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I got a waffle for free for my bday!! haha from a good friend named Carlos! 

and these are some people that i met out in Miahuatlan.,. that came to the surpise baptism that just kind of happened in our church building.. 

What a great surprise, a baptism, best kind! Who is carlos, is he the elder you are with? The people are so tiny….waffle looks yummy, we should have those instead of cow gut soup-haha!

carlos is jsut a guy we met on the street and he sells waffles.. talks alittle bit of englsih.. hes a cool kid! hes 22.. 
Have you taught him the gospel?  Is there still the protesting going on?
he has talked with missionaries before and he works alot and doesnt live in our area.. but a little bit.. but we are always safe.. so no worries!! 
😊 I ask about protests wondering if it will affect our travel next month…I am certainly grateful that you are always safe, we pray for it several times a day!  So what kind of things do you teach the kids when you find them, different from the adults I would guess, have they usually heard about Jesus? Been able to give away ctr rings?
i think that thinks may be a litlte more calm when you guys come... maybe... im hoping sooooo hahaha but i am also hoping for good weather.. haha ummm what time are you guys going to be here on saturday??

You have had some good rain lately right? Has it been a lot or just showers here and there? We land at 6:19 that night, what time is church the next day? Or maybe we can meet you for dinner that night? What are you thinking?
well... if things work out all good and stuff  i might have a baptism that night... haha so i jsut wanted to know what time you got here.. 
That is what time we are expected to land, that would be so great to see and what a way for you to end your mission, maybe we will have to check on flights for day before 😊
Who else are you teaching? Cant believe its next month-so excited!! But don’t get trunky-big big smiles!
Did you get to do service last week in between all of your interviewing? How is apartment and are you feeling good and taking good care of your physical body?
yes i feel good and we were able to give some what of service.. we helped a guy try and jump his car by pushing it but it didnt start.. and now worries if not.. i dont wanna make anything inconvienent.. haha any problems.. 
Doesn’t hurt to check into it, and see….
That’s great service, even if it didn’t start-😊
How did you find hugo and elmer, did you knock doors? Do you still knock doors? This area been pretty safe as far as drunk people yelling at you and chasing you down in cars?
Ive seen a few pictures of last comp on fb for mission and wondered if he took his machete with him when he left? Haha!

yes the big goof ball took it with him..  but its all good and yes we found them by knocking doors.. haha 

Hello mother and Father this week was a really busy week... on tuesday like you know we were on divisions with the asistants and it wwent really really well actaully and i learned alot.. and then we came back and wednesday we went out and saw Raul and is is doin good but wasnt for sure this week about his baptism but for sure this week he is really excited and wanting it more and more and yesterday the old bishop talked with him and got him to calm down so now he isnt to nervous.. and on thursday we went to the offices so that my comp could get his visa done and we found a new family to teach the mom is less active and she has two kids that arent baptized.. ones 8 and the other is 10.. there names are hugo and Elmer.. haha they are really cool.. and on friday i went and i did the 3 interviews again and the kids were able to pass and we actaully had 3 inv.. that came to there baptism to see, so that was super great.. on friday we got a call from some other elders that arent in my zoneand they had 2 baptisms in my church.. in our church and so we had to help them out with the cleaning and everything... it was a busy week.. and this week on wednesday we are hoping to go to the temple with Karla and see her do some baptisms... and on friday we are going to be cleaning the font and getting things ready because we are going to be trying to attend 2 other baptisms other then ours... and its my comps bday next sunday and its gonna be a crazy busy week again!!!! oh and presidnet Villanuevas daughter is going to be opening her Mission call tonight at 630 and they invited us to go so thats gonna be super fun!!!! :) love you guys!! i am sooo happy that the U won.... i texted presidnet during the night to ask how the game was and he told me it wasnt over yet... then texted back like 5 minutes later and said that the UTes won.... hahahahahahah love youguys have a good week!!!! happy Bday Jace!!!!! and Jax]!! love you guys! ANDDDD YES I GOT MY PACKAGE! 

