Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

HAPPY Easter!! this week was a good week and im glad to here that you and dad aare home safe and sound!!! i love how you guys got to have some new experiences and got to feel the sun!!! Easter was good...... starting with saturday, the president of the branch left on vacations and he gave us the keys to the house of prayer, and there was a family search activity and me and elder Merrill basically ran the thing, we got them internet and logged into the presidents office and got people membership numbers so that they could make new accounts.,, and then we got all the ladys set up for the womens conference that started at 6 and they loved it... it was a long day, we spent along time in the house of prayer....  and then sunday we got everything set up.... told the president of the elders quorom who was talking and ya... everything was good.,  on friday we talked with a witch.... we didnt know that she was a witch until after, when her sisster who is a member told us.... shes a witch and her husband is too... it was soooo decieving because during the lesson i was think wow shes super cool and can progress really well, then after when she had left her sister told us that she was talking very bad about us after and that shes a witch..... haha that was funnnnn... umm friday also the president and his wife came by to check our house to see if it was clean and we have a CELESTIAL HOUSE!!! haha our house is clean..... umm didnt get the video of jace....:(  glad to here you had a good bday mother!! please be happy and thanks so much for the support mom and dad!! and bros!!:) 
im pretty sure that next monday Elder Merrrill is leaving and changing areas...... from what president told us..

:) ill try and send video again, its kinda grainy anyway, but ill try! wow you had a very busy day, I am sure that the ladies loved the conference and what a treat that you got them signed up for family search activity-so impressive :)
A witch-wow! she didn't put a curse on you right? how come you were there teaching her to begin with?
I am not surprised that you have a celestial house, your room was always the cleanest and I am sure still is right now...
So are you staying in the area from what the pres said? Merrill know where he is going? are you happy that you get to stay?

Still didnt get the video..:( um well we went to a recent converts house and her sister was there and she invited us to teach her sister so we did.... ha i dont think soo.... im almost positive that im staying.... and we went know until saturday where he is leaving and who is going to be my new comp.. i hope its another greeny..;) 

hmm, sorry about video Im not sure how to send it any different....
I hope that you get another greeny too, that you they are trained correctly and will learn how to work right from the get go :)
How is Julio and Edwardo? things progressing with other investigators that you mentioned last week?
Would you like to serve in the office during your mission?  Im checking into flights and will probably get in touch with sis pres to get a little more info next week....this week we are going to saint George to watch Jace play ball in vegas on Saturday, so we will stay with steve and linda a few days and jax has spring break so we will stay and play a bit in st George weather :)
what are your plans for the week? traveling a lot? how are the people you gave blessings too? and the gunshot lady, had she recovered, I pray for her :) how about the boys parents-any progress? how are you? Happy and healthy?

Julio is doing good, didnt come to church, because the presidnet didnt come... how lame.. edwardo is still going... dont know if hes being honest when hes says hes doing everything to get his answer... dont want to serve in the offices!! nope..... NOO i wanna be in the streets! ha lucky!! thats gonna be way fun! tell them hi for me!! be safe traveling! um this week no traveling, just the Elders from Miahuatlan are going to come here to watch Conference with us because there is a gringo out there and he doesnt knwo that much spanish but wants to watch it in english.. so they are sleeping over saturday night.. and we have to change the time on saturday! so we are going to lose sleep..:(  the boys parents arent doing anything.,... its really frustrating..... im happy and healthy :)

went into a big 400 yr old catholic church today i confessed and now im clean..;)

what a beautiful building inside, and if only it were that easy-huh? do catholics know about the garden of gethsemane? do the people you teach know that he lives? I love in 3 Nephi the testimony bore to the living Christ, when reading that how can any one deny that the bofm is another testament to the Bible of Christ and that he lives

i know.... hahaha yes there are some people that know he lives and others just are super off.. haha 

