Monday, April 27, 2015

New companion

  It has been rainy here so works a little slow, but everybody says we need the water so it we deal with mud :))) things here are good, riding a lot, signed up for lotoja this year, find out in May if I got in. At lest it gives me a goal to ride for, I've raced down at RMR twice and hong on no wins yet, but I did move up to a faster group and that fun and harder. Enough about me what is life like in your put of the world? Looks warm.
     We hope and pray that the new comp will be able to keep up with you, maybe you could get a greeny and you can train him to be a strong reliable servant of the Lord just like you.:) I want you to know we pray for you always and want only the best for you! You are the captain of your ship so you guide it how you want, just let the Lord be your guide don't let others push you around or make you feel less than you are!!! Bring them UP to you level. If you need food get it if you need to study do it if you need to pray pray. As long as you are following mission rules you DO what you need to do. You and your comp and the Lord are a TEAM so work that way. Love the people you serve and they will love you rite back. Make your mission what you want it to be, and what are father in heaven needs it to BE!!! Your on his time now, have fun be happy love every minute it will be over to soon your 1/4 the way done that's is crazy fast. So love it!!!
                        LOVE YOU MY FRIEND BE AWESOME
                                MISTER ROYALS DAD
THanks dad! im glad that you are doing great and sorry about the mud...its been raining alittle bit here too.. off and on. ha keepp up the good work with the bik races!! you look super good and happy! i hope you are always happy! i am doing good this past week like i guessed duidnt work that much... but i got my new comp today and we seem to already be on good terms and he is from Columbia close to were marcus is serving. and im super excited to work with him.. i hope this week goes good and im going to make it what i want it to be and what the lord wants it to be! love you dad hope you have a great week! love supermans son
wow!!! so glad you are all doing so good and i hope everyone is happy and glad that we habe the gospelin our lifes.. ha this week like i guessed was hard.. didnt work that much.. we had a lot of FHE so that was good and we got fed alot! and this saturday we planned on having a bapstism for jamie and we did... but remmeber cristina!? we got her mom to give us permission at 430 and we hurry got a other Elder to come and do the interview and she passsed and was baptized at 7 with jamie.... it was  super incredible and prayers weere anserred so thanks so much! 
Elder sarmiento iis gone and now im with Elder Barrera he is from Columbia! close to were marcus is serving! he has a super different accent and its kind of hard to understand sometimes becasue he talks so fast... ha but i think we will get along and work hard... im excited to see how this week goes with him.. ha i love and miss you guys so much.. and they took out the other two missionaries from the área so now our are is alot bigger. ha and im just working with spanish and english right now.. found the other languages in the offices.. but idk someday might use them! and ill try and figure out a good time to skype and thanks somuch for your love and support! i love you guys and miss you so much! have a great week!!"!!
Getting off? Package is on way, I've tracked it and it says it cleared customs in Mexico City :) how old is comp? Been out long?
nope!! ha sweet!!!!! thanks so much mom!!! i really wish i could hug you right now.... could have used alot of moms hugs this week.. ha comp is good so far!!!  ha been with him for about 4 hrs.. and we talk alot! he is super cool i think.. ha how are you!?
I'm good, mowed the grass with Jerico :) Jace sleeping on couch, Jax at track, dad doing office stuff, Jordan cleaning his room.... So incredible about baptisms! Prayers answered... So what kind of things happened last week? Excited about bigger area? Excited that you stayed?
super happy stayed and idk about the bigger área.. because it was already so big.. ha we have a FHE tonight. and itll be super fun can you send me more ideas next week for FHe.. ha thansk so much for your prayers!! ill send pics of the house next week sorry! ha
Sending hugs your way :D whenever you see a flower, let it be a hug from me ;P I'm doing rain gutter regatta tomorrow night, trying to get that ready... This calling is a hard one for me, I'm cub committee chair and so I get everything ready then let bro miller do it, I'd rather just do it too...anyways,bi know I'll be in it till I love it so I should just change my attitude...scripture this week is 1 nephi  2:11, I need to do.... Get food today? Plans this week?
haha nice!! ha thats a great scripture!!! big plans for this week! yes got food! and im super excited for the week! ha this week just going to be showing my comp around and meeting members and investigatorrs.. ha
Sounds great, in the package I sent a kids Bofm picture story book and a gospel art picture book, could use those for fhe too ;) I told you wrong scripture reference I was meaning the one i will go and do as the lord commands :D sorry!!! How's your weather been? How about shoes can you get any yet?
aWesome!!! thanks so much! the weather has been good not much rain this week but the thing is with rain its hot... ha ohhhhhh and the other night the other elders slept with us and they said that i was sleep talking..... in spanish!!!! hahahaha they said they think i was in a lesson. ha shoes are all good.. havent bought any but im good.. ha :)
Well congrats!!! Means the language is better than you think :) love it!!!!what do members feed you?
hahaha i hope so ! they feed us everything... mostly chicken and totillas.. i ate grasphoppers... :) and i miss jerico too. ha (I sent this pictures to Justin today, we know that he doesnt have much longer here... June 1, 2002-April 27, 2015, best dog, companion, friend and brother, thought he was one of the boys, and he was)

Grasshoppers? How were they served? Did you like them?
yes.. ha a Little differnet..but not bad.. :)

 Maybe we will have grasshopper at your homecoming :P yum!!! So re beer next Monday we will be on cruise, but can still chat-you are on earlier in afternoon than normal today :) next week I'll try and remember this time, if you can go a little later it's ok :) so excited for your new adventures this week :)  what scripture today?
ok! have so much fun! and im excited too! ha im gonna learn alot and get better! my scip thes week.. is the intro to the bom... it has such power and conviction to me... i love it and and because we have the BOM we have hope and proof that Heavenly Father loves his children.:)
Don't forget your never alone and that he loves you and we do too!!!! Sending you lots of hugs and loves!!!! Love your scripture-so true!!!! 
thanks and i send hugs and kisses back! thanks so much! GRACIAS POR TODO! LES AMO VESTANTE!! ELDER WEAVER :)

President, this week was super slow and we had a lot of FHE and we were able to have 2 baptisms and they were miraccles to be honest. im excited to be companions with ELder barrera i feellike we are going to work hard and do the work of the lord. i learmed alot from Elder sarmiento and i have a big, well bigger área to cover nbow.. and i know with the help of the lord to lead us and guide us we can do the things he wants done. excited and a Little nervous to see how this first week goes with my new comp.. and the spanish is amazing. im getting more and more of a grasp  on it and getting my conifendence back that i once had in football...ha im very excited for this week!

Great letter!!! So glad your confidence is coming back, you have grown so much justin and should be so proud of yourself, a righteous pride :) we certainly are proud of you and the way you have handled being with a stick in the mud :), now have fun, enjoy every moment, make them all count;) get extra money out so you can get what you need-
thaNKS!! i wish i could express how greatful i am for you guys and yoiur support... really thanks so much!
this is Jamie...  and her parents... arent members... he needs the divorce papers... and then need to get married and them dunked. ;)
and this is cristina! :) and her mom...not member.

LOve you guys and hope you ALL have a great week and jax keep getting stronger and faster and jordan keep being ahppy and find that daughter of god.. and jace get better! MOM AND DAD! be happy and have a super great week and be safe! love you alllllllll :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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