Monday, November 30, 2015

" Somtimes God brings us down, before he can lift us higher"

Presidente, this week i was especially greatful for all the things that i have learned on the mission.. i feel like im another person with more testimony with more heart and a desire to follow Jesus Christ. im greatful for the support that i have from my family and my brothers and my mom and dad. Im greatful for the support that i have from you and your wife, and also the members of the ward. Im greatful for the people that yell and get mad at me, just becasue.. im greatful for the people here in Oaxaca and for the people i have gottent he pleasure to know. I had a very good week with my comp and we are still working very hard. Its  very sad when we have to keep moving a date because the family doesnt want to come to church one more sunday to get baptized.. but i feel like that means alot, tha if they are lacking now maybe they jsut arent ready to keep the sabbath day.. ot makes me a little frustrated sometimes because i feel like i fault faith, when they dont come.. 

Hola Familia!!!! this week was a good week!! me and my comp did lots of work and we ate Thanksgiving dinner and my comp told me " i like stuffing" haha and so this week we were able to visist Pedro and they finally gave him a date for his operation.. the 16 of DEc... and he is still in his bed.. his leg is pretty messed up....  Our new district leader is super strict.. hes a x Zone leader... its kjind of stinks but its kind of good!! this week my spiritual expeience was in sacrement mtg... one of the special kids blessed the sacrement and he messed up a few times but i was just so greatful to here him try... to talk and to make mistakes and then he was able to do it right.. made me feel the spirit so strong during the sacrement time.. we have talked witht the bishop because we liev right above him and we are going to do a ward mission activity.. and i was thinking aboiut doing the Donut and push thing.. for Christmas and  relating it to the birth of our saviour and the Atonement... things were very busy this week we went to morro and we ate dea.. and we changed benjamins date to the 12 of dec.. and the family that we had for this week didnt come.. wehen our families that we teach dont come i feel like i fault faith, or something, like im not teaching good enough... but mom like you said i feel like i have also been very hard on myself.... and this week i saw a phrase from joseph smith that says..." sometimes God brings us down, so that he can lift us higher"... that hit me. i feel better about myself. the names of the people are Vennase figeroa antonio and Jesus Figeroa antonio and Gema Figeoa Antonio.. im glad that you guyys were able to enjoy and have such a good time for thanksgiving!! im thanbkful for you all!!! :) Elder Weaver

this is Itzel and Carlos.. they are kids from a member

 The bishops dog Dracula...
 Comp took picture before I smiled....Thanks for dinner Mom and Dad!
 Hammock in Morro
Yea, I am so grateful that you had a better week, see the power of prayer truly does work!! is your new district leader a native, or gringo, how is he strict?
What a great experience for the whole ward to see the special kid bless and know that the ordinance is so sacred and to have someone so close to the spirit perform that ordinance :) Im sure the spirit was great!
The donut activity would be awesome,
you said you went to morro and ate dea...what is that? did you like it?
So changing benjamins date makes it easier for the other baptisms this weekend right?
what are plans for this week?
the pictures of you and the kids is great-they must be drawn to you and your great smile and spirit :)have plenty of water this week?

hes a mexi.. hes coool!! its just a complete turn around.. ;) ya the spirit was incredible... but i feel like some people dont understand that.. and take it for granted and get impasent. sorry we ate Deer...  i liked it!! wellthats what we were thinking.. but the other dates fell becasue they didnt come yesterday.. this week is jsut a nice relaxing working in our area week! ya have lots of water... today we didnt have water in the house.. it left.. ;) ha 

sorry about baptisms, I will put names in the temple, have faith and keep praying, we will too, they need to be ready, its a big gift and I am sure it hurts when others don't understand how important it is...but try not to take it personally, the Lords time is the best time.... that good you have a week to work your area, is the Dracula a good dog? things starting to look like Christmas there in your town? what did you teach in church yesterday?
We came home from a trip and can smell a dead mouse somewhere in the kitchen, cant find it, have taken everything apart...don't know how you put up with the are a far better person than I!!!

ya Dracula is a big huge and good dog.. hes old...and sick right now..  we talked about Cain and Able... a teenager had a question and so we talked with him about that.. hahaha you all look so great!!! im Happy to look at you guys! :) have you found the mouse!?

