Monday, April 13, 2015

D&C 24:12

My querido momma!! your spanish is better than mine!!! haha im glad that things are all good and that you are strong and healthy! the truth this week was super long for me too... i look back when i was with my other comp and things just flew by.. because we were working and giving it our all, adn thinking about other peole.. im trying to give my all and think of others but its super hard when i cant leave the house and get out and share the GOSPEL... but today we played futbol and other zones came adn my comp playd and he played just fine he was running and kicking and no problems.. makes me think... why camt we go out and walk.. and work.. haha 
 but that is super cool the cruise!! haha have lots of fun! i havent bought shoes yet... i havent been eating good... having bought food for a while... haha want to cry.. becasue i cant work hard becuase my comp doesnt have the disire to work... but i only have until the 27 with him... so 2 weeks left.. haha in the package yes!!! mac and cheese... haha whatever you feel like... im good with anything.. and with the slow week, and not eating good and the things with my still happy.. ha :) i miss you guys a ton and i got that letter from you that had the cd in it!!! thanks sooooooo much i love it! and ive listened to it a couple times already! this week i think we are having a ZOne onference. and my comp baptized 3 people on saturday and in church i was able to give a confimation and blessing with it in the sacrement metg! after i sat down and just thought and was so greatful how much heavenly father is helping me.. ha other than that... nothing much happened... i miss you guys alot! garments are good adn i could use some socks.. por favor. and i dont remmeber much about my baptism other than it was with natalie hart.. and the water was super cold adn when i came up out of the water dad picked me up and hugged me.. :) love you all hope you have a good week! :)
yes.. haha i want to buy... but dont  have time because he waistes so much and i havent had food for 2 days now.. but im going to tomorrow after the district mtg.. ha well i even thought.. ok you cant walk.. so lets walk just a little bit stand on the side of a road and people will come to us.. ha 
Buy lots, really, spend extra and get some good stuff, do you eat with members? Does he eat? Is your apartment in a way that you could sit on porch and talk to people walking by? I'd like to smack your comp :) sorry-moma bear moment!!! So fhe tonight? How was church yesterday? Fast meeting? Did you hear Cody is going to chile, not sure when he leaves.... Hear anything back when you write to mission pres?
yes we have been eating with members.. he eats but its crap.. like coca and bread... no... because we live in a closed area kind of thing so not many people pass by.. i dont think we have FHe to night and fast mtg was great... still shocks me the love and how people line up and .... its just incredible.. haha no dont hear anything back.... 
yes got picks but not of the baptism.. ha sorry..  this is a sunset this week and this is Ericke.. he is super crazy.. :) but is my amigo.
 and this is NIgeli.. aslo super fun!;)

this is my dirstict and the ZLS..  
(Justin's comp I believe is the one with glasses on the opposite side of the group as him, sure wish I could have a chat with that young do the others in my house :))

i think on wednesday i was jsut super happy and we were walking somewhere and i saw a lady that had torillas and a alot of other stuff and i had a feeling to ask her if she needed help. so i asked... adn she was like nope, ha im selling... and i was like ohhh ok.. have a good afternoo.. made me laugh... and smile to myself.. haha :)

Tell me about the kids are they members?
they are all super great and supportive! and loving.. but sometimes they dont tlak or even look at me becasue sometimes i dont understand all the way.. so they just talk to me comp.. an he tells me nothing.. ha
Did you buy her tortillas? Homemade are the best!!! Just keep smiling and trying :) your countenance will invite others to hear your message :) your comp will someday have to answer to the savior ;) you will be able to say you gave it your best!!! 
k... its just sad to me though...
haha no i should have tho.. but is everybody doing good and strong and healthy??????
Yes, dad has lost 32 pounds looks super! He is riding bike more and wants to do lotoja this year, I'm good, lost 20 pounds, excited to skype on moms day so you can see :D, Jordan still doing his thing! Jace and Jax doing good still very active, everyone is healthy :) feet feeling all better? Getting super tan, lovin the sun and the son? Fav scripture this week?
wow!! look at this amazing family... ha God sure is blessing us so much. my feet.. i think are just permanenlty bruised... but they dont hurt. ha yes DYC 24 verse 12! 
alright sounds good! have a great week! and i love you all and talk with you all next week!!! love you so much!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))
Justin I love you more than you can imagine, please stock up on food!!! Have a super week, keep chin up, be safe and happy! Your in our prayers-love so much-mom and dad lots of hugs and kisses!!!! :)))))
LOVE you all also! hope you are all happy and thanks so much for your amazing examples to me! have a great week and your always in my prayers tambian... con mucho amor.. por favor qu├ędense!!! con amor elder weaver! :) 

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