Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 8 Months and 4th of July!!!

Mi querido momma!!! you guys all look so great and im so happy that dad got a new toy and that you have a air conditioner... thats something i need right now... hahah this  week was pretty crazy fun!!! me and elder cruz are haveing fun but working hard!!! we had a guyy stop us in the street and ask us if we could pass by his house to talk with his wifr because she isnt a member and they had just moved into the ward.. and he is a menos activo.. her name is Dafne and his name is David and they are getting married on thursday!!! and then we also found a couple that is married and are very very golden.. haha they are listening and are amazing there names are itzel and fransico i liked the very first lesson withg them.. we were teaching, but more talking and he told us that we are different from other people that preach becaseu we listen.. amd then he told us that he wasnts to read the bible so that we can ask him questinons.. haha both couples are very young and are very animated.. ;) and today for the PDAY we went to monte alban and it was great and green!!! i got aq little sunburned.. we had a lighting strike within 20 yds of us!!!!!!!! it was crazyt loud and my leggs tensed up fior about 20 min.. we also got a new misswion leader and he is great he has been in touch with us and helping us to do the best we can!!! you dont have to worry about sending proclamitions for the family! we have some!! so no worries there!  but could you find a boy scouts book in spanish!???? a guy here wanted one and so i told him i would try and find one.. ha but ive been super good a little sick to the stomach but good today all happy and HNA MITCHELL is taking alot of stuff home for me to give to you! has watson got in contcast with you!? love you cant wait to chat!!! 
We are meeting watson this weekend :) stomach ok? Wow scary lightning!!! So excited about new couples!! I'll look for spanish scout book ;) let me know how to get a hold of sis mitchell, rainy still? What doing for fhe?
yup stomach ok!!! you all look good in the pics!! i think the milk i was drinking was bad.. but im good now!! :) im way excited!! she is my friend on FB and its styill rainy!! they say unti about agust of septiembre! im not for sure what we are going to do tonight.. still planning.. hahah you going to do a -FHE?
We are replacing kitchen faucet and a toilet seat-yahoo-learning domestic tasks!!! We have been trying to have fhe on Sunday's and have boys help share messages, jac shared footprint poem last night ;) dad sends his love and he is proud of you-did you need anything else in box? Want to send tomorrow so it will get to you before transfers incase one of you gets moved ;) are you drinking the boxed milk? Surprised you are drinking milk :) lol
thats nice an da good idea for FHE and im good just those scrip cases will work! haha thanks dad! love you two and hope you are happy! haha ya ive been drinking a ton of milk.. and i just mix the chocalate powder and ya.. ha
Hey justin! Mi hermano! Last week all we had was lifting and not sure if I told you but Marty matuatia got hurt last Wednesday and he got his results from his Mri on this Thursday and he said that if he gets surgery which he probably will he won't be able to play this year. Pretty bad for him but that means I'll start at will linebacker. I'm pretty nervous if that's what happens! But I'll do my best! This week we don't have anything it's our week off and s I'm going to high adventure Thursday through Saturday! How was your week? Staying safe?! Ha ha do you play any kind of sports on P days? Balling up all the Mexicans in soccer and basketball? ;) love you
JAx.... if that happens you cant have fear.. you gotta step up.STEP UP to the plate and you can do just as good as maty.. i know it! your bigger than him and smarter! my week was safe and good! a few mexican ladies dont like to shave there legs or there armpits.. sooo thats real attractice. haha but idk it keeps me away from the girls.. ;) haha i really miss sports..... i wanna cry sometimes because i cant play footballor bball.. haha im still getting there with the futboll.. haha have a good week my friend! love elder weaver

