Monday, October 26, 2015

hasta el proximal Semana :) Con Amor Elder Weaver

Presidente, this week was a little rough.. we have been dealing with trying to get my visa papers sent to the offices and the pictures as well, and for some reason the sun was just a little bit hotter then normal... haha we had a good week working what we could. the work is Morro is very hard because we dont have much support from the members.. but we are going to focus right now if reactiavating the members before we worry about inv, in morro.. the work here in linda vista is good we still have the 5 fechas set for the 14 of november. and yesterday we had the ward conferene and the inv, were participating in the classes and its truly amazing to see the change that they have in their home.. the spirit, the feeling... the happiness... im greatful that i have the chance to see that as a missionary.. im excited for this next week and the miracles that are going to happen! have a good week!

Hello my skinny skinny friend how was life for you last week wet? Still liking the new comp are you still molding him into a Justin clone a super missionary that can carry hundreds of Books of Mormon at once :) and faster than a Mexican taxi :) hope thing are super great for you and the comp we are still praying for you and think about you often. I hope your loving serving and still growing and learning.
   Things here are good work is good, I know mom told you about bro Jensen but she forgot to tell you about M Shupe, Leslie father in law passed away also kind of out of the blue very sad he was such a nice man always asked about you boys and liked you all, so maybe keep the Shupe family in your prayers if you have a little extra time Sidney go to the MTC on wed so they have a lot on their plate the next couple days
      I hope you know how PROUD of you I am, and love you . please be safe smart and be happy  love every minute  good and bad you learn from both:)))                         Love dad

To be honest not that wet!! only rained one time and not very much!! yes we are still working good and crazy with the heat.. haha but i dont want him to be a justin clone...;) i want him to follow the example of Jesus Christ.. ;) haha ok ill keep them in my prayers.... thats super crazy that sydney is leaving!! ha shes going to CA?? right? DAD the pics that mom sent me, you are crazy sknny!!! you lost weight but why didnt you give it to me????? ];) haha  this week was good! we had a problem witha a inv on sunday.. he wanted us to go to his house to tke him to church in a taxi, becasue he is sick with a hurt leg..  but im not going to lie we didnt have money yesterday... so i called him and let him know that we can go to his house but we are going to the church walking... and he got super mad and sid that its my job to take people to the church and he started telling me what my purpose is... and i wont lie thats something that i feel like i have gottne better on... haha standing up for myself even with adults.. i told him im here to invite people to come to church.. im not a taxi driver... and he got mad and i still tried explaining him everything but ya no... haha didnt come to church so we are going t see what goes on this week.. 

I feel like i left at the worst time... m gonna get back and my favoritest old people arent going to be there...... haha at last he is out of his pain.. thats so crazy that Syd leaves this week!! is she going to the CCM? here in Mexico!!??? so i think this week or the next im going to have to go back to the city.. to renew my Visa... i got a call from the sec and this week i have been filling out papers and getting pics taken for the visa and i sent it in mail, but i still havbe to go to take me thumb prints..

This week with spirirtall experiences was yesterday, we had ward conference and the  stake pres, talked about commandments and blessings... and he was teaching a class about tithing and fast offereings and he asked why does God give us commandments?? and our Inv shouted to reciece the blessings!! haha so it was super cool to me... it was also my thought with 1 nefi 17 3.. that God will nourish us.. i love that word Nourish.. dont know why but it really stands out to me.. and other times when i have taught commandmetns to inv, i talk about how God gives us Commandments to keep us safe... and help us live a better life.. but yesterday i feel ike my eyes were opened!! we have the commandments to literally nourish us with blessings. and then the stake President had me come up´and asked me who pays for my mission.. and i said my family and our ward family... and then he talked about how the blessings that can come from others and there sacrifices!! and it was a good day in church.. then we went home and i threw up twice and we stayed in the house.... haha but im better today! ;) haha  im very greatful for the things that i have learned.. i am greatful for my family.. Jax is somwhat huge.. haha  hope you you are happy mom!!! :)  love elder Weaver

Piedra Cuachi

This is mom, seems like you are on kinda late today, did you get to do something fun? How's the work and comp stuff going? 

we changed times.... saturday. its 5 o clock here.. :)

Hmm it's five o'clock here too we change on Sunday;) love you spiritual experience great and I'm sure there will still be fav old people around, me and dad for sure ;) haha!!! You have grown so much in your testimony and I love it, it brings great joy to me!!! We're are the pictures from, I know the sign says, but is it where you live or somewhere you visited? What the scoop for this week? Syd goes to the Provo MTC, she will we've in LA, Spanish speaking... 

Glad feeling better today, did you eat something bad? How have rats been? What's ponderize this week?