Olo!! Oh Hello!! ;) ha ha well as you know we went to st George for thanksgiving and I was sick half the time ha ha and still am now.. But it's all good! Hey im doing devotional tomorrow for seminary and I was thinking you could offer me something to say! ;) or anything like that ha ha :) thanks if so!! Love and proud of you!!

OLO... think about your life right now.... ;) haha and apply this Quote by Joseph SMith.. its impacted my life so much " Somtimes God brings us lower, before he can lift us higher" -Josph Smith

nooooo...... THANKS to you Guapo ;) 

Ha ha! Thanks a bunch el guapo! ;)
:) why the angry face? that's a huge plate of potatoes and gravy!!!

thats my JAx... angry and IM GONNA EAT FACE.. ;) haha hey i messed up on that quote its.. Somtimes God brings us lower, Before he can lift us higher..

Hello sir Justin
You seem a little happier this week, in life we can try to teach someone something but no matter how good we teach or how strong the spirit each individual still has the right to make their own decisions and you can't blame yourself for others choices all you can do is your best and let the cards fall. All you can do is teach by the spirit hope those your teaching feel it love them and pray for them and hope they make the right choices just like being a parent. Not always easy but you can't force it. That was satanism plan and we did not pick that plan as you know :)) don't be so hard on your self. 

Dad  you jsut answered my question that ive had for a very long time... thank you!! its so true and just clicked.. we still have our freedomto chose.. 

I sure love you buddy please don't be so hard on your self!!!! Smile be happy enjoy life is short and a mission is even shorter so love every minute :)))))) 

WILL DO :))))))

JT is already coming home!!??? wow!! i think we might have one or another one.. last night i heard somthing in the kitchen.. ha.. ya i like him.. somtimes i think he is here for the things of the world.. but we are good.. He is super hard on my with spansih... i get mad somtimes.. but then again... ha i like it becasue i wanna talk good. nope the trees are normal...

he must care about you and want you to speak his Spanish :) isn't he from Paraguay? is his family very poor at home so some of the worldly things are a luxury? Just smile and grin and help him with his English- :)
If you can and have a minute maybe type a Christmas message to the ward so I can put it up in the "trophy case" for them to read, many ask about you and tell you hi, I have been keeping the pictures current lately and they are so excited to see you and ask so many questions...especially the younger young men....

no he is from Puebla... Mexico.. hes like 12 hours from his house in a bus ride.. nope they are rich... from pueblo..  h ok can i send it next week i will write one this week!! and i was thinkiing for our Ponderize.. can we do a quote this week!!?? the one from Js.... " Somtimes God brings us down, before  he can lift us higher" ????  

awesome, I will print it out and put it on the to have the boys see and ponderize too....
For some reason I thought he was from another country, hmmm
Yes write the ward this week if you have a minute, I know that they will love it!
Grandparents are putting money into your account also for Christmas this week, maybe give them all a shout out next week too, I can share it if you do one....anyways you will have a chunk in there, try and find an unique nativity set to bring home for yourself, and know that there is money for you to use however you want...
do you know when Christmas zone conf is yet?
Is comp talking when you teach more and getting the hang of things?
Someone asked me what you eat on a daily basis, I said  Im not sure about breakfast, but lunch is with members and dinner a sandwich at home? close?

still dont know when the conference is.. dont know.. ya!! talking lots more.. nsomtimes to much..;) ... i eat... Comida.. ;) haha love you guys talk with ya next week!!! :) 

thanks so much for Chatting!! i sure do love you guys!! and i love that song NEARER to GOD TO THEE!! its great!! :)  i hope you guys have a great week!! be safe and work hard and play hard..;) ha thanks again for the PAckage mom and dad!! God bless each of you! talk with you next week!! :) love Elder Weaver Excited to be all together next year!!! Love and miss ya-thankful for you!!!!

always a treat, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, work hard this week but enjoy your neighborhood, look for Christmas in everyday, tis the safe, work well, and follow the spirit, chin up and rise to the top!
Love you so much Justin, God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand every day, till next Monday :)
Love mom and dad

thanks so much... ive got the best Family ever!! love you guys Love Elder Weaver :))))))))))))

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