Monday, November 16, 2015


Mother, no se preocupe.. ;) no worries! im good no nose bleeds this week! and no more drunk guys!! :) well this week was very good!! we contacted alot of people, but out of all of them none of us let us in... it was very hard... i actually started to fight wiith a catholic lady on her porch about the priesthood... and i dont know why but i did.. i think it was by the spirit.. ;) haha but we keep moving forward, we had the family come again to church and now they just need one more asistence and ya the next week there baptsinm for the kids!!!  this Sunday we also had to talk in church.. the bishop told us saturday night.. and it was good the whole mtg was about missioary work. and me and my comp went to burger king today.. His mom is good!! he tried to call her 2 times but never answered.. but he is writing her and she is all good and striong and healthy!! 
The Zone conference is tomorrow in Juchitan and today i got a call from the secretaries and me and my comp are going to Oaxaca on wed..  at 12 and  we will get there at about 5 in the afternoon.. and then thursday im doing visa stuff.. and then we are leaving Oaxaca thursday in the afternoon for the long bus ride again.. and we get back to our area in the night time.. and then friday we are going to go out to Morro..  and friday we also have interviews with the President.. so this week we are going to be traveling alot!!! ha this week i have really seen the blessings of being happy.. with so much rejection.. its kind of hard, but i know that im doing my job... its been a little stressful.. my district leader is dead... or doesnt want to work, goes home next week, the zone leaders are gettng on us for numbers... and the bishop wants us to find 20 less active families everyweek... haha have a lot to do.. im not gonna lie im excited to talk with you guys in Dec.. :)to let some steam off! 

Wow sounds like you have a very busy week! Be safe in all your travels! How many kids are being baptized? Glad no bloody noses, how are your head aches? In you package take something to Benjamin when you visit Morro. Are there 20 less active families in your ward? Does your ward mission leader help at all?

yes i wanna talk with you! and ya we have a lot foing on.. 3 of the kids ar getting baptized.. and im good, i have headaches mostly on sundays.. i feel like i have alot of weight on my choulders on sundays.. and ya we have a list of less actives.. but the hard thing is going to find them.. takes time.. we lose time.. but i think we are going to be contacting a lot
 scorpion... we found in my comps batheroom
 and this is Magdelana.. she is 83 yrs old and we are teaching her!! she is trying to remember things to, like studying and all.. and thats her daughter in-law.. the hna Mirna she is a member.. 
 got Burger king, and we are ready for christmas..
yes i wanna talk with you dad! and ya we have a lot foing on.. 3 of the kids ar getting baptized.. and im good, i have headaches mostly on sundays.. i feel like i have alot of weight on my choulders on sundays.. and ya we have a list of less actives.. but the hard thing is going to find them.. takes time.. we lose time.. but i think we are going to be contacting a lot

Did you have a ponderize experience with the scripture? Where will you stay when your in Oaxaca? 

haha i feel like ive grown up a little bit.. my expreicence in the Ponderize was with the contacts... somtimes we might now alwasy find the lost sheep on the first try, but thats why we have to keep on working and trying.. and believeing..  we are going to stay in the offices.. :) to sleep, and illbe honest thats what ive been trying to do.... i doing like stressing about things that i cant change.. and i jsut loose alot of energy.. but its dumb,.. i dont need to.

I do the same thing and have to remind myself that worry is like sitting in a rocking chair, you get no where ;) keep chin up and know that the lord won't give you more than you can handle ;) anything fun this past week? Sounds like Marcus-haha!

 this past week we had a lot of fun witht he bishop, i think that he has been my favoprite bishop so far.. but we ate with him yesterday to eat dinner and him and his wife are super cool!! he looked at me and said" come on baby" and gave me a chessy smile.. and i said nooooooo its Come on man! haha and he laughed and its fun with the bishop! 

Awesome pictures, u bet the older one has great stories;) I love that you are defending the priesthood to that other lady on porch, did she just not believe there is such a thing? Awesome, does it taste like home? Use what money you need while traveling this week, treat comp to a sweet treat on us ;) Christmas already, guess it makes sense since they don't have thanksgiving-haha!!! The mini ex isn't ours yet, probably do paperwork next month, we need it for the big job at south point, they are replacing all their window wells, 312 of them, so do you each have your own bathrooms?

she believed that there was, but that the papa had it.. si i was trying to explain how the priesthood was given to J.S. and it was jsut crazy and fun!! ha

wow thats alot!!!! will you still be working there when i get home!!?? ya we have 2 batherooms in the house.

my comp likes to take pics of me..  i dont know why.. 

Hilarious!!! So glad comps mom is doing well!! Is it cooling off for you yet? Will you take a big bus to zone conf and to Oaxaca? Have you gotten any cards I've sent in the mail? Sis Ivie says hello and sends love she is giving $10 a month to your mission, says she can't do much but wants to do something, she cries when she prays for you every time I visit :) me too! Cause not everyone gets pictures of superman in disguise ;))) is that your hammock?

nope... still getting hotter.  we might have to take a bus.. im asking a member if he can give us a ride... but hasnt gotten back to me.. nope havent gotten any.. maybe tomorrow in the Zone conf. tell her hola and thanks so very much!! :) noi thats his hammack.. he has a month in the mission and he bought a hammack before me.... thats messed up

Did he sleep in one at home? Do you want one? Get one for Christmas, but I'd do a single not a double like Jordan's :/ toooo big! Or wait till next year, won't have to pack around...pick a Christmas family yet? How is Manuel? Alberta?

haha no im still gonna look around!!  we are doing good with the families... but i wont lie the inv, have gone down.. manual we havent seen and Alberta havent seen.. weve called and went to the house... dont know whats happening.. 

Hmm, disappeared? Continue to try and make contact, with Christmas maybe someone will want to truly find the truth with Christ and that happiness you can give them...keep working hard, patience and things, miracles will happen!  Do the scorpions scare the rats?That's a long trip for a member would he be going that way anyway? What scrip want to ponderize this week?

not sure, but we havent seen rats lately... so thats good"! :) this week lets Ponderize alma 40 verses 11 through 12 :) well  i got to go... love you guys so much thanks for chatting dad and mom!! i appreciate your time!! helps me recharge the batteries!! love you all have fun with the truck be safe!! talk with ya newxt week!! Love Elder Weaver 

You have a very safe week in your travels and look for the sunlight in everything- tell comp we love him and remember you are always in our thoughts and prayers!! Enjoy your conference learn something for us, be super, fly high, no catching bullets!!! So proud of you, love all of us, xoxos, mom and dad

Con amor :) hasta el proximol semana! ;) love you guys! 

Presidente, this week was a very good week, lots of hard hard and me and my comp are still getting along because we have the same purpoose. he has had a hard time waking up, but i am kindley yelling buenos dias en la manana hasta que se despierta. and he knows that i only do it out of love.. he tried calling his mom to see how things are and how things went for her surgery.. but she never answerred.. but he is doing good i can only imagine how hard it would be to be a onmly child and to be far away and have your mom get operated on.. hes a trooper.. im getting better and better with the spanish and me comp helps me get better!! And his mom is doing  great!! my family is also doing great and i count my blessing everyday. soomething that we had a hard time with was contacts this week.. we contacted  and contacted but noone let us in.... it was very hard.. but then we had a FHE and the second counciler of the bishopbric told us that we need to have the faith, or we need to BELIEVE that we can get into a door and teach the people.. so that is what i think we are going to work on this week!! believing in the contacts. 

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