Monday, October 12, 2015

Got Rocked!

hey mom not sure when im going to wrtie.. maybe today, maybe tomorrow, with my new comp.. thats brand new... hahaha im training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) haha talk with you later... maybe today or tomorrow. :) love ya guys! 


MOM!!!! so glad and happy that youu are all doing great!!! no worries jax!!!! keep your head up and keep working hard! dont worry. i dont  have much time today.. im still with the Zone Leaders we are in a trio right nnow until my kid comes out to the itsmo tomorrow in the afternoon at 3.. so im excited about that i had a very long week more than anything becasue i was in a little pain  in my face.. but im doing super good and im happy! that elder Hernandez left ad that im training a greeny!! haha elder Hndz went to the City... and my distritct is the same but i got a kid.. haha im super glad and proud you are all doing super good! i kind of had something happen this week that gave me a personal expericene with the PONDERIZE, how it talks about how we aer free to ACT.. haha and sometimes the actions of others can cause pain to others..  i just want you guys to think or guess what happened... ;) 

Did you get hit? Comp do it? Need stitches? Ok now?  Is new comp a gringo? Tell me about experience with ponderize...

i was asking a kid for a reference.. and we were sitting in the curb.. and my comp was throwing rocks to the other side and all of a sudden.. bamb.. he hucked a rock at me.. ha and cut it right open.. i should have gotton stickes to be honest.. if i was in america.. but the nerse from the mission told me just to use my butterfy bandages.. but i wasnt able to close it that much.. :( thiis is from today.. in the christmas package could you send a scare cream?? or somthing so its not as noticable.. ha

not sure if he is white, or mexican, dont know his name.. my Ponderize experience is with the rock and my face,,,. ha becaseu i thought about scares.. and how Christ has the scares that are perfect and becaseu he did everything williningly someday ill have the scare on my face removed, butive got to always choose the right.. ha 

Makes me furious!!! Of course I'll send cream! It actually looks pretty good, what did pres say? We haven't gotten your letters to pres lately, still writing him? So what do you know about comp? Having fun in trio? Plans for today? I'm wondering do you still have CD player, Christmas stocking, a calendar for next year? 

oh trust me i almost killed the little chubby.. haha he didnt say anything.... i have been writing him!! and ive sent them!!?? haha i dont know anything about my comp... to be honest.. nothing.. ya the trio is fun... but they are kind of serious.. haha i have no idea becaseu im in the area of the ZLs  i still have it! the CD player and im good witha calender! i dont know if he ddid it on purpose or not to be honest..  he told me it was a accident.  im glad im in the area!! and yes we went but i forgot to get a pic....  sorry..  

;) you are a strong person, and the better one for not retaliating :) proud of you!!! Like nephi when bound by his brothers, still had to live with them and not hurt them back ;) so where are you, what area? Staying in their place over night? Still have stocking? Need music? Who did you teach last week?

haha thanks! im staying in the Salina Cruz.. area, and ill be at the LZs house and sleeping in there aircondiotioned home!! i have stocking still and music! we talked with asunsion and her family, and theya re doing great! and they are reading and doing all their homework.. ;) and its crazy cool to see the changes in there atitudes and spirits! 

that's great, I will put her name in the temple again and her family, how old is she? nice enjoy the air conditioned home! get to eat good food too? was the kid you were with on the curb surprised that you got hit? did comp try and help when you were bleeding? bleed a lot....
she is about 30 yrs old..   and ya its good food!!! :) umm the kid actaully got up and started to punch and kick him.. haha bled a little bit..... lot...ish.. ha not much! didnt try and help.. thts just how he is.. just kept sarying sorry.. nothing else.. 

So, whats your ponderize for this week? think you will email again tomorrow?

no dont thinki so
this was my lovely comp the night before he threw the rock at my face, with the phone of a member.. watch music videos. 
we love your hair, you look great even with the swollen lip, hope that the comp realizes somewhere down the line he is waisting time....the lords bad, glad that you have tried to help him!

well..... my lovely mother... i love you all so much!! and i hope you all have a great week! ill write next week with my kid, and hopefully with a healed smile.. ha i guess you could say this week i got ¨rocked'... ;) haha but i love you guys im safe and im excited for this new week! have a good one nd be safe and know that im greatful for the love and support! :) 

So glad that it was not more serious, please enjoy your new comp have a great week full of miracles!!! coming up on hump day :) get to burn a shirt!  Love you so much, still good looking!!! all the guys send their love and dad says continue to dodge bullets :) or rocks!  Love you justeroo!!! love you mostest-treasure you more 
Helaman 5:12
love mom xoxox

.. Helaman 5 12 :) love you all have a great week!!!! be safe and thanks so much for chatting mom! talk with you next week! :) 

President, this week was a long one.. on wednesday we had to stay in the house because my companion threw a rock at my fce and it kind of cut it open... and so i called th doctor. and everything and she told me that i should not talk so that the cut can shut and heal correclty!! so that was kind of rough, but then thursday it was super swollen and it hurt very bad.. haha but im good now! im super greatful for this chance tht you have given me to train a new elder! im going to try and help this elder know and feel of the saviors love and we are going to help others feel the same love. thanks President, have a good week! im doing better with my lip! 

 Hiya Justin! This week we played skyview and we were losing 15-17 and the begging of the fourth quarter and then things went down hill and we lost 15-38 but I had a few tackles! This week we play north ridge! Haven't got my linces yet and I haven't gone on any dates yet because I can't drive ha ha but I can wait to date till after football! Be safe keep up the hard work
Love you

love ou buddy thanks for writing me!! dont have alot of time today.. but keep up the good work, alng with your head and beat up northridge!! :) love yu buddy! 

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