Monday, November 30, 2015


Good morning sir Justin can you believe it has already been a week it goes so fast for me. I hope you had a great week in your travels. Did you get back to the mission office and get your visa renewed? How are you feeling strong and healthy I hope. How is the work of the lord coming. I sure hope your happy you put a lot of pressure on your self and are very demanding of your self. You have always been that way even as a little child. But I want you to know its ok to enjoy the work you are doing. Take a moment this afternoon and smell some flowers, smile ,hug somebody, and be happy we are her to have joy. Make good memories for soon it will all be over! So enjoy life, love life, and love those your serving,and most importantly love your savior,and follow his example!!!! Please be happy! All is well here we are safe and COLD :))) so you stay safe and warm or hot  :))) love you we will se you soon about a month. The second half just started so make the adjustments you need too and finish strong like you always have ! I'm sure PROUD of you miss you love you         Justin weavers DAD

Thanks dad,,, i feel very stressed..... and want to cry, but i feel like ive ya past that stage, gotta be a adult. thats something that im going to try and do everyday! smell flowers and hug somebody.. i dont want to tell you hiow i feel because i dont want you guys to stress, but im good and healthy! and im going to try and enjoy this week but working hard, along side the spirit.. hope all is going good with the mini x and that you can all pass the sewer all good and safelty not getting to smelly.. love you dad thanks for your strong and happy example you have always put for me! im very greatful that me Heavenly Father let be your son. love you so much! have a great week! love Elder Weaver  

Hiya Justin! I'm finishing up drivers Ed and hopefully I'll be able to get my license in the next week or two! I ordered my letter mans jacket last week so that's my Christmas ;) schools school ha ha I've been lofting after school everyday! I'm not done no basketball this year ha ha but I just jump and snap the rim ha ha if you don't know what that is its where you can get like half of your fingers above the rim and pull it down a little and it snaps up! Love you b safe! Jax
Haha that a boy!! you excited to drive... hows the mustang!!??i sure hope that you keep you chin up and your eyes. becasue God is always there and he loves you! how are things going in YMwith Jace!!??? fun i bet thats super fun!! im happy and the other day some kids were like hey gingo give me your backpack.. and i just laughed.. dont know why.. but i did.. have agood week but be safe! always listen to the spirit buddy! love elder weaver 

Querida mother!! this week was a super good and busy week!!! on Tuesday we went to the Zone conference and we past the SubWay were my President was shot, and i learned so much in that mtg and im so greatful that i can understand and speak somehting of spansih.. i feel like i missed out on a lot at the start of my mission.. ha but we went and came back saferly.. and i got my package...Mom and Dad thanks so much!! thats so much food and im super excited for the thanksgiving dinner im gonna make for my comp, his mom is doing good! shes healthy and happy!  
Well when people die hear that do a mini parade and they carry the cascet around and they have a car anounce who died and what happened... i think jordann already told you guys that.. but its super weird... 
Traveling was longggggggg we left at 1230 on wednesday and we got into Oaxaca at about 730.. and i went and took pics.. and then we slept in the offices with the Assistents and the Zone leaders.. they were doing divisions i think.. and thursday morning me and my comp got up before the asistents and the Zone lds.. made me kind of proud... ;) haha like we jsut woke up on time.. ;)  but then i went to migracion with Elder Aguero he is from plain city.. and he is the secretary that helped me. and we went and got everythng done, and then came back to the offices got my comp and we left to come back to the Itsmo at about 230 and we got here at about 730.... lots of traveling.. and while we were on the bus almost to the house i saw a ambulence pull of to the side of the road and picked up someoine in the stretcher... and the family was crying and i think he got stabbed.. haha but there ya go welcome back tot he Itsmo... and then Friday we didnt go to morro because we had interviews with President and that was good i love the President, hes a great loving guy!! Also friday we went to a house of a less active and he told us that a member was super bad... like is haviung a hard time.. and he turned out to be the first counciler of the bishoproc, and he is super crazy smart... but we went to his house and we talked with his and i asked if we could share a scripture with him.. and so we did and he was almost crying... i said that ¨ i know that you have a lot of knowledge and you dont need us to teach you anithing but i want to share this with you.. and after  i shared it with him, he said you know elder.... i dont know everythind,... and he was choking up and said thanks.... we had given him his answer to his prayers that God still knows and loves him.. and then he shared that experience in chirch yesterday in Priesthood.. :) 
the family didnt come this week... there fechas or dates dropped again... but we are still moving forward.. chanegs are today and me and my comp my child are staying toegher until january.. :) 
love you all im so very greatful for my amazing Family!!!! 
You have definitely had a very full week, I am so glad that all went well and that you were safe! sorry about your baptisms dropped, hope and pray that they feel the spirit and have a strong desire to commit to the gospel plan and see the water soon :) So grateful that you get to stay with elder Perez for another transfer or two, I love that you both got up earlier than the others, way to show them how its done :) was it nice to get back home? I don't remember Jordan telling us about the death parade?  very different do you get to go to morro this week? what else is on the calendar for this week?
you are truly growing and learning and following the spirit, the proof is in your experiences like the one with the counselor in the bishopric :) way to go!
this week we are goping to have the district mtg on wed, and we are going to morro on friday.. as of right now we have 5 baptism for the 5 of dec.. 2 in morro and 3 here in linda vista... dont know how we are going to do it.. 

