Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 Months!!!

You are awesome!!!!!! Do you know that? I sure hope so how did your week go anything fun and exciting happen, hope the comp situation is getting better and you are learning how to deal with him. Kind of like going to the state playoffs and having some of your team mate giving up before the game even starts. Hard to deal with but you can do it! Just because your comp is senior comp does not mean he is better or more mature, it just means he has been out longer,:))))) you may have to help him with testimony at times, just remember your a team and you know how teams should work so make it work the way you want, just don't let him know it your idea :))) General conference was great did you love it? There were several talks that I thought were just for you and your greatness hope you felt the spirit as I did. I almost wish we had conference quarterly, but we can always read their talk any time we want right. Things here are great we are all happy and miss you. But know you are where you need to be!!!!!! Remember don't lower you standards to those you are with raise them up to your level, and never look back, love ya my friend be even more awesomer this week :))) MAKE IT WHAT YOU WANT IT!!! :))))) Love #44 s PROUD DAD!!!! Smile :))))) 
hey dad, you're awesome you know that!? things are getting just a little better with the comp each day. heavenly father is helping us.. ha I loved the conference! idk who said it butt a guy talked about how he and his sons went and walked like 50 miles or something.. and they got back and said I never wanna do that again... because it was so hard... and that made me think of our family when we have all done hard things and we have done them together.. like the time we went swimming in the middle of the rode if Syracuse for about half the day.. ha we can do hard things.. and you have be the jefe!! ha thanks so much dad for you example and how we can keep pushing a do hard times! happy late Easter! have a good safe week! love elder weaver Superman's son 
Hey! thanks so much !! 5 months!! ha-ha I know I have grown so much and I'm so grateful that I have! me I had the opportunity to watch it with elder Allred and in English! my prayers were answered! ha-ha sorry I didn't get to write yesterday it was a lot of confusion and we had to go to a baptism.. ha but I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I did! I was with the zL until Saturday morning until Monday morning and it was just super great I learned so much and I had a great time with them! I also liked the talk by Holland! I loved the brotherly arms analogy. it gave me so much comfort and gave a me a lot of hope. and I also learned that I need to get married or my brothers do... ha-ha one or the other....;) ha hopefully it's my brothers at this point. Yes I've been talking to lots of people in taxis and moto taxis.. which is kind of sad because the other elders are latinos and I'm sitting here trying to speak spanish and tell them about the gospel and they just kind of watch and judge me.. ha-ha but doesn't matter to me.. ha-ha I'm having fun and feeling the spirit. we are getting kind of better. we had a comp inventory and I told him where I stand and how I wanna do things and he said what he wanted to say and I guess the pres sent him a letter kind of chewing him out and my comp got mad at me for that. but I don't care.. we had 1 comp study!!! so we are getting somewhere slowly. I feel super good and I'm happy and my feet are doing ok and I still haven't bought shoes yet.. I haven't seen anyone doing anything like that... Oaxaca is super different from the rest of Mexico.. thank you so much mom and dad! as I listened to the conference about families I thought, that you guys are just the best! you helped us to hear the music and know the dance! I'm so very grateful for you guys in my life and helping me! I'm glad we can be a family forever! I'm so eternally grateful for you all! ha love you and hope you have a great week! Mom I can chat if you want! and if you're on.. ha-ha love you all!! :)))))))))))))))) 
 Easter... HNA Madsen gave us eggs to write on.. I grabbed one.. and it was already written on, but it said exactly how I feel. :))))

