Monday, November 9, 2015

hump day continued....

Presidente, this week was a little rough.. it was rough witht he members... and we had a family that we are teaching that the kids are starting to loose interest, becasue the other day we talked about the lay of chastity.. and while we were there we could jsut see that there was problems.. bvut the parents are still frim and assisting the church, so we are going to keep working with them adn see if they can get the desire to whip there kids into shape, im happy and im healthy and im still learning... have a great week, thanks for the help and the prayers.. i know that we are protected with prayers..

MOther!!!! this week was super eventful!!!!!  kind of.. ha welll this tuesday that past we were leaving the area of the mtns and we past a drunk guy in his truck and he told us to stop and talk with him and so we did and we started talking and all he wanted to do was fight.. and then he told us that he had a gun in his truck.. so i was straight up and said here havae a pamplet we have another appontment to get to..and at this time it was getting dark.. and we were in a area that we arent suppose to be in at night.. but that drunk guy wouldnt let us leave.. but we left.. and he was yelling as we walked away... but we psat a members house and said we are going to pass by another day to go with  the family, or the other app.. and we started to waslk real fast, then about 5 min later, we see the drunk guy coming up from behind us in his truck... pulled up on the side of us.. and im not gonna lie that he was going to shoot.. but he only yelled at us to get in.... GET IN!!! and we are all like NO!!! haha we havbe a appoinmenjt right here in the house... ( not really) haha but he was yelling get in!! and hwe are all like nooooo. haha and then came a car from behind him and so he had to opull up in front of us... and when he pulled up we saw another road that went right, and we took that road and ran.... just a bit.. and now it was dark.. and we were in a bad neighborhood... and we stopped under a llight and i looked at my comp.. and just put my head down... and started to say a prayer... after the prayer... i felt totally calm... and we walked and we found a taxi and we left... then the next day people were telling us that the drunk was looking for us and tried to turn around and was crazhing into poles.. and peoples doors.. kind of funny! 

we went out to morro!! and we ate armidillo!!! and it was supe good! and we also asisted church in the little house of prayer.. and onmly 11 people showed up.. makes me more humble... 

I completed one yr on thursday we bought pizza and i burned a shirt!! jax didnt send me an email.... sadly... the family is still doing good but 2 of the kids might now want to get baptiszed anymore... havent done visa stuff yet... ill get my package next week becaseu we are having a  multi Zone conferece!! im good and happy my kid is getting better :) his mom is getting operated on this week her name is norma... if ya could pray for her.. 

 casa de oracion with Osfaldo (house of prayer, 11 attended)    just a random Q... is it bad to eat the sacrement bread after the sacrement mtg...???? 
Wow, so grateful we have family prayer every morning and night and ask for your safety from the evil designs of men!! so glad you are safe and said prayer, Armadillo, so great, how was it cooked? what a great opportunity to serve 11 members, we are so blessed, and yet I am sure that they love what they have and makes me think we take so much for granted!   Love the burning shirt pictures, I will post on FB and put up at church :) Jax should have emailed by now, he has no practice...weird to have him home so the family, why are the children not wanting to be baptized anymore? so would you still have 3? how is Alberta? I am excited for you to get your package :) I will keep Norma in our prayers and add her name to the prayer roll, what is the surgery? is he worried? the sacrament bread, after it has been blessed, I don't think you are supposed to eat it, it should be discarded...if there is left over that hasn't been blessed then of course that is ok-I checked with dad and he agrees...
 have fhe tonight? get to ponderize?
maybe just one for right now witht he family... because the parents arent married.. so GEMA.. Alberta is doing good i think she was busy all this week so we werent able to talk with her.. not sure exactly nbut its a big sergury.. on her stomach area.. hes a little nervous i think presidnet gave him permision to call.. but is there a scrip or something that says that we shouldnt.. becasue  the people here dont believe me.. my ponderrize was with the drunk guy.... im glad that we were smart enough to stop and say a prayer and put ourselves in the hands of the lord... 
Do the parents have plans to get married soon? need to buy another ring? haha :) Did you kill Thomas the rat? who is the little guy in the picture buy the small chapel? do you have to visit that neighborhood, the scary one, anymore?  can you get into  big trouble without visa stuff done? where will you go for multizone conf?
well actaully we are kind of close.. to getting them married.. kindof.. nope... we actaully havent seen any rats this past week..  ya we still go but when there is light.. ha im sure i could.... but the secretaries are the ones that need to get going on it.. and the Zone conference is in Juchitan..

