Monday, October 10, 2016

we will have one more chat time

HOLA Mom and Dad... this past week like normal was a busy week and lots of ups and downs... haha we still havent been able to teach Lazaro... and we have constantly been trying to call and send him messages to read and pray... but he hasnt done anything.... and so hes not really doing his part... but tomorrow we have a lesson with him and we are going to be strait up with him and let him how we feel and tell him that he has to make some sacrifice to be able to make this work... but he did come to church yesterday... so tomorrow we will see what happens with him.... his daughter flor is doing good she is online to be baptized and we are teaching her super good and she is learning very well!! and remember that lady Teresa?? we found her by a miracle...haha welp.. we talked with her on saturday and she is really cool she is a doctor... and she believes us God.... not so much in Jesus Christ but she has a desire to learn more... and she came to church yesterday! and we are going to talk with her on WEd... and she accepted baptism, and she even is thinking about the 22nd... to get baptized!! which would be really amazing! i hope soooooo!! haha 

And this kid named angel is 14... and wants to be baptized but his mom is super cristain..and when angels aunt talked to angles mom about him getting baptized because the aunts a member.. the mom Marrisol strait up said no......  but we didnt lose faith.. she said no on thursday... and Yesterday we went out to talk with the mom... Ringle me and a Member a x missionary... and we got her to think about it more... now she is going to think and talk with Angel and see if its something that he really wants to do... and its not just somthing that he likes.... because its a life long commitment... and i totally understand the mom... jjust wants him to understand... but it was a huge miracle.... that the mom is having a change of heart... i think its because of the faith of Angel... ha but we are going back on tomorrow to see how things went-..... 

this week we have splits with the DL... he is coming here with me in my area.. and Ringle is leaving... and we also might have splits with the asistants... we shall see.... but we have another busy week.... i love you guys and hope you have a great week! thanks sooo much mom for always sharing your testimony with me... it really strengthens my testimony!! loove you guys!! 

How expensive are garments that are spandex.. because a guy in the ward wants to know... 
sooo  i was looking at the temple schedual.. and it doesnt have sessions in the morning on tues... but it does on wed... so i madee some adjustments to the things that we are going to be doing... :) 
With the car.. where are you going to rent the car from?? the airport?? 
You certainly have been busy, and seeing miracles, what a great blessing, I will add names to temple again, and Angels, So how was zone conference? The croc pictures makes me laugh, huge, where is it? First time seeing it? How did you happen across Teresa again?Any more said about us coming next week?
the Zone conference was super good we talked about putting baptismal dates and helping people to progress to that date! when i accidently called that member that doesnt live in our ward.. and everyhting good with you coming!! haha no problems right now..
George and Lynn say hi, boys helping them move furniture to other house and she said that they may have sold theirs to some people with kids, makes me very sad to see them go….I know that you have been super busy, but have you had any service opportunities lately? Do you have a ponderize this week? Love all the pictures thank you! Chatted with Elder N again this morning and he is super excited to see you again, Other comps home here in Utah you want me to try and find to invite?
tell them hi back! and that im really gonna miss them.. we gave little sdervices here and  there nothign big big.. im excited to see him aswell.. we are gonna have to make enough food for  him and his cousins.. ha.. umm i cant think of anyone right now... ha 
So funny that you mentioned the food, we were joking about it last night, Jace brought it up, make more food for the polys-hhahha  are you craving anything that we can bring with us, soap, chocolate haha! Which building will  you be doing white night in? And can you get a time for the devotional for Tuesday night?
soo the dinner.. starts at 6... if all the misisonaries get there on time... and then at 7 is the devotional and testimony mtg..
and presidents wife sayed that you can be in the deviotnal part.... 
Awesome we will be there at 7, Dad just showed me pictures of you watching conference with pres on fb, you look great, are you cutting your hair yourself? You may have to give jax a hair cut-haha! I love that you had investigators at church yesterday, for testimony meeting right? Did they love it and did you bear your testimony?
yes it was supe good and we actaully had a inv, get up and bear his testimony... but at the end he ended up asking for some money to help his friend get out of jail.... talk  about kill joy.. 
So funny, really funny, but sorry it is a kill joy! But you have to laugh!  Just  checked on garments, dri lux is $4 for a top, they can order online, does he know that?
ohhhh no he didnt know that.. i didnt know that.. haha yes it was really funny... it was actaully lazaro.. Rauls dad... ha
He has to have his membership  number to set up an account and order from lds distribution center, I would think they would send to mexico, how do they get them down there now? Well at least Lazaro felt comfortable enough to bear testimony and that he could ask for money, did any one give him some? 😊 still rainy rainy there, do we need to bring cold weather clothes-haha!
it rains off and on.. today it hasnt rained... but oyu could bring a little jacket if you want... not a big one.. noeone gave him money no.... haha but we told him that we would help by putting his name in the temple!! the church we will be at is close to the baseball stadium... and the baseball stadium is on blvd Eduardo Vasconcelos and it you go by the baseball stadium onto the other side of the freemway take your first left and just go strait until you get to the road called Amapolas and the stake center is on the right side... 
Awesome directions, we will map it and print it so we don’t get lost 😊 both wards in same building right?
yes but ill show you how to get there saturday night when you are here... how to get to our ward... building.. ill tell him to find me and ill see about the Villanuevas... i am almost positive that they have face... ill check! 
There are some people that have requested from your area of the world, but I haven’t accepted because not sure how they know you and if they will be stalkers-haha! Can be scary
haha ok thanks.. ha it can be scurry.. actually talking about stalkers.. we are about to call a guy that has been giving some of the sisters in our zone problems.. we are going to meet withhim..... but no worries! haha its all good!! love you mom and dad! 
We love you too! Be super safe, super hero!
God speed-love home
See you soon!
love you guys! have a good week! 
Right back at ya! Big smiles!!

