Monday, December 7, 2015


Presidente, this week i thought alot about that story of the treee and how i could relate it to a testimony.. and i liked the scriptures in 1 Nefi 8 verses 24-28 and it talks about how some of the people were able to hold stong and they got tot he tree, but then they saw others laughing and mocking them..  and they lost the taste of the Gospel.. or they lost that testimony that they had just been confirmed.. and i was thinking about how deep my roots are.. and what am i doing so that my roots keep growong deeper and stronger. and i feel like i could put out a little more effort. beacuse i dont want to be one of those poeple when that last day comes,.. i dont want my heart or my testimony to fail me.  we had a good week. looking foward to having 3 baptisms this week. 

Mother dear!!! this week was a good busy week!! we did alot this week and Jesus and Vanessa and Gema came to church this pst sunday so we are looking for there baptism on the 11th.. friday at 6 and it will be super good!! im excited! and maybe we will get Benjamin wet and Alan over there in Morro on Satuday... maybe...  this week my comp lost our phone in the taxi.. so we went and bought a new one today and this week we looked for a lot fo less acitve members.. and we contacted a little store and we asked for the people but they didnt know who they were.. so i thought well contact the guy.. so we did.. and this guy started going off about how all the churches are just there own stores and they ask for money.. and was just beating up on my comp.. then i stepped up on the stair and started talking to him... and toold him my testimony and what i felt i should tell him.. after the contact my comp told me that when he say me talking to him.. i grabbed the bar and started to squeeze supe tight and i was super intense.. and i told him.. that when you love the people.. its very hard to leave a door.. without getting in and having the opportunity to share the Gospel.. and he was like ohh.. haha saturday we got a call to help the Zone leaders move and clean a house.. were missiornaries were.. and that was fun!! and then we got back to our hosue satruday night an the house was flooded... the water left and so we had to take water out of a big bucket to shower and when the water came back i turned it on and putit in the bucket and forgot.. and we left.. we spent an hour and a half sweeping and getiting the water out.. ;) hahaha soy humano ;) im happy and this week we have alot to do.. and the next week we have the ward mission activity on the 18th.. adn this sunday we have a dedication of the temple!! of Tiayanna. 
agua en la casa
we might get permission to baptize here..
look closer at my eye.. there is a red dot.. a kid through a rock at me..  invitations for the ward mission activity! 
Big smiles!! Prayers are answered and with so many from the temple praying I hope that they continue to feel that they need to be baptized and that they become strong members of your ward-so awesome!!! What a great Christmas gift to become a member of the church and to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ, I love the passion that you have to share your testimony and sticking up for your company, fellow disciple of Christ and for the church, is he letting you teach him?  You have always been a scrapper and never quit till things are done :)
Weavers move again, so funny that you get to move, the boys and dad did the same last week for a new couple in the ward :)
Did the flood kill rats? we still haven't found our dead mouse-can barely smell now, but I keep spraying-so yucky!! I didn't know that there was a new temple by you, how exciting did you get to attend the open house?  you get to do fhe tonight? any close calls this week? most spiritual moment?

no hes not letting us teach him.. told us that he already has talked with missionaries.. and ya  but when i flooded the house.. we found a dead rat.... on man it was so grows and soggy... i made a rcording.. ;) haha no the temple is far away.. but its in mexico so we get to see it!  adn no close calls!! all good and safe!! spiritual moment was when we talked with the afamily figeroa antnio.. we talked with them about the premortal lfe.. and it was super great!! and my comp is getting better and teaching! 

Love the pictures, the beach is beautiful-would be a neat experience to baptize in ocean, will you baptize
Why is a kid throwing rocks at you?
Did you do invites they look great, keep one....
ya we made the invites!!  not sure....he kid of just threw it and bam.. haha dont know.... Rocks just love my face. 
did they have lots of questions about the premortal life, so glad comp is getting better, he has a great trainer :) so glad you are safe, dead soggy rat...hmmm
so why did kid throw a rock at you? did you know him?
any ponderize moment last week?

ya hes a member... he was thowing rocks.. and started to throw them at me... annd then one got me right on the nose.. and ya.. The Ponderize moment was about me rflecting.. from where i started so low... when i got on the mission.. with the problems and trials that i hard.. and now looking at how im communicating and how i feel like im progressing in life. :) Somtimes God brings us Down , before he can lift us higher.. 
Is eye healing ok? crazy-
Invites look very professional, how many are you expecting? are you the whole Christmas activity?
will you send me bradens email so we can send a Christmas message please...

ya all good :) we are hoping for maybe 75... praying.. :) 

I love that you can see how you have changed and grown, you have come a long way and its great that you get to help comp do the same, he may have language already, but the spirit needs to be there too, sometimes more so than the language :) so very proud of you and your testimony of the gospel and your willingness to share and the strength and conviction that you share it with, never loose that, even after you aren't an Elder anymore, love it as much as you do now :) who is Alan that is in Morro?

ill try not to!! Alan is another kid that lives in Morro and his parents are less active members!!! he might get baptized the same day as Benjamin! 

 Putting up light!! haha the first time i put light on a flat roof! 
thanks for email, are you doing Christmas lights or breaking into a house? haha!!
Awesome, have you been teaching him long, is he the same age as Benjamin? do you know when Christmas zone conf is to get package? What time do you think we can Skype on Christmas day?

ya he is the same age as benjamin! and im not sure.. they havent told us when it will be.. im sure ill get package before Christmas! not sure
... maybe in the night afternoonish... ha 

sounds great we have no plans but to talk to you-so excited!!! So did you like the beach, cant go in water right? any sea shells?
nope.-... cant touch the water. i didnt see any that psat time but ill chet again!! ;)

hey for ponderize how about Alma 1:4, We love you, dad says be super, man! He loves you too!! you be safe and happy you are an amazing son, so happy you are happy!! look for Christmas this week, get some pictures of it!! enjoy baptisms, still praying for them, look for a nativity...Love you and God bless...thanks for chatting with me! helps me use my 5000 words I get a day :) haha!! Love you justeroo, love mom

Thanks Gracias and thanks again!! love you guys!! i hope you have a great week!! be safe and happy! say your prayers:) ive got the best family ever :) thanks for chatting mom :) youre the best! Love Elder Weaver
love you mom and dad! thanks for everything :)

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