Tuesday, December 15, 2015

hard week...

MY dearest mother.......

Not going to lie... this past week/end was probably the 3 worst days of my mission... everyting was going good and Vanessa and Jesus and Gema are soooo ready to be baptized... thursday... we had splits.. the district leader came with me and we went up to do the interviews.. i sat down with the family adn talked with them about life as a missionary.. and Christmas.. and the DL did the interviews.. well they all got done and they came and sat down and E Aguirlera told us that we have to move the baptisms..... they had drank coffee... talk about kill hoy.. ;) haha no but i was supe sad.. and then that night he just kept chewing my out for things that i do or didnt do.. but ya he left friday... ok then friday we went to morro to make sure Benjamin was ready for his baptism if the ocean on saturday.. ok all good we got the president from morro there to interview him... all good!"!! he picked me to baptize him.. all good :)  we start back to area.. i call the Zone leaders tell them the situatuion and asked for permission to get in the water.. they talked with President... Ya thats ok.... ALL GOOD.... i have permision...to baptize on the beach... at about 10 friday night... got a call from the pres from morro... he cant his dad has to work tomoorw and cant make it so its cancelled.... ok... we went saturday to morro to see if we could make a miracle happen... but ya no... his mom is very hard to work with.. not putting in any effert... so his date is for the next saturday.. the 19th.. Saturtday night. went with a less active member and he doesnt believe in Joseph Smith and i gave him my testimony of what he needed to dop to know and change his atitude of everything.. and my comp didnt say anything.. so then he started to chew outmy comp. got home and my comp started to cry.. and told me how he felt and everything with so much stress.. and not knowing all th answers to people.. and told me that in all his mission he only has one convert and thats himself.. he be fine with that.. and i told him... that if he wanted to convert himself he has to forget himself.. and he wsa kind of shocked.. but then asked for a blessing and i gave him one. stood up and was crying more and gave me a hug and ya things were a little bvetter.. :) Sunday.. the Temple dedication was super neat! the temple of Tiyuana :) they did something super cool wioth the corner stone youll have to look it up :) and sunday in the night, a member kid hit me on accident with his arm and i chipped my tooth.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO alot has happened.. i feel like i have failed... But im trying to have that Consecrated missionary atittude. im super stressed.. My DL chews me out alot.. But im glad you guys are doing good! i miss snow...... im hottttttt... :) ha love you guys..  

I'm so sorry, but please remember that they have their free agency and you have had a glimpse of what the savior feels when we don't obey...I am truly sorry such a hard weekend, remember your quote, it came across as our daily message this week, it is from strengthened by the Atonement from Dallin H Oaks, ""Having descended beneath it all, He is perfectly positioned to lift us." A little different from your quoted, but please try to be positive and know that you are doing all that you can! We will look up the temple dedication for FHE tonight, why are people hitting you-tooth chipped bad? Will you be able to baptize in the ocean this Saturday? Allen getting baptized too?

i feel like everyone points out my problems.. its hard.. but anyways what are you guys going to do this week!? maybe.. not sure anymore.. and ya allan maybe in a lake... maybe. 

pick yourself up and try to continue to do the best you can, you are in our prayers to be happy with you!! you are doing a great job and serving with all of your heart might and mind and that's why it hurts so bad....get back up, brush yourself off and try again, the sun continues to come up and so will you :) tell me something happy/good that happened this past week... seeing Christmas?

a little .. to be honest not a lot more of the bodies oif people.. that they are going to burn for new yrs.. i found a nativity seen that you caan only buy in Oaxaca thats pretty cool! 

