Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feliz Cumpleanos Madre

Hey mom just wanted to tell ya Happy Birthday , i got special permission to write a happy Bday email, just for a sec. ha thanks so much for all the love and support, i hope you are having a blast on the cruise and are being safe and are super happy!! i love you so much and im sooo lucky to have you as my mom, i know that God made me be your son because he knew that you would help me return to his presence, but not only that but im far away from him now and sometimes its hard to feel his love. but i have you my beloved mother to help me feel of his love, thanks for bearing the many burdens that i have and that somtimes by accident i have placed upon you.. thanks for bearing me at birth and bearing with with even though im a few thousand miles away, i still feel your love for me especially every monday when we can chat.. lots of the people in the wards or branches that ive been in ask if im writing anyone special at home and i always say yes, and they start to think OHH whats your girlfriends name?? and i say no no no.... My mothers name is Tammy and she writes me every week and bares with me every week through everything.. and some of the people really like that!!;) haha thanks so much mom, i know im not perfect and that ive made alot of mistakes.... even here on the mission.. But i know that our savior will keep bearing with me and helping me to stand back up after i fall  as you have been baring with me all my life.. Have a great day!! enjoy the cruise! cant wait to see you guys on Mothers Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Con Amor Elder Weaver 

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