So did you go with zone to monte alban? Had you been before? Take lots of pictures? How was testimony mtg? Still line up like crazy? We had our first week with sacrament first, it was good, I felt like things were more reverent during other meetings, dad and Jax thought no different-
yup we went as a zone but that was the first time! took tons of pícs!! testimony mtg was amazing and president atkins fromt he temple came and gave a 2 hhr class about marraige and it was great for the inv... i really wish jordan would have been there!! how is he doing witht he whole dating!!? 
He is dating a girl that's 30, has an eight year old, brought her home once, she was super quiet-might meet her again this weekend.... I wish he could have been there too ;D Jax going on high advent this week, to escalante, hiking and swimming in a lake, only him Landon larsen, and aiden Womack are going, not super excited but trying to make a missionary moment out of the whole thing-sometimes you gave to do hard things and endure :) feelings about next transfer? Mitch parkinson comes home tomorrow, crazy huh!?!?  How is our favorite family, sorry can't Romberg their names, the fire pit one ;)
wow talk about high adenture... ;) haha and i think jordan should take Heather Jones.............on a date.. but i am a fwe thouseand miles awaybut who knows.. haha noway!! that was fast!!! haha they are doung good and are super happy!! we are still meeting with them everyonce and a while!

Presidente.. this week has been a tough but rewarding one! we have been having difficulites with the inv comign to church and so the bishopbric dont think that we are working.. and the lider misional del barrio nos digo that they are talking bad about us in the ward mission mtgs.. but that doesnt burt my feelings because i know that we are working hard and doing what the lord wants and we cant control the people... but also this week we found a couple and there names are fransicso and itzel and they are amaing! they are married and they have been so prepared by the lord and have been listening so contently and receptivley! and also a other copuple moved into the area  and he is menos activo and he and his girlfriendd are getting married this week and he wants and she wants to get baptsized. so we are in that process of teaching her so that her and her husband can be members of the true church! ill be honest with the new work that we have found this week, i really hope im here for another change.. because the start of the next change i feel like is when we are going to habve a lot of miracles happen. thanks for the fun field trip to monte alan!! it was great!! 

Sorry looking back at last text, autocorrect takes over some times :) I've got room in box to send food or candy, tooth brush, anything? ;) I'll check with scout office tomorrow ;) any meetings this week? Get to see pres much? Interviews? Remember the Hawaiian missionary that liked corn, he came back to visit and say hello ;) nice guy!!! Scouting very big in your ward? Do they do youth conference or girls/scout camp? Lots of fresh fruit around? Eat from any street stands? What was best thing that happened this week? Ever afraid for safety?
haha food and candy is great! haha i got a new tooth bruch the other day! maybe a deodorant! i dont noo not that much we had interviews when we went ot the temple.. and all good! ha no there is no scouting.. that i can see.. haha lots and lots of fruit!! nope always tengo consuelo!! its a safe area! and the best thing that happened i think was last monday the FHE with genaro and marina we talked about the last day when we are going to get judged and we read alma 5 16 and it was a good powerful lesson! 
Awesome!!!! Any certain kind of food?  Candy? Favorite scripture this week? How are genaro and marina? Any wedding plans yet?
mmmmm skittles.. haha idk. my favorite scrip is the first 5 ch of the the book of mathew.. its incredible what the lord did and his will was and is different than ours.. ha 

Awesome, you are like a giant!!! Love picture at monte alban sooo green!!! And yea you had pizza!!!! Was it good?
ya the pizza was alright.. not american but ya.. ha the fHE the other day
Wow, what a very powerful picture with you holding picture of christ in the Americas :) live it!!!!  Why the scary face?
haha ya i thought it was pretty cool aswell.. but mom... its that time again.. haha ill talk with you guys next week! have  a great week and be happy and tell harry congrats!! hes gonna be a great missionary! love you all and wish and pray for you always! thanks for chatting mom! :)

i was looking for a cool pic 

Love you too justeroo, be happy safe and healthy!!!! Have a fun week, good luck with a wedding on Thursday!!! We will tell Harry!!! Love you more than you know, always in our prayers and thought!!! Love you treasure you, love mom and dad
Chat with you next week, lots of miracles in store ;)
thanks so much!!! i really appreciate it more than you know! have a great week and look for a missionary apportunity.. ;) 
Jioñasa   (i love you in mixteco alto) 
con amor elder weaver :)

More of a treat for me-love you! Love mom xoxos

xoxox gracias mom :) elder weaver

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