We are shoveling snow, and more snow! finishing Christmas cards, and taking some gifts to those we serve with, guys are hopefully going to be able to do some pipe work, Jax max today, Ill have him tell you....hoping that we can get a tree up, super snowing tho! Remember when those who are pointing out problems what the savior said, that those without sin can cast the first stone....its your turn for ponderize..what are you thinking?

i was thinking in the afternoon... to skype.. dont know baout zone conferenec first.. ya im ready.. ive been doing pushups..;) 

I'm sensing that you need a pick me up, sent you a video of the brothers :) hope you can open it! wish I could make it easier and help fix things, this must be your hard thing, please be kind to yourself and try to be happy! Big smiles!
Tell me about your coming week and what you have planned, who teaching and things doing...

haha thanks i needed that. :) this week we are going to be looking for alot of new poeple to fiund and teach.. and after the acticity for the ward mission thing.. we might have the baptisms.. and then the bishop is going to give us dinner.. for the whole ward..

:) that would be an awesome activity, I will add their names to the temple roll again, and a ward dinner to boot-awesome!!
how is your eye healing from last rock, and it tooth chipped bad? how are itzel and family? going to morro this week other than Saturday?
has your wet towel thing we sent been able to help with the heat relief?

ya that towel helps a ton!!!! wow!!  and we are going to go to morro wed as well.. not to bad.. its one of my front teeth.. donest hurt. Itzel is good we wnet to her house this week to give service and it wasd pretty fun!! 

what did you do for service? no pictures today?
Remember to have JOY!

WElp... talk with ya next weeek!! :) thanks for helping me get back up from my knees... more and more i understand why God gave me a family.. love you guys! thanks so much be safe and have a good week! Love Elder Weaver

Love you, please be happy, continue to serve with a purpose and miracles will happen, you may not be there when they do, but you are doing your service to bring the world his truth!! Be happy, know that we have your back and we continually pray for you and those you serve, be safe and happy!!! so blessed to be your mom, cant wait till next week, enjoy your missionary activity and we pray all goes well, love from snowy home
God bless you!

thanks :))) 
Con amor Elder Weaver
 my tooth... we ate on the beach witha member.. lobster.. :)
my christmas tree.. service

     It's me again just wanted to say hi hope you had a great week! Life here is good. Started work at south point we have about 400 ft of storm drain and 6 boxes to do before we do 312 window wells. So we worked a little Saturday but today was to wet :(( the mini X is fun it's like playing and not work so all is very good here.
     I hope you can take a breath and enjoy servings our brothers and sisters in Mexico. YOU tend to be very hard on yourself and need to stop, if you do what is asked of you at the best of your ability YOU need to be happy about that!!! Life is to short to be so critical about yourself, believe me I know and have done it my whole life. I always feel like I'm not good enough, at work, play, church being a father and husband, so this is advise from someone who knows!!!! YOU are amazing in everything you do. You alway give your heart and soul 100% so every night when close your day with your prayers think did I do my best. and no matter what others in your life did does not matter BUT what you did if you gave it your all be HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!!! Your only one mortal man. Please be happy have a little fun smile a lot and smell the flowers. Love you my friend " men are that they might have joy".         Love #44 dad

Thanks dad.but sometimes i feel like my best isnt good enough..  like this week... what was i doing wrong that the family was drinking coffee... and then the bishop hsa to go and chew me out becasue we arent teaching good and we arent verifying good... that made me super mad.... but what if hes right... should i be training right now..??? i just dont know.. i want to be happy with myself.. but i feel like everyone else is looking at my problems... so then i try and fix the problem and i just find more..

Believe me Justin we can alway find fault in our self and in others if we look hard enough!! BUT that is not our task in life find the positive in yourself and in others and build up from there:) change your focus from the neg and find the pos and help others to see the pos don't tare down! And by all means don't let others bring you down to their level.  A little coffee isn't the end of the world I know some very strong member that have coffee now and then and their great people:) BUILD UP.  SMILE CHALLENGES MAKE YOU STRONGER

hahahaha ok ok.. i think im gonna buy candy and give a piece of candy to everyione that says something negative about me.. .

Perfect " you can't fix the past. Fix the present  and the future will fix itself" love smile

thats a great quote

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