Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!

Hey im just emailing this one message about skype this sunday... im going to be calling you at 6 my time.. so i think that is 5 your time.. not sure. but i hoe you had a great cruise amd ill see ya sunday!!!! love you elder weaver hey im going to be emailing at 6 or 630... but not sure the account and password so if you could send those to me that would be great!!! see ya in a bit!

He sent a letter to Maddy and she brought me the letter, flowers and some chocolates, great timing too, we were trying to figure out skype and she was here to say hi to him and got a 

 This is a sign of respect when approaching someone in Oaxaca :)

Love this boy, kid, my Justin!!! Miss him sooo much!!! He told us a story that he went to a members home and the lady said there are animals crawling on your shirts, they took their shirts off and shook them, still crawlies on their garments so they took them off too and shook them, a 16 year old girl saw Justin's abs from the top window and was telling someone late that he has squares in his belly :) always has had great abs, turns out the crawlies were fleas  YUK!!! said he only had them at that house......

had two other girls bring me flowers the following Thursday :) so kind and thoughtful!!!
 Shania brought the roses
 Liesl brought this  bouquet!

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