Monday, September 19, 2016

Wow soooo we all had a readlly good week!! haha am for me it also went by super duper fast!! good ob dad on your race thats is sooo great!! UMM so last week the secretaries from bosque asked me to check a record of a kid and so we did we went to the secretaries and they couldnt find the name either and so on friday we found out that Jose was going to get batpized with Raul... we already had Raul planned but jose was just kindof a blessing and it was super great!! all of the FHE turned out really good for both the wards... the presidnet of the stake invited us in to do the yell with thme and so we did we yelled ViVa!!  like Viva Mexico... but then we left and we thought noo.... hahaha and we started to sing the star spangled banner. haha and yes Raul got baptized and it was great bosque reall support us we had to move the program to the sacrement room because theere was sooo many people... and it was sooo greta!! today was changes and we are pretty exhausted... sorry the computer is kind of dumb... want to wite more but the key board is hard and dumb.... ha but we had a good week and we are gonna be meeting with presidnt this week in his  house and ya we will be busy again!!! love you guys have a good week! 
Love you too, dang key board,  so glad you had a super week and so happy for your baptism!
Please be safe and have a great one, enjoy your meetings with pres and keep chin up and the keep working hard…take good care of you,
Love you tons,

Anyone we can pray for this week? I’m guessing you are getting off because of keyboard, but just in case….:)
no i got time but the key board is soosoo dump... ha i can write! 
What a great blessing for jose to be baptized too, how old is he and did he think he had been baptized before? Do they do fireworks and party like we do for the 4th?
Work turned out to be super crazy, lots of ground water to work with, lots of yelling and swearing, needless to say we got 7 lengths of pipe in and no one is happy!! Ugh!!!
Hopefully tomorrow goes better!
So did you have to shuttle a lot of missionaries around because of changes today? New ones in your zone? At your meeting with pres will you ask if we are invited to your last dinner and devotional with them, if not totally ok, we can plan on something else that night/evening…
he is 14 and has gone to the temple and has the priesthood and we had to baptize him again because he had no record... there were a few fireworks not asmany as i thought... yes were were everywhere haha and we have a good DL and some good new sisters that came!! ha its gonna be a good last transfer!! yes ill ask him!! he was a little upset that the U beat the Y... haha i was textng him the night of the game asking him how things went...

jose picked me to baptize him... 

presidnet Villanueva

This is Rauls fam bam and now we be workin with them.... 

Noche MEXICANA!!!!!!
Lots of good food too? Are all these people in your ward?
yes lots and lots of good fooooooood!! :) yes these are people from bosque! 

Comp burned his one year marck shirt!! 

the Zone before transfers.... at the last Distrtict meeting
Love the royal shirt!! Your district meeting looks very fun! Is pres Villanueva daughter excited about her call? We also got a random email from some guy it said hi and had a picture of you and comp with him….leon?
oh ya!! haha he is Abram!! hes a great guy!! haha yes she is super excited for her call!!! its gonna be cold! 
I think that you may be cold when you come home to Utah, although I have been watching your weather and we are the same right now for temps but you are getting a lot more rain…it is supposed to drop to 50 by the end of the week here, and it makes me sad, I am not ready for summer to go away, love the warmer temps…
When we come to visit can we wear shorts to visit members or should we be in church clothes?
hahaha i know i am gonna have a bad tan line on ,my neck too... haha yes you can be in shorts!! haha i dont care.. :) 

the sisters brou ght a few inv to the baptism aswell!
So is there a dinner after the baptisms…what did the investigators think, spark feelings of the spirit?
just like some refeshments and a cake... and i think soooo but its hard because people are lazy and dont want to go to church for some of the sisters... 

What great pictures! Speaking of which, this week try and get me a good one of you in action for your homecoming invite! I would like to get them sent out the middle of October, excited things are becoming weeks away instead of months!!
hahaha ok ill try to...... haha ;)
went to the temple with Karla but we couldnt see her do baptisms... but we were able to to a session and other things!! :) 
That is so awesome, I am sure she loved it! are so funny, a session and other things-what other things? :P
like annointings and washings.. 

these are the messages i sent to president on game night.. i asked him how the game was and he said it wasnt over yet.. then he texted me back again.. ;) 

