Monday, April 4, 2016

Chile habenero

Dear mom, and dad, 
this week was a hard week at the start, we are still looking for new people to teach, we had a lot of rejection, but the conference was a great thing.... gave me alot of energy and new strength to keep on going, i loved president Monsons talk and i loved priesthood session, it was all really great!! i loved Hollands talk aswell, he rapped up all the words  very nicely and it was great, im glad im on there team..;) ha we jsut watched the conference here in Ocotlan and the elders from Miahuatlan came and friday night we ate habeneros and that was just dumb... but i can speak spanich better now..;) haha umm i feel like this psat wedk i felt like i was put to the test, but i feel like my conversion has gotten stronger, i loved how President Monson talked for Priesthood, it was short but it was a great talk.
Changes... there are none.. a few elder in the district got changed but im staying here with Elder Merrill for another change!! ill be with him to burn a tie and he will be with me to burn my pants!!!:) im super excited about!! and we still have aliot of work to do... :) i am super greatful for you mom! thanks for the love and the support, i really am eternally in debt to you and for all the things you have helped me to get by, i hope and pray that my wife has at least half the charectoristics that you have, of a loving caring mother.. im glad that you guess had a great week!! the Lord sure does bless us everyday and every week!! love you guess!!! :) love elder Weaver
Yea you get to stay together and celebrate mile markers :) I'm sorry rejection, but glad you are learning from them ;) opposition in all things and it will make you work harder this week from the spiritual uplift of conference ;) I'm anxious to read Pres monsons talks even more so now, maybe I'll look them up on line ;) tell me more about being put to the test.... I'm praying that you can feel our prayers and hold tight to the rod ;) how do you feel about not being changes?
I hope your wife is better because you deserve better and you'll want better to raise my grandkids ;) haha big smiles!!!!
i feel good!! if there was changes i was hoping to train, but because there wasnt changes, im glad that im still withElder Merrill!! do yo communicate with his mom very much??????? :) did you see the faceboook of the mission? 

Hillarious!!! But honestly I have to ask why? Hahaha.... Did you get a belly ache after, and was it as hot coming thru you?
How is rash on leg?
just cuz, we are 19 to 20 dumb boys.. haha oh man it hurt.. haha i threw up after a hour and it came out my nose and my nose was on fire...;) hahaha yes it was hot coming in and out.. legs are all good!!:) 
Haha!!! So silly boys!!! Traveling this week? How is Edwardo? Did Julio watch conference with you? Did a lot of members? Figure out what are your legs? Travel this week? Still DL?

this week dont think so, maybe for the next week!!  he is doin good he liked the conference and so did julio he could only watch the first session on sunday but he liked it alot!! there was a lot of members for the first session on sunday.. still Dl yes!! and im happy! :) 
I'm embarrassed have contacted his mom yet I promise I will this week :l haven't looked at FB for a week, are you on it? 
ya!! and President is holding my utes shirt!! :) 
Sweet!! I'll find it and share from your page ;) see them often? Still having enough food and water? Clothes holding out ok? If not please get what you need ;) 
Tell me about some of the rejections, may get the frustration out of your system and find relief.... I'm sorry that happens, I'm sure it's so difficult when you are trying to share somethings so dear to your heart and somethings you know would change lives.... Keep chin up!
not too oftern but a little bit.. ya everything good with food and water.. ya got clothes aswell! well some of the times my comp is just introducing who we are like..... Hola somos representantes de Jesucristo and the start to shut the door... and i sit there like... did they hear correctly... or no... haha its all good though.. ive got to the point were i know how to jsut blow it off..:)

Who is the gringo? Do anything fun for pday today?
we rode 45 miles and climbed two big hills, killed my legs...makes me realize how strong your dad is...he is incredible!  Gpa laughed at your pic and said so crazy, looks super hot!!!
hes from Miahutaltan.. adn no.. with the change of clocks we were way tired..  hahaha it killed it made my ears hurt sooooo bad!!!! ha 

this was my last district... 
Your the best looking still in a group ;) proud mom!!!! So how many changed today?
just 2 chnged the gringos are the same and the kid that threw the rock is still here..
How is he acting? Temple trip again soon? Having fhe tonight? How are Giovanni and Emmanuel? Any names for the temple?
good.... not forsure i hope to go with Julio somtime soon, yes we have FHE tonight.. they are douing good!! :) they  made a poster for elder Merrill because they thought he was goingto leave
The chile hurt your ears? That's hottest!!!! I can't even imagine-how many did you eat? Were you having a contest? Did you win?
;) think that's the craziest thing you've done on mission? Haha! What was most spiritual experience last week? 
ummm not the craziest thing...;) haha umm it was most definelty the conference!! the talks were incredible and i feel more fortified!!
What's the craziest?;)
ohhhhhh mother, for that be a "when im home story" 
it was terrible..... one of the darkest night ive ever had,,, ha just one... ya we had a contest to see who would drink milk the lsat.... i won...;) hahaha 
What are you teaching for fhe? Do you have a ponderize for the week? 
we are goig to talk about when Christ comes.. and we are going to do a activity.. and the ponderize is alma 43 22-24 and we are going to refer it to conference :)
Tell me about the darkest night... Cause sick from chile or because of reactions?
ummmm both.....:) can't just leave it at that, are you better? You know that you are one of the very most valiant and Saran will try hard to recruit you-be string and remember your on the best team and strongest and a very key player ;) your mvp!
hahaha yes!! pepto bismo is a life saver!  hahaha we are all mvp players...:) thats from Hollands talk!! :) 
elder Merrill doing a good job as a missionary? Getting more comfortable about teaching? I'm sure he has been trained very well ;)
sounds good! He is getting better,  but its almost always a fight trying to get him to start a lesson... but.. who kknows..  ya hes doing great! :)  we are doing good! 
Tell him you can't hold his hand if he want to be a senior comp or trainer someday! Cut those apron strings!!! Haha-so hard!!! So how did pres get Utah shirt?
haha ok i will!! :) i told him that i had a present for him.. and gave him the shirt... haha and he laughed... but he didn twanna keep it.. thats ok, his loss..;) haha but thatnks so much for chatting mom!! i love you so much!! please be safe traveling!! love youall! have you heard anything from maddy V?
Haven't heard from madly for a bit, I'll reach out to her this week ;) I love you to justeroo, thanks for taking the time to chat, love it, brings tears every Monday to say chat with you again next week! Please have a safe week, I'll put name in temple and a general investigators prayer for new contacts this week!!! Love and treasure so much!!! Your super duper man!!! 
Mom xoxos

love you guys!!! love you mom! chat with you next weeek! be safe!!! :) Elder Weaver

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