Monday, March 2, 2015

love superman's son....

thanks dad!!! means alot!! im glad that you guys had a good time! i felt a lot closer to you guys this week.. haha it seems to be getting easier... haha Little by Little, but some days are just super rough.. ha but just gotta take them as they come.. haha love and hope work is all going good and you are happy and loving life as well.. ha love supermans son
this past week we were able to get them married.. but not baptsized... the dad had work come up so he couldnt be there so we are for sure this week!!!! haha so super excited about that! not not teaching yazmin 2 anymore... wasnt progressing and yazmin 1 moved away... and didnt reallly tell us.. haha we went by one day and the room was all empty. ok ill try that with my hands!! ha the rash cream helps a Little bit...
this week...l went to try and find anyway to communictarte with Alberto but his cousin said that he got in a fight and she kicked him out of the house and now idk where he lives.. haha
This week for our district mtg we practiced doing door contacts and finding the chossens.. Watson calls it.. haha and he wanted that we ask a questiion strait up like do you wanna be bapstized and if there chossen theyll say yes.. haha well.. the next day i knocked a door, and i Heard the peson coming and i said a prayer in my heart to help me to know what to say.. and he answered the door and i said hey.. we are missionaries of the church of jesus christ and we have a message we want to share with you.. and he said... ok.. come in im just washing my clothes.. this guy was super cool. he is older and is a free mason and his name is Roberto. haha  this week we had 3 people come to hurch.. we wanted like 45 but just 3... hahaha then yesterday on sunday. we went and did a service Project and we had machettes and rope and we pulled down some big trees and had a lot of fun with it... the mexicans were surprised how strong i was.. haha good week... i thought alot about the quotes you gave me... and still am thinking about them.. ha today the buses are all doing bloqueos..., road blocks... why? because they can.... hahaha we have a good week ahead of us i think! ha

this is a sunset i liked a lot and we got this couple married and this is there Little family... edgar, roquel, edgar jr, and teresa... haha they re super amazing
this cute Little kid Christopher strait up decked his dog in the eye and  now the dog is blind and its pink... haha hes 2 yrs old.. 
Hola mi hermanito quien es un missionero de Dios! Como has estado? Lot's of exciting news going on in my life my friend. The most exciting thing right now is that I am in a choir of YSA for general conference, we will be singing for this Saturdays afternoon session. I'm so excited, its going to be a lot of fun, we had our first conference last night. I love singing!! Mom and dad showed me the pic of your street tacos, I TOLD YOU THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! made me hungry when I saw your pic. I sure do hope you are staying strong my friend, I know that it can be rough, but realize that you are not alone, our Father in Heaven has his angels round about you like it says in D&C 84:88.
I love you my friend, keep working hard and be the best you can be.
Love Jordan
love you jordan!!! haha that sounds super fun!!! i wish i could sing.. hahaha and yes... they are crazy good!!! and the culture is just super diffrettmty amd weird but in some ways i kind of like it... hahaha hope you have a fantanstiuc week!!! love Elder weaver
this is toto and David... haha we taught them the other night.. we are going  to hopfully baptize toto.. David is a member already.. hahaha

So glad to hear that things are going better for you! Doing fhe tonight? Think comp will get transferred next week?
nope... dont have fhe.. but we are going to be trying to meet with edgar and roquel everynight this week.. ha idk... not sure.. ha i hope i stay in the área.. love the people here.. everything ok!!? ;))))
Is this a street in the city where you live, kids are adorable, you look great!!! Love the tan!!! Service project sounds fun, like using a machete? You look super-you can see you are happy to be serving the lord :) hope package gets to you soon, more CTR rings :) what's favorite food? Clothes doing ok?
 i was walking down a road in my área.. and jsut took the pic.. but idk if its my área.. haha yes!!!! but they are super good at it!! they cut super good and direct.. haha mee too!! i had to go to the offices 2 times this week to sign stuff to get it here! ha  idk.. we have just been eating chicken... to be honest.. nothing werid or anything.. clothes are doing good! ha
glad too hear things are good and you had a good safe trip!! :) but mom...... do you love me?....ha
Of course I love you, don't be silly!!! You will never know how much!!! Dad and I both love you, and are so very proud of you-want you to be happy, dwell on happy things and happy times!!!! You are a treasure from our father in heaven sent to us and every day we are grateful!!!! Love you beyond your comprehension-you won't know till your a dad :)
So tell us what else you have planned this week :) where do you do laundry? Dishes? 
we take our clothes to a launderia and we get them back the next day! only costs about 30 pesos.. haha just do the dishes by hand and i dont use that many... haha just i have lost a lot of weight.. i weigh 176.. haha pretty sure jax is bigger tan me.. ha :) but got to go!!! talk to ya more next wek and hopfully ill have baptism pics!!! love you all have a fantastic week!! LOVe Elder weaver
You have a awesome week!!! Be safe work hard and Jax is at 175, not bigger, same :) excited to see pic-love you sooo much-hugs and kisses be safe, God bless-love mom

haha oh good! got one pound.. haha;) love you all talk to ya next week! :))))))))))))))))))))))

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