent and they use different words and so its throuing me off a Little bit.. but hes super good... kind of a air head... and this is his first change as district leader so hes learning alot and im helñping and learning a lot! this saturday there was 2 baptsims but they were for the hnas and one guy lost his records so they had to do it agaisn.... ? one nighht while i was planning my comp was on the roof and he called me so i went and he told me tomorrow we have a lesson with a gay guy.... i was like ummm... ok sooo then we went and taught him in the church witha  recent convert cris.... and i literaclly just couldnt feel comfortable... it was super hard to teach him. but we talked about agency and how god is perfect and he created us perfectly and has a perfect plan for us... also monday night we had a FHe and i lead it, and we did the cracker on the face, and it really hit home... they were laughing and i was able to tie it in really good with 2 nephi 2,25 so good week we bought and i have a good food stock and we have a a good week ahead of us... and im still trying to firgure stuff out for mothers day as well.. when i know ill have a member email you guys and let you know all the info! i love you guys so much! i cant believe its been six months... i really like my comp because he talks with me..., this week i learned a lkot of spanish! :) hope you are having a great time with grandma and grandpa! and superman!
I'm on Internet way slow!!!yes on cruise, having fun, it's been a crazy trip with delays and weather but good, so glad things are going good for you!!! Tell me scripture for week;) mine is 2000 stripling warriors story!!! Great Mother's Day script
hahaha i like the scripture 1 nefi 17.36 talks about how god made th world for us... and im not sure how yet... for skype... for sure on sunday! but ill have amemvber email yua and let you know for suure!!
f you can't get a member to email, please call my phone when ready to skype,  use CTR rings? Any pic yet? Apartment and comp?
havent used the rings yet... but i will..:)

 the casa

 the comp...


I love you-Internet being weird!!! Talk to you Sunday!!! God bless and be safe!! Happy 6 months!!!!

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