Thursday, July 2, 2015

 Hello my young friend how was your week? i hope and pray it was marvelous!!!!! you deserve it. i'm sure your working hard and loving it so i wont ask :) just a little about me this week things got hot weather wise, and i'm still riding a group i go with on Tuesdays is crazy fast about 25 mph which in hot temps is double crazy but i'm getting stronger and still learning and losing weight i'm now wearing your old work shorts 33 waist! oh that make me happy maybe some day i'll be as awesome as you not:( but i'm trying. hope you KNOW how proud i'm of you your so amazing and strong spiritually and physically!  I hope you take every day as a learning day and build upon it and grow from the good and the bad, than smile and remember we choose the wonderful earthly opportunity and how fun it is, remember about one year ago being in a trench full of water up to your nose, oh the good ol   days, do you remember what i said at the end of that day? we can do hard things as a family. since than you have learn that with the help of our Father in Heaven you can do hard things and grow from them and be a better MAN because of them. so face the hard day with a smile love it and remember your not up to you nose in water :) love you my friend please enjoy it go's so fast.  love ya i think i have a little fever

HAHA WEVER FEVER....???? i don't think that wonderful honor is mine anymore.. i think its jaxes!! ha wow!!! dad your skinny.. ;) good for you!! is the group that you ride with from the bike shop and are you still teaching classes in the bike shop!? im glad to hear from you and im happy alll is good! i remember that day very well when we were in the water up to the nose.. and actually ive shared that experience about 2 times now!! and the crazy thing is that im sharing it in spanish!! ha im super ha´ppy and somtimes im stressed because we dont have the inv. in the church.. but i really cant control them.. but i need to find a way tro help them grow to want to come to church!! Thanks dad for all the love and support!!! with the people that we have baptized all i did was tell them that my dad is Ross Weaver and they got baptized... ;) but that was too easy.. so im going to have to do it the hard way.. ;)) love supermans son! 

President, this week wasdefinetly a busy one and i loved the temple and going to the zone conference i learned so much and ive been apllying as much as i can so that i can get batter in the teachings. i also went on divisions friday with elder sulat and that was also great and learned a ton with him and things are going good in the area.. we have 3 fechas for the end of the change and we are hoping to get a couple married within 2 weeks.  I the bishop in the ward told me that i need to be more bold in the teaching and with the couple, and say look you wanna get married!? because we are here and you have everything now and we need to make this happen because you have a lot of blessings waiting-. so thats my goal this week to be more bold and direct but sensitive to the needs of the people. me and elder cruz are still doing good and im hoping and praying that im here another change if you are inspired to keep me here im ok with that. im excited to see what happens at the end of the change and the start of the next change here in Etla. and excited to keep making and keeping the goals of the Zone we have seen the benifits of contacting 5 people a day. 

mi querido mother i am so definetly greatful for the freedom that i have to be herer on my mission and that im free to choose.. haha and also im glad that i have agency because the other day yo estaba piensando that the sun and the world have its course to run but we have the right to choose and be free to make mistakes but also to succeed.. this week was a pretty good busy week aswell... we had the johova witnesses come to the house tues and they say that we were missionaries and said oh.,.. about to leave thats ok well just give you a pamplet.. and haha the senor wouldnt look at me he was hiding his face with his hat.. ha the temple was great as usual! and we were coming back to etla and we were in the urban and i started to contact the driver because we were sitting up front with him.. so we were going and all then we stopped and picked up a white lady and she didnt know spanish.. so i translated for her where she was going and all.. and then i started to contact her in english..shes jewish... haha so i was contacting both of them at the same time one in english and the other in spanish.. haha he was cathloic and was way nice.. she was ok... not all that nice.. but then we had to get off so i paid for her ride and i told her shes good and doesnt need to pay and she told me wow now i need to convert!! haha but t}with sarcasim.. haha the junta for the Zone was great and i learned a tons and we did a bunch of practices and it was great!! The HNa Mitchell the girl that i went to school with is going to bring some stuff back home too!!! and she goes home the end of the transfer it was a good week still working with hever and karen to get married and ingred and abigail didnt go to church again.. sooo its been a little bit tough.. ha but im happy and still going to work! 
Awesome, love that you get to teach in English and Spanish at same time even, how fast your brain works!!!! ;) soooo awesome, still trying to get a hold of Watson, maybe shoot him and email and give my phone number, I'd be willing to drive and get stuff from him ;) so how's chest feeling? 
it was super crazy!!! i got out of the car and was like.. what just happened.. and for soome reason the comp jkust didnt talk. i dont have watsons email...... but ill try and get it. my chest and health is all good!!! :) 