That's an awesome problem to have :) can you schedule for different times? or let the ward mission leaders take care of one? Dad and the boys had to stop what they were doing in the sewer today, the power company put a power pole in the middle of the sewer line so they have to wait until tomorrow until they send a truck to hold the power pole up while they dig and replace the line, luckily its not to much sewer to be in... yuck!!! how is president feeling? what did he say in your interview?
oh thats good!  and Presidnet is doing good!! he walks just fine!!  and he asked me how im doing personally... that if you guys were to see me today would i be different!!?? would i be more mature?? and it was a good time to think.. :)
and what do you think? tell us what's on your mind...we are here for you, let us know how we can help you and pray for you...
nah im good i feel like i just gotta get through it.. i really dont know whats bugging me and stressing me.. so i dont knwo how to explain it.. 

what are you cleaning? for whom?
it was here water storage, for a less actice.. her name is Nanci
how does the water supply thing work? fill with rain and use for everything? my ponderize scripture is D&C 84:88
we have hoses here and they feel it up... becasue sometimes the water jsut goes and we dont have water for 3 4 days.. sounds good! 

water in your apartment? wow, I take so much for grandid, so what fun things did you get to do while traveling last week? fun to see other elders? Eat some good food?
thanks im goping to be like a child this week.. smelling plants and hugging people.. ;) haha ya lst week the water left for 5 days.. but we werent  here for 2..  and it was super good to see elder Aguero! and other elders!! and we ate some chircken nuggets and we got waway from the heat!!! :)

Do you drink the water? buy bottles, drink coke?:) how is belly? that's awesome, I loved the plants in mexico because they are so different from the ones beautiful, love to see the many creations God has made, and hugging, can you do that, or is it the shake hands slap on the back thing haha!  Making thanksgiving dinner on Thursday?
ya im gonna make that dinner!! and ya i drink alot!! more water thaan anything.. stomachs ok! me too there is a lot of things that are super differnet here.

we don't think that you are difficult at all, please know that! Wish we could help you feel peace, we love you justeroo and are so grateful for you and your spirit that you have and share with us!! God bless and keep you safe, enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers- hugs from each of us! love you more than words can say-big smiles! love mom and dad! 
love you guys!! thanks for the love and the support, im greatful that im hear and that im learning.. and that we have the guide of the Spirit and that angels protect us!! im greatful for my loving and caring family!! know that im all good! and im not trying to be difficult...  im very greatful for the chats we have and for the packages! when i was in the offices the secretary toold me that my Chirstmas package was there but i had to wait.. haha so thanks so much! happy thanksgiving tell everyone im greatful for them and the love and support given to me! talk with ya next week! have a safe trip! in st George! love you all! be safe  im soooooo greatful...... for everything   Elder Weaver

love you guys! la verdad GRACIAS POR TODO!!!! talk wth you next week! :) love Elder Weaver 

take pictures with smiling people and you this week....treasure you, love mom
hahaha ok! will do :) love ya :))))
love you too-please be happy and safe!
i wil you too :) be safe traveling! :) 

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