 We were worried when we didn't hear from you and you said comp doing weird things-thought he may have kid napped you :) what's plans for this week and today-able to get what you need? umm I didn't.. get what I need but I will.. we have a district mtg tomorrow with the ZLs and it'll be good I think! ha I'm excited! How are all of you!? :) :) love it, did you have an Easter party!!! Lynns egg hunt is next Sunday, I'll save some candy for you and send it along :) things here are supposed to snow tomorrow, guys are home today, just got a part to fix the wheels foot compactor, it was just a nino inscrito.. the parents are members, but wanted my comp to baptize her. elder Allred left today... not longer our ZL had a special change....:( but got to spend 3 days with him! and I saw my Guapo HERMANO!!!! :) idk porque he is not married... ya I missed that!
I was super sad.. nice!! good for them ! and I kind of miss the snow a little bit.. ha my scrip this week is Moses 6 about enoc! you guys should read it as a family! and guess what!? today I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) I know! I was super happy to see him, other missionaries where like.. hey! that guy looks handsome enough to be a weaver.. and I was like... well ya....:) I know! he is from Centerville Utah! ha-ha thanks so much I appreciate it! we are little by little. each day.. SO AWESOME!!!! Proud of you!!! That is a great accomplishment!!! You are keeping a journal I'm sure :D be sure to write in it and pat yourself on the back-great job!!!! Do you use PMG a lot in teaching? Get to teach at church? Lots of primary kids or ym to do sacrament? YEs I use it a lot! and it helps so much! no wonder it was written in the temple.. ha its super helpful! So what do have planned for the rest of the day? Anyone you are teaching you can tell us about? this week we might have 3 baptisms.. but I haven't taught them.. only met them so it feels kind of weird.. and my comp is sick, so we might be resting.. idk.. we went to the doc last wed. and got medicine and he has been resting since then.. but luckily I left and went on splits with ZLs.. ha Be sure to not get what he's got :) 3 baptisms for this week? What did you do with zl? I won't.. it's a testicular infection... ha yup! it's a family! we went and watched conference and ate and they just taught me so much and had a good time as well.. ha Ha-ha! Really don't get it!!! So glad you got to see all of conference :) did you hear the people that opposed during the sustaining? It was during Jordan's session, he said the first time there was 8 that stood and raised hands then 4 then 1, dad has had a hard time with that, he said if he was sitting by someone who did that he may have had to use the "laying on of hands" for them :) such great meetings-we are so blessed to have a living prophet :) your letter to pres is great, you are staying steadfast and standing up for the work to move along! Keep it up ;) love you pictures-you look healthy :) feel good? Get shoes yet? Oh really!??? that's crazy!! I heard them on the TV.. and was shocked. ha dad....ha-ha I know ilove the prophet, I wish he would have talked more.. thanks. the pres and his wife were with us when we watched the first session and he pulled me over and talked with me and told me I'm only gonna be with him for 2 more weeks for changes.. because my comp has a lot of time in this area.. ha so I'm gonna try and help him as much as I can. thanks! I feel good and healthy other than losing weight. :(((((((( I haven't gotten shoes yet.. still waiting.. thanks so much mom for getting on and chatting means a lot! but I'll talk with the next week! love you all so much! have a great week!!! LOVe YOU GUYS! lover elder weaver :) Yay! Two more weeks, teach him what you can about being a super missionary! Love you so much, my justeroo!!! Have a great, safe, and healthy, happy week!!!! Send apartment pic next week :) love all of us!!!!! God bless and keep you-I treasure our time to chat! Love mom xoxos Sounds good! but you guys too!!! HAPPINESS everywhere!!! ;) hahaha thanks so much! talk to ya next week! Lover ELder Weaver :) 

President.. this week has been a lot better and I feel like our heavenely father is helping us a lot! we are wrtting write now because we had to go and do a baptizsm yesterday and it was a suprise, the parents wanted my comp to baptize her. and so we went and did that. we had time do write around 4 and I don't know why we honestly didn't. I'm trying to think of ways to help my comp with his sickness. but not much I can honestly do.. but I want to try and give him more fire to do the work.. to me it seems like it is a chore for him some days.. and on tuesdays when we have district mtgs we are with the other elders from etla 2 from 9 am to 6. this has happened 2 times now, and we lose so much time not working becasue they are walking super slow or shopping.. this week has been super good with conference and going on splits with the Zone leaders. I learned so much from them and want to keep getting better.

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