Everything looks so beautiful, did you pick the fruit yourself? still like Elder Cruz?
yup everything still working good with him! and he extened his mission! the pinapple the hno fransisco had.. thats in his house, Jordan the Pina pictures are for you
So glad, what a blessing that is, how long did he extend for? Dad still is in charge of the bike shop class it's just on the rode Thursday nights, a much slower pace than his other group he rides with on Tuesdays ;)  
Have lots of traveling this week? How were splits with other elder? Loved letter to pres, 20 seconds of extreme bravery and you can ask those people to get going with marriage :) when are transfers again? 

until october we dont have alot we only go out to telix one time this one to eat! they were great elder sulat! hes a good missionary! the next tranfers are the 20 of july... how are you moommmmmmm!!!;) all good and happy!!?
wow!! thats along time!!! 5 hrs!!! and i still havent seen you yet.. ;( ha  august is a good month to do a bike ride!! ;) and my scip is mosiah 2:41 im going to share it tonight in the family home evennig! im super excited about it!! 
Love that your using sticks not forks ;) favorite home to visit and why?
we bought the sticks.. so it wouldnt hurt so much. and im not sure there are some amazing members here.. i really dont know.. and yes lots and lots of rain!! its acutally going to rain in about 15 min i can see it coming.
;) I listened to that scripture this morning on my walk, loved that whole chapter :) I'll take some pictures of all of us this week and send next time ;) who are you teaching for fhe?
sounds great!!! i cant wait!! we are going to teach Genaro and Marina and there fam :) 
Are they one of your unmarried couples? How many kids? Will you eat dinner with them? Mostly eat lunch or dinner with members? Love the temple in Spanish? How is family history thing working?
haha it rains for a good 2 hrs or so in the afternoons that seems to be the pattern.. and tell them hi back! yes they are theya re beasically members but they need there divorse papers and then get married and baptism.. last momnth we ate with them!! ha just lunch! and sometime we get invited to eat dinner adn yes and no.. its kind of hard becasue they use a lot of big words that im still trying to learn in the temple.. im still struggling with fam hist... ha
So this might sound weird, is this like their living room? Do they cook over fire? Are they a multi generation family?
no this is in there backyard under a balcony because it was raining..they have alittle stove with gas this family no.. just them :)
Do you siesta? ;) do you do fam history every pday? Comp do too?
haha si moma hoy mesiesta un poco and we have a hr every pday to do it i do it or try and do it before i write you guys:)
and yes i get the liahona and they are great and i got the conference!
Awesome!!! So need anything...CTR rings, anything else? 
Socks? Glad you get to siesta!!! I do too ;) 
umm can you send me scrip cases for my spanish scrips.. they are a little bigger and i need cases that can stay on like just case for the book of mormon and bible seperate.. ha my scrip are getting beat up.. if that makes sense.. like cases that can zip up and zip open but us still attached to the scips.. ha does that make sense?
I'll look for a case like that ;) Lots of friends writing you, lots of missionaries writing you?
a few friends.. like 3.. and no other missionaries i learned today that thats not alowed.. ha 
Hmm, not to marcus or Braden? 
idk.. but i am.. HA
:) I would think its ok since they are not in your mission, I think Jace had same kind of rule, no contact with fellow missionaries :) hey on Saturday buy yourself something american to celebrate the Fourth of July ;) haha-comp old did you say he is?
K ,I'll look for action figures ;) love you justin-dad sends love too, soo very proud of you and love you so much-be safe happy and enjoy every moment -chat with you soon-love and hugs!!!!! Love mom and dad!!!
well..... my wonderful amazing mother that time has come yet again... ;) ha thanks so much for always chatting with me and helping and giving me the support!! if you could also in the pakcge my comp wanted alittle action figure of like BM profetas.. if they are small and cool looking..;) ha tell the family i love them! and miss you guys jax gives me the chills to see him play ball so good with his footwork! and i really think no lie im going through withdrawls from sports... ;) haha have a great week mom! know i love and miss you guys an dim safe and happy and healthy! :) love you all elder weaver

be happy and remember the pics for next week! ;) ha Con amor ELDER WEAVER love you guys thanks for everything! :)

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