T-shirt says "my mom ROCKS! :)
love the tshirt...:) what are you doing with machete?
 i thought that it was a good shirt to wear becase we went to see ROCKS.. ha just the protect us from animals.. 
:/....what kind of animals...and do you just have a machete at the house to use for what ever?  done any service lately?
no that is a machete from a member that gave to us jsut for protection.. in the mountain... haha but we dint see anything we are all good
great rock pictures!! is that the family of 5?  food looks so yummy! the scenery is beautiful! still hot?
nope.. thats Dianas family.. 
Ill try and find something out that's in print about sacrament bread, maybe in the handbook? are they eating it because they need it for food and don't want to be wasteful?  It may not a super big deal, but Ill try and find out something....
 no.. im just curious.. haha i remember reading something about that that we cant.. 
:) and she is the one that was baptized right? is the food homemade...could they be a secret santa family? do you have someone in mind?
im still thinking of someone, we are going to pray for a family... :)
sounds good, how is the apartment, and food? eating good? how is the bishop and his family? Is there someone in your ward that helps you and comp out? go on splits with members?_______________________________________________________
actually no.. haha its been very hard it all of my mission to get someone to go with us to do splits.. the bishop is doing good!! :) im eating good! and how ar you and dad!!? and work!? the mini x??
we are feeding the elders this Wednesday and they are fairly new, kinda fun to have them....they said they prayed about going to the visiting teaching lady and her husband and they need to meet with them, the spirit let them excited because dad asked them yesterday if the elders could come and they said yes :) what are you teaching for FHE? did you have bloody nose in one of those pic? get them a lot? what do want to ponderize this week?

few pictures from comps camera....for some reason i got a few bloody noses this week.. not sure why but ya.. dont have FHEtonght. what do you want to?? its your turn.. ;)

we are good, we both have been riding rollers in the weight room, stresses me out bad, I don't want to crash in the basement-haha! work is good, they dug their first two basements for the year this week, which is really crazy, they have done a lot of rock work and commercial stuff, so staying busy, and ofcourse he loves his new toy, they have had it for a demo but use it all the time...not sure it will ever go back to wheeler :) Dad is busy with the high priests, loves each one of them and knows them so well, I think better than some other authorities in the ward-haha! RS is fun, we are having a visiting teaching conference, trying to get sisters to stay for Rs, our attendance has dropped in half since we went to sacrament first...people are just done with their meetings after they take the bread and water....interesting! do you get the conference issue of ensign or liahona?
wow!!! you are super busy!!! haha thats good!;) thats weird that people arent going to finish church,,, ok sounds good looking for te lost sheep!!! will do!! ill keep track :) ha sounds good!! ill keep that in mind!! :) thanks so much mom! love you take care and have a great week! :)
Miss you too! Love you more, stay focused and miracles will happen, PLEASE continue to listen to the holy ghost and be safe, healthy and happy!! time is going to fly, we get to see you and chat next month-so excited!!! God bless you for chatting with mom...makes my week!! mucho amor mi hijo!! love and big hugs and smiles, Mom xoxox
Mother, thanks thanks and thanks some more :) im doing good :) im im super happy you all are doing good!!  thanbks for chatting! tell everyone i love them! be safe and happy and look for the lord this week! :) miss my brothers.... miss you all.. talk withyou next week! Con amor Elder Weaver :) 
right back at ya! love you!! Norma is in our prayers, love, mom
 love ya hasta el proximal semana ;) adios :)


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