Piedra Cuachi is a colony in the mountains.. so far... haha and thats were the family of 5 live!!  this week nothing to exciting  going on, ohhhhh remember Hever y Karen????? i got a call on friday and they got married!!!!!!!!!!!! and this next saturday they are getting baptized!!!!!!!! ummm i feel better i think we ate bad tacos.... not sure, we killed another rat satudday morning at 1 in the morning.. what scrip wanna do?? to ponderize!!?

Yea!!! So awesome, you planted seeds and get to see them grow!!! So exciting to hear that others have found happiness ;) I was thinking Mathew 5:16, and look for ways to put it into action ;) do you have a list for Christmas package, I'm hopeful your other one gets there soon!!! How are things with comp?

i know i hope that things go good for them and that in a yr i can go to there sealing!!!!!!!!! thta would be great!! i wont lie mom.... i dont know.. i feel like i have everything, i feel bad becasue i cant tell you that i need somthing.. haha sorry!! but whatever you want!! thigns are good with my comp.. he has a little struggle getting up on time but  i keep yelling Buenos Dias until he gets up... haha :) hey how is Jordan and jace witht eh girls!!?

Don't feel bad, means I can put treats in ;) jordan and Jace are both dating same girls, I wish they would put some urgency into moving forward in life, I think you may be married before either of them.... Haha! We like both girls a lot and they fit in with our family, just need to be patient I guess, don't want them to miss the boat tho if these are the ones ;) that's great you continue to be positive to wake comp up, it only takes 21 days to turn something into a habit ; ) Hahn in there 

and so is jax going to be playing at rice eccles stadium!!? or not yet..?
did grandpa steve and linda come all the way up from st george!!?

Yes, they came for farewell and are staying for the funeral and Leslie invited them to the MTC, don't think she knows it's curb drop off... Big surprise, I still think it was harder to leave you at the airport, so hard!!! Miss you so much but I know beyond a shadow of doubt you are where you need to be, you are growing in ways you could not at home and the experiences good and bad are priceless...know that I have put you in gods hands only because I know he lives and hears and answers prayers!!!! Love you so much and so very proud of the incredible servant of the lord you are!! You are a great example of our savior Jesus Christ!!! 
Did you say you have a calendar for next year? How about your journal, is it full ;)? 

the airport was super hard.. haha glad i wont have to do it again.. ;) i know that for a fact prayers are answered.. thanksfor having the trust in God mom, i wont lie.. dont think i had that much trust in God before the mission, but now... SIIII ;) my journall is acutally full!!! my second one! ha so ya a journal would be good! 

This week it's at hunter high in west valley, hope we beat them, we should statistically, they have lots of big pollys but are soft... Fingers crossed! It would be fun to have a few more games ;) he got a touchdown for you last week in sophs ;)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :) i can feel the weaver Fever down here in mexico..;) haha keep it up buddy!! :)

Super, got the $2 bill, anything from home you think he might enjoy? I'll send ctr rings too and maybe something for little people you do homework with, how is Manuel?

ok sounds good!! to be honest, we might have to drop him.. his mom doesnt want to talk with us.. and we dont have permission to baptize him so we are losing time.. not sure what we will do.

Awe that breaks my heart!!! Hopefully someday because the seed is planted he will continue to have a desire to be Mormon and seek out the elders at the right time...what about kids you were teaching English to? Doing again tonight?

tonight we have a FHE with a family thts really struggling..

Do you have to stay inside for day of the dead celebrations? I bought a few of the skulls, tried to put an eternal life celebration spin on it...doesn't really work tho, they would be perfect bodies;) haha!!! Do they do Halloween and dia de muerto? Take some pictures ;)

they do alittle bit of halloween.. but the day of the dead is crazy.. ill take pics :)
MOM, thatnks so much! AGAIN AND AGAIN Y OTRA VEZ por me escriba!! :) thanks so much mom!! ill talk with you next week and ill try and take more pics! know that im in the lords hands and that im happy and healthy! :) you guys have a safe week with work! Jax have a great fun time this week in ball!!! how great is that! :) have fun buddy! Jace and Jordan!!!! :) i have a scripture for you..... ;) for the Piña :) Rut 1 verse 16.. i like how in the last conference Elder Hales talked about how we wont marry perfection but we will marry Potential.. love you guys! Dad keep having Fun on the mini X! and momhave a fantastic week helping that hernama get on track to the temple.. :) 
hasta el proximal Semana :) Con Amor Elder Weaver

Love you so much-always makes my day/week to chat with you, continue to be happy healthy and safe, God speed, treasure the oaxacan brothers and sisters.... Lots of hugs smiles sent your way-love mom
We will pray right now that things go well, love you justeroo!!! Take good care of you, know that your in my heart! Love mom xoxos be super! Love dad

love you guys! have a good week! :)
have a great week!! :)

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