Monday, February 23, 2015

Have a great week!!!

hola mom and dad!! hope you guys are having a super great time!! and enjoying the sun!! haha its super hot here.. haha mom i wouldnt worry about the package for a bit.. haha i wwent to the misión offices and signed papers and he told me it should get here in 10 days.. and i think that i was stopped and got all held up because the medicine.. if there was medicinde in it.. haha my week was pretty good!! we had a multi zone and president madson just planched us.. well those missionaries that arent being obeidient.. haha it was pretty good i am being as obeyient as i can be and trying to get better so didnt really apply to me.. haha  then we had stake conference this saturday and sunday and that was all just super incredible...haha president akin from the temple came and talked and i understood alot when he talked and i just loved the mixican people.. haha it was a better week but the worthy issue has still been bugging me.. haha ive been preying and fasting and just trying to find my answer.. haha still looking for it... ha but super good week.. not so much with my comp.. but whatever.. haha we have been trying to teach Alberto but he hasnt been there everytime we have been and so we are just teaching his cousin now her name is guille... sooo gonna keep trying to get with Alberto.. ha todaywe  had a zone activity for our pday and we watched meet the mormons... in spanish.. and it made me super homesick.. haha just because it was the last thing we watched as a family before i left.. haha but good week!! learned alot and i wont be moving áreas for at least 2 more weeks and even then dont know if ill get changed.. ha the wedding and baptism are for sure this week!! they are getting m,arried wed, and baptized saturday.. haha super excited about this!!

Thanks a bunch for the worlds dad... they really helped... more than you can imagince.. i figured out that the hard stuff and the hardest dicesions we have to make.. really defines our charector.  and i am trying to be the christlike missionary and do what i am suppose to.._____________________ haha ive been praying and i fasted this weekedn to help me find my charector. ha thanks a bunch!! have a blast on the cruise!! love you both!!!! love Elder weaver

 the rash on my hands comes every other day or soo.. haha had Street tacos!!!! jordan!!! soooooo good!! haha

love this family.... the grandma is super funny.... love them. their names are hns magdelena and adrianna, David,david, and idk the Little girls name.. haha but they were all super inactice then we came.. haha the Grandma loves to say that salvazion is personal. and its so true. and the oaxacan sunset from my roof
love you all!!! hope you all have a fantastic week!!! jax, jace, and jordan be safe and have a great week!!! love you mom and dad hope you all have a great week!!! have a great time on the cruis!! love you all!!! love Elder weaver talk to ya next week! ¨:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

printed off the quotes and im gonna look at them all day this week! thanks a bunch! love Elder weaver

note from Mom, sent a package the beginning of February, told he would get in 2 days, for $82.00....package stuck in Mexico city, the guy I went through with My Missionary shipping put wrong invoice on it and we have been trying to straighten out ever since, prayers and faith that he will get it!!! makes me cry when I think about it, so many put so much time into notes, letters and treats-I still thank you for your love and support for him.....

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