Monday, April 18, 2016

still smiling!

Dear Mother,
First off thanks so much for the prayers and sharing the experiences that you have had this week!! it had helped me alot, and that was one of my favorite parts when Holland talked about not loosing the feelings of today, tomorrow. its great!! im very glad that you are growing in your testimony because even sometimes as a missionary it was be very hard, we contacted alot of people this week  and my comp knocked a door and the lady yelled WHO??? and i said the the missionaries!! and there was a second or silence and she yelled, I DONT HAVE ANYTHING!!  and me and my comp started to laugh and i told her that we were only there to teach her a little bit more about the live of Jesus Christ, and she said no im busy.. and so i asked can we help you!!? and she said no bye.. it was kind of funny... but ya its been hard, we only found 1 new person to teach this week and his name is Christopher, he is actually good friends with our ward mission leader, so im hoping that he can progress very good, Edwardo and the kids didnt come to church yesterdy....:( umm and yesterday i woke up sick, not feeling well.. so during the services i went up and said my testimony and came down and went to the batheroom and threw up.... Real fun..;) then i threw up again in gospel Principles class and we went home to rest for a bit and i felt a little better... but today im still sick, my comp woke up at  3 AM and threw up and then i went in at 440 AM and threw up.... so today we havent done anything but rest, havent eaten anything, cuz then ill just throw it up... but i am getting better! no worries! :) its mission life. saturday night and last night there were earthquakes here... the first on on saturday night was super strong... but nothin broke and nothing happened.. but it was super strong..  yesterday Julio was able to recieve the priesthood and i got to stand in the circle, and it was great!!! this week on thursday or Friday i might go on divisions withZimaltan because they are also going to have a baptism so i can just do the baptism interview while im over there.. but i love you tons mom!! youre the best!!! thanks for the love and prayers.. Love Elder Weaver
I am so sorry that you are sick, are you both sick from something you ate? EARTHQUAKES!? did you feel it? what a great opportunity to stand with Julio :) are you excited about going on divisions? and traveling?  will you stay for the baptism?
hope you are still there and not having to go throw up :(  it is days like today I wish I was closer so I could help! 7-up or something.....please rest and take care of safe and know that we love you and your in our prayers, I understand if you need to go and be sick...please be happy and feel better soon!
love you tons

ya it was great!! afterwords he came to me and said i owe all of this to you.. and i said no, you owe all of it to your friend Danny.. ha but it made me feel good that he told me that, im not sure, because i got sick on sunday, and he got sick last night... so i dont know to be honest.. no i dont think ill be ablke to stay for the baptism, the earthquakes yes!! both of them woke me up!! haha the first one was crzy and the second one wasnt to bad.. no im good... haha after emailing we will see how we feel...:) are you hapy!!!?? how long has that lady been there in relief society?

dont know why but i pet this dog and then she came contacting with us for about an hour.... it was kind of cool..
maybe a Mexican brother to jerico :) did he bark in Spanish?:) haha!
hahaha ya thats what i thought.... Jerico.. ha but ya that bird does talk a little.. it can whistle very well.... its a cool bird.. it a recent converts bird. yes the dog barked in spanish ;) but to be honest she wouldnt respond to us if we talked in english, but when we talked spansish ya we were all good!
so glad that you were safe after earthquakes, I will look them up on the google after we are done :) craziness!!! you are an instrument in him progressing in the gospel, I know that you are a good example of a priesthood holder and that he sees how you are and wants the same for himself! :) I am happy, we moved the hoe without getting pulled over-haha! and dad is working were there are a ton of huge rocks, he said he saw two snakes, killed one, yikes...Im working there tomorrow with the skidsteer compacting...don't like snakes! the lady has started coming, she is a younger lady that has done time for fraud, like did two weeks just last month, she has decided to glue herself to Vera and Vera is her friend we have tried to tell her not to trust her because of the fraud charges, but vera is her friend and I think kinda too nice, anyways, she sends vera notes in rs big enough for us to see asking her if she believes in Joseph smith and that she really doesn' different, she also thinks that we are all our own prophets and there is no need for organized religion-ugh! so weird...
Anyways tell me how do you guys try and contact? are you going door to door and do you have a return meeting set up with Christopher? how old is he?
ya sorry.. there are soo many people here in mexico that have doctrine mixed up... sorryy... but we are hopfully goin back with him around wednesday, he is working.. and today we were going to go and play bball with him but we are both sick so we couldnt.. we are contacting doorings, and saturday we wennt into a mountain to contact but kjust found a ton on jehova Wittnesses... and there are very rude with us... dont want anything to do with us.... but its been fun... ha saturday we were contacting for about 1 hour and 45 min strait and we got burned sooooo bad... ha and Christopher is 19
I will call and put his name in the temple tomorrow morning, speaking of temple do you get to go again soon? the JWs better be careful and watch out, be nice to you they will regret it in the end :) do you have sunscreen? I cant imagine you any darker than you are! and your haircut looks so great short, you look good in pictures! are you happy? when you travel will you try contacting with that missionary too while you are there? will you be over night?
thanks!! and not for sure.... he just got into school and sooo he cant go with the stake on thursday.. i know... but somtimes its hard to be nice to them..;) my comp just gave me some sunscreeen yesterday! ya we will contact and do everything as if it were a normal day, and ill be sleeping there yesssss:)
so I think I missed something who got into school and cant go with the stake where? do you know the comp very well that you will be with, who is it? is their apartment nicer? do you travel alone?
sorry... julio.. he got into school, so he cant go to the temple.. witht the stake, umm it might be with tth ekid that threw the rock at me or his of the two..
you look great and love the red ties!! send me Sister Merrills email again so I can write her, Im a slacker....
Wonder if you have heat stroke if you were in the sun so much and are not drinking enough and over did? do you take water with you
no ive been drinking... alot! actually that day i drank a good liter of water contacting.. ha but im gonna tell you something but i dont wanna be grows.._________________
they are recent converts! soon to be missionaries! Danny on the left got baptized in jan, and is now the ward mission leader.. and then thats Julio...:) no i dont think he is.... he always does his little signs.. dont know why..
ive tried to eat a little bit of bread.. just not that much so i dont throw up.. ha ive taken peptobismal.. yes im drinking today! lots!! ok.. thanks mom!! and on that lovely note... i got to go... i love you soo much thanks for chatting with me!! you are the best!! be safe and happy this week! and know that Oaxaca sends love.. love4 you so much!!! havea  great week love you all! Elder Weaver
:) nice to put names with faces, I forget what they look like after the baptism pictures :) still so amazed at how tiny they are, but I am sure giant spirits!
speaking of tiny, I went to the doctor today and I am no longer 5'7" I am 5'5"3/4....weird, it was just a routine bone check for someone my age haha!!
how are you clothes holding up? if you need anything use your money it is there and people like Vera give me $20 to give to your account every now and then....

ok will do!! porque did you get shorter!!??
oh really, the rock thrower-fun! be sure to keep and extra eye on him!! has his current comp had any problems? I was thinking about you staying in the area, and it must be that you still need to find someone, maybe its Christopher or someone else, this is the longest you've been in an area and with someone right? how do you feel about it? still have those spiritual moments?
haha i will, nope no problems as of right now, i hope soo!!! ya hes my first comp to be with me for 3 changes!!!! and its been pretty good!
Im getting older :) haha, maybe the fat I lost off the bottom of my feet hahahah
Love you Justin,
God bless and be safe and healthy in all you do! have safe travels,
Love you tons

love you mom your the best!!! :)
so awesome, treasure everyday, we are getting close to moms day, 4 1/2 weeks
love you

yessss cant wait, love you

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