Jose is next to me and Rual is the one with the mustace.. i dont remember how to spell it... haha 
we got the water lookin real pretty..
Great pictures, you are really close on your spelling 😊 the water is so blue, we have commented on it before like in karlas pix how do you get it to look so pretty? Pray real hard? What color would it be if you didn’t work on it?
it would be more of a yell just ugly color... haha its a trick.... ;) lots and los of faith.. ;) 
Hmmmm, so whats the trick because if you colored it it would dye the clothes….you must have a whole lot of faith!!! I love all the pictures you look very happy and have the spirit of Christ in your face, your smile and your eyes, you are doing his work and it shows!! I hope that you can always remember these moments have feelings! Keeping good journal I am sure!
Actaully i need to get batter at my journal... ha its been a little rough lately... 
Please do better, these will be the best of times in mission and you wont want to forget these feelings of completing a long journey!
ok ok ill try and be better this week!!! :))) 
I love that your keyboard may not be working very well but that you are able to send pictures! Tells so much of what your last week has been, who are you going to teach this week, how are Hugo and Elmer….
Have fhe tonight or you get to rest from transfer day?
we weret able to see them.. they cancelled out app this week but this week we aere going! we are going to have a FHE witht eh Villanuevas because it was my comps bday yesteeday and they are gonna invite us to eat again
So very nice, I am so grateful to them, I know that you are getting a good meal!! Pass along our gratitude again! And we are anxious to meet them next month, when does his daughter go, I texted and told him that’s where gma sheri grew up 😊
i will for sure!! and she goes like a week or 2 after i leave!!! she leave}s i think the 2 of november... haha 
Wow that is very fast, do they have places there to buy snow stuff or will she have to get when she gets to her mission, will she come to the provo mtc?
im sure they could find something in Sams.. or walmart.... maybe or they be ording online.. ans shes gonna be in provo.. but she is speaking spanish in her mission
Wow,  I guess I didn’t realize how many Spanish speaking people were in new jersey, but actually I guess they are everywhere-haha! That’s awesome! Does she know very much English?
yes the whole family can talk enlgish and spanish!! its cool..
Very cool, we will have to for sure spend some time with them-haha! Do you have a lot in your ward that are bilingual?
actaully a couple of people.... haha not a lot .., but a few..

me and my comp sent a happy anniversary texxt to hermana madsen.. and she said this back
She is so awesome!!! They live in Utah right?
yes Orum utah... 

What a bunch of cute kids, are they your primary? Haha messages, we may have to get your number the week before we come so we can text you when we get there 😊

yes!! and i told them all to smile and they groaned because they were eating so i said to show us the food in there mouths and they opened right up! its ____________ thats my number.. and are you gonna be here on friday or sat???
Awesome, seafood!! We are coming Saturday, that still ok?
yes thats gonna be fine and youll be here in the after noon like 6????
Our plane lands at like 6:20 and then we are about 15 minutes from mission home
dang..... ok.. :))))))
Why dang?
just cuz i wanted to see if you could be able to see some baptisms.... but maybe we can make it work somehow.. start a little later... 
That would be so awesome, we would may be able to make a 7:30 but don’t postpone things because of us…to change flights would cost more….sorry!
noooo its ok... we can make it work!!! :) ill seee what we can d!! haha thanks mom for all you do thanks for chatting with me!! i have no girls writing me.....which makes me sad.... but im happy.. because i get to chaat with you each monday.. only like 4 more times chatting on email... :) 
take care and have a good week!! ill talk with ya next monday!! have a good week tell jax good job and keep killin it! i cant wait to see him play..  love you guysd dad your calfes still look good!" love elder Weaver
Love you more than you know! God bless and keep you! They all say hi and send hugs and squeezes!
Love you

thanks for chatting with me!  The girl thing will come, focus on the work and continue to finish strong, if it is any consolation lots of girls ask how much longer, everytime I see them and not just the Tupe girls, haha! It will all work out in the time it is supposed to! Continue to serve with your whole heart right now for the lord and blessings will continue! I love you so much and am so very proud of you! Be safe, take good care of you, eat well, and rest/sleep good! Be happy and smell a new flower for me!
Love you tons and treasure our chats, thanks for all of the pictures! Makes you seem not soooo far away!
thanks soooo much mom youre the best! oh i forgot to tell ya last monday when we got home we didnt have water.. the whole week we havent had water.... soo we keep going to the church and we are stealing buckets of water to shower... haha but i am hoping this week it comes back! love you guys have a great week!!! love Elder weabver
Wow, we will pray for water, if it continues to rain, put a bucket outside so you have some water in the house! I hope and pray it comes soon! You are a trooper…..can you shower in the baptismal changing room?haha! love you so much, you’re a treasure! Love mom

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