Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Day!!

Thanks so much mom! sorry i am litle late but im here if you are.. ha i was so happy to see you guys! and i hope you know you are a great example for me in everything you do! and yes that is me and my comp.. that is in a field next to some houses that are made out of bamboo and just poor people.. yes we have hot water and a nice hot chower! :) the burning the tie kind of failed.. did it twice and failed twice... haha but its ok i had fun trying to do it. my comp is 20wow!! sounds like a good week and if you could do that it would be great and the bishops wife would be happy.. good luck jace and jax! do work and fly high! mom could you look for the pic of me and jax at his football championship this year of me and jax doing a jumping high five! grandma pat took the pic and we are in the air high fiving! haha if you could.. por favor!? thanks for all you help and suport! con amor elder weaver great timing ive been doing flower beds and just came and checked email, yes ill find those pictures, so what been up to today? today hasnt really been a p day because they closed the other area we had to go get all there stuff from the house and bring it to ours.. ha wow, seeing pictures and all the "lighter fluid" good thing it didnt work so well :) so what kind of stuff did you bring from other house? able to run errands? still going to missionary homecoming tonight? like a frdge and charis and tables,.. alot of stuff and yes we are still going and yes i have food!!!:) yes super happy and really hot.. like tempurature wise... ;) haha im trying to send some other photes but its not letting me.. so i might have to next week.. :( wow, a fridge, did you have one before? need to see picture of kitchen and bathroom :) haha love the photos I am adding them all to the blog and I will share some on face book if ok? how did you get all that stuff to your house? Jace shared this scripture 2 Nephi 2:24 ya we had a fridge and ok ill take pics.. ha ya for sure only if i look good!!;) ha we had the ZLs help witha members truck i like that whole chapte!!! ha :) you always look good!! whats your scripture today? My scrip is the end of 1 nefi ch 4 the last 3 verses.. talks about why he wrote and i think its super cool its a good testimony why we need scriptures in our day.. I LOve you mom!!!! have a great week and ill talk to ya next monday!! and I hope you like the FLowers! from Maddy!! ;) Love the flowers!!! you have a super week and be safe and healthy and happy! continue to work hard and serve the best you know how! So proud of you and thanks so much for thinking ahead and planning with Maddy to get me something for mothers day-means so much and I treasure you tons!! Till next week-love mom x0x0s No problem! she has helped a bunch!! be safe and healthy as well!!! talk to ya next week! love you :) Presidente, this week was super good we worked a ton and are learning more and more of the area, this sunday we had a investigator go to church and he is super catholic and we have only talked with him 2 and he was super nervous. but he came and we have another app with him this wed. We got to know more of the area and are getting better with our unity. i really love this area and hope im here for at least 2 more changes.. because im still learning the area and the members and were they live. im greatful for the oppotunity to skype and see the family.. they are all doing good and im counting my many blessings! :) you always look good!! whats your scripture today? Great letter!!! Dad says he sure loves you and he is very proud of you, hopes to be like you someday! Although I think you are both alot a like and have so many of the same Christlike qualities! Keep up the good work-love the superman shirt, you wear it well, I need to get dad one and paste your pictures together :) alright! thanks so much!! i love you to guys! i hope some day i can fly as high as you dad! and then we can try to get to where mom is! LOve you all! have a good week! That would be a good idea!!! :) Love elder weaver be super duper! love you! LOVE you too dad! :) happy late mothers day! ELder Weaver

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