so happy that Julio is good, is the pres his brother? am I thinking wrong guy? I will call temple tomorrow and put Edwardo name in, maybe he will feel the power of prayer and find an answer :) I don't blame you about the offices, I think you would miss the people on the streets and the working :) you are a fun you get to have a big slumber party-haha! great that you get to watch conference, we will be traveling to vegas and will try to listen and then we will be at jace game for priesthood so we will have to record it and then we are watching it with gma and gpa...they aren't going to the game because gmp steve still gets a little winded, but getting better :) So glad that you are happy and healthy-eating good? did pants fit from the package? if you need anything be sure to buy it and get what you need-buy something fun to eat for conference weekend :)
will you watch priesthood at the house of prayer with the whole branch?
how was easter sunday? lots of crucifixitions? lots attend sunday meetings? our sacrament was full, funny how holidays bring people to worship-the guilt gets to them-haha
So brian Parkinson got his call, he leaves in July for Rome, his mom is super excited
please send jax a hi and be happy note, he came home pretty bummed today, they wont let him run still because of his hip injury....I am sure you can make him smile today, maybe testify of reading the bofm too :) please thanks-he is missing you tons!!

no they arent bros, but that was his excuse no to go.. lame..  how is grandpa doing??  we are going to wathc it in the house of prayer but in the office so just us 3 gringos..:) it was good nope didnt see the crucixitions, but saw where thye blocked it off to do it.. there was about 40 people this sunday.. ya i just sent him a letter... tonight when you have all gone to bed maybe go say a prayer with him persnally, just to help him and give him support..:)
somthing ate my ankle 2 nights ago.. the lizard didnt bite me i jsut found it.. ha 

does it itch? can you take something for it? any ideas what is was? so sorry!!! did you get all the treats for having a clean house?
ya it itches like crazy!! i dont know to be honest... ya alllt he treats are from the house..:) 
do you have some aloe vera? any allergy pill may take away the itching and swelling, get some bug spray too, can you see bites in the red spots? do you sleep in socks, is it from socks?

i did  slepp with socks, but its been pretty hot here so i left them off and for a good week i didnt have any problems.. until 2 days ago.. but ill see if i can find somthing.. :) 

thanks so much mom i love chatting with you!! i love and miss you guys!! please be safe traveling!! know that im safe and i love you guys sooooo much!! :) have a great week! Love elder Weaver

thank you so much for chatting with me, its a treat and I treasure our hour! I love you my Justin and am so very happy for you and your growth, your testimony is growing and we can see the light of Christ in your face through your letters!! enjoy conference and being with Merrill for this week, treasure every moment and follow the holy ghost! have a beautiful spring week! be safe in all your doings! love you tons

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! LOve Elder Weaver:)))))))))))))

Good afternoon sir Justin how is life in your world? Sounds like your on fire and doing great. Can you believe how fast it has gone,and as always you rise to the top. Like I knew you could! You alway amaze me with you determination to make things happen weather it be school,football, work,fighting with dad you never give up. I have always loved that about you. I can't even fathom how much potential are Heavenly Father see and KNOWS you have. Take a moment to breath and smile at all your hard work:) I hope you know how proud I'm of you!!!!
It was nice being in the same country as you if only for a day or two, I really enjoy the Mexican people and would love to serve them as you have there so humble,most of them:) I hope your happy you deserve it keep up the hard work love the people and most of all be happy with YOUR SELF it OK I miss Mexico already can't wait to come and get you. Keep working hard as you know game are won or lost in the fourth quarter

right now its rainging.... kind of hard...  but im good!! today i was able to take a nap and i feel like i got a little bit more energy!!! thanks i know i couldnt have done it without your help!!  i feel like Satan has really been hitting me hard lately.. and i think i now know why..... like you jsut said.. the Fourth quarter can win or lose the game... thanks dad! you are super skinny!! i am going to be fatter tthan you some day! :) haha love you dad! thanks for everything! Love A VERY GREATFUL SON

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