are we going to be sitting by each other on the plane rides!!?? 
Yea! What a great great week!! You are super busy and finishing 4th quarter like a trooper!! Keep up the good work Justeroo, you are in tune with the spirit and it shows!! So happy for you and the people that you are teaching! Wouldn’t it be awesome if her call came to Utah!! Have pres text us where she is going if he thinks about it after all the excitement settles down, would she be his first missionary!
And I am so happy you got your package, We are trying to sit by each other on the plane rides I believe we have seat assignments for one leg and we are the other leg we haven’t been assigned yet, but Ill keep you posted!
So I saw something about Mexico independence day this week, what are you doing to celebrate? Does everything close for the holiday? Any big parties?  Will you continue to teach hugo and elmer? Is mission office in your zone?
thanks! but the mission office isnt in my zone but im super close to it..  yes she is going to be the first after her father.. and we are going to be having a FHE on friday and they are going to have people come to the church and show us old painting and traditional food and things like that.. its gonna be good!! yes we are going to keep teaching them but there dad takes them on sundays and so its hard for them to come to church... it kind of stinks.. 
So when you go to the temple do you get to do conformations or anything while you are there? Did I understand right, Raul is getting baptized this Saturday? Do you have others close to baptism too…
So glad package made it, I was worried because beef jerky is on the no send to mexico list….did pants fit? I like the tie you are wearing in the picture, you look great! Friday sounds very fun, be sure to take lots of pictures. I will put the boys name in the temple and dad to see that they need to go to church 😊
yes we will be able to do somthing.. the temple workers are always happy when missionaires get there to help out.. ha yes he is hes finally getting baptized this week!!!!!  yes pants fit they are supe blue.. haha i have them on right now.... 
The pants are groomsmen pants 😊 and the tie, want you to have some too….
That’s awesome to work in the temple and help out where ever, such a great peace is there.  Tell raul we are happy for him and so excited for him, he will be a great missionary someday 😊
Comp get a bday package from home? Tell him happy bday, will he be 20?
How are things with him, have transfers past and he stayed?
oh well thanks!! ill be sure to tell him!! and he is waiting for one. maybe next monday hell get one. and hes turning 20 yes!! and we are having transfers next monday i honestly feel like we are both staying here.. 
So the quote, come what may and love it comes to mind, and I am sure that you are working hard and loving every last minute of it, so proud of you!
So Janelle gis in rs pres with us now and she shared this scripture and ive had it in my head all week, Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, I clicked on strengtheneth me in scriptures and it says “don’t be unduly concerned about anything” makes me think, I need to have more trust and faith and less fear and worry about things in life and know that our savior strengtheneth for us and helps me in everything…so there is my ponderize…big smiles!
Do you have one?
Gma pat said she got your note and loves you so much!! Thanks for writing her…
hahaha thats a great scrip and have used it many many times!!! hahaha i have been thinking alot about 2 scrps lately about mosiah 3 13 and jacob  i think its 4.. vers 6 
Awesome scriptures, what a great missionary you are, and they are very applicable for coming up conference too!  So very proud of you for so many reasons, you have grown in your testimony and knowledge of the scriptures so much! What a great treasure your mission is!
i know...  i honestly can say that i love my mission..
Hardest and best two years!
yup yup
😊 so funny!  Who would you say has been favorite comp and area so far?

Weelp mother dear.. thanks for writing me... i love you sooo much and i am truly greatful for you guys! you look good in the Utah pic! home you all have a great day]!! love you guys!! have a great week!!! :) Elder WEaver Good luck jax in your game!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for writing me and know that I, we all love you so much and so happy that you are doing so well and enjoying things, please be safe and have a great week, and tell Villanueva family our happy thoughts and prayers are with their family, so exciting! Ill tell jax when he get home tonight!
Love you so much justeroo, you are awesome, super duper and continue to smile and follow the spirit
God bless and keep you in his hands, enjoy the temple
Love mom
love you guys you guys are the best!! have a great week!!! Love Elder Weaver

some great friend i saw today... 

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