Monday, March 21, 2016


Hola mother and father!! this week was a good week!! i feel like you guys are a little bit closer.. my mind is playing games... ;) haha i can feel your presents.. haha im glad your having a good time!! hope you be safe and have new fun experiences!! umm this week a the start was real hard, we contacted a lot and made of walking... under the hot sun, but saturday and sunday it all paid off!! ha saturday we were able to find 3 new inv that i feel like really can progress!! and 2 of them are actually related to julio, the one that just got baptized and he is doing good, i got your package and ill give him the little Cristus that was in there!! and satuday i was able to give 5 blessings... 4 of them in the same house.. we went to a less active members house and she asked for a blessing for her knee and after the blessing i felt like she needed to give a blessing to here granddaughter that had a bad fever, isabela and so gave her a blessing and then the grandma lives with her siuster adn brother still, and they were doing bd and so i gave a blessing to her brother and her sister.... and about 2 days before we were in the same house and we gave a blessing the isabellas little sister that had the fever first and i gave it to her and when we got there she was crying bad and after the blessing she just sat there and her grandma went to get some apple juice and when she got back i asked her to ask the little girl about how she felt, and she didd.. and she said she felt just great!! and when we left she was jumping up and down and laughing and playing withhus.... it was a good week for blessings and my comp was able to give his first blessing last monday to a young girl that was pretty sick and he did a great job!!! this week we are still looking for alot of new people and Edwardo is doing good he gave up cofee and fasted saturday to get his answer so we are still trying to help him recognize his answer!! the pics are stuper great of you jace!!!! congragualtions!!! wish i could have been there but i understand..;) how was it how did you propose!?? who was there??  did you cry did she cry!!?? did dad cry!!?? miss you hope and pray that you know im very greatful for your example.. Jax i hope your ok!! when i get back ill brake that kids nose.. that did that to you.. dont know the full story but hope you are doing good!! love you Jordan!!! te extra├▒o mucho a veces tiempo pasa tan rapido que no tenemos tiempo para hacer todo en el dia.... te amo... Love you guys!! Elder Weaver 

Emmanual and his bro and sisters
Ponderize  luke 24 4-11

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