we found a croc.... 

this is Elder Robins.. hes the secretary of materials... we have to talk and  be with him a lot.. not only for materials... but because hes a great funny guy! 

thats a tree... 
this is a really cute girl that we met in a house when we were teaching a inv... her name is Nicole.. 

Do they climb the tree to get stuff at top, looks like pencil led…I want to bring the little girl home with us, what do ya think

me too... shes super fun... 
no they stay away from those trees.... ha

the Sone meeting was a big success.. :) 
 Awesome was that your whole zone? Are they the ones working to get white night done? Are they all as excited about it as you are?
yes thats the whole zone... last night we got informed of something that some of the sisters were doing that they shouldnt do.... but presidnet talked with them today... so hopefully that resolved the problem.. but yes we are all excited! we send out texts to keep them happy and excited!! 
Awesome, your mission pres is so great, when I hear stories of other ones, I feel like we have been very fortunate that all of you have had great one…Do you know the dl that will do splits with you, like him, been before with him?
and yes the DL is my brother on the mission... ha his name is Elder Silva.. hes a great kid! hes from west jordan... 
I think it will be good for him too, Have fun with Elder Silva, I know that you have sent pictures with him before, that’s a friend for a lifetime! Work is still moving along, the guys have been setting rocks in north ogden and have other stuff coming up so we are happy for the fall! See a lot of construction there, you know that dad will want to operate a backhoe if he can find one in Oaxaca 😊 Teaching fhe tonight? Who and what?
hahaha nice!! ha yes its gonna be good! and im excited to be with him.. good for them!! lots and lots of work! is jordan ajust working or is he studying somthing!? 

did you get my Qs.. in my first big email?? 

and we are teaching Carolina and we are going to maybe be going with the primary pres.. and we are going to talk about the Boook Of Mormon.. 
We are renting a car from Alamo in the airport, we usually do it that way and it works great, Temple plans sound awesome! 😊 I think the spandex garments are about $4 a piece, I will double check…Carolina a child that why you are taking primary pres?Jordan is just working, he takes an institute class, but has stopped with the pathways program, not really sure why….
well if you want presidnet villanueva can totally come and get you when you get to the airport... because by 7 the white night will be over... so he can get you if you want he is willing... haha you can decide.. 
we are taking her because she has 3 little kids and 2 arent baptized yet... and the mom is less active in the church.. and we are going with her to have more support... 
We will just rent the car and that way we will have it for the week, that are so kind to offer, and we will for sure love to spend time with them, so where will you be that night after white night? I guess I have your number we can call and tell you when and where we are….so excited! What time is church on Sunday?
alright sounds good.. we have church at 8 in the morning and then the second ward at 12.... and then the villanuevas are going to invite us to eat... after church..

Sounds perfect! They are wonderful people and we love them so much for taking good care of you and are so excited to meet them in person!I have a ponderze for you, Words of Mormon, verse 18 but I’m changing it a bit” Wherefore, with the help of these, Elder Weaver and Elder Ringle, by laboring with all the might of their bodies and the faculty of their whole souls, and also the prophets, did once more establish peace in the wards” The work that you have accomplished on your mission is amazing and we are so proud of you for working so hard and being obedient, it shows in the work that is moving forward!What is your ponderize?
there is a scripture that i read today that is in Psalms... but i dont remember what verse.. but it talks about service and sacrifice and the blessijng.. it truely is a blessing to serve others.. 
I think so too, you are truly happier when serving others and losing your self in service, you often find that things that trouble you don’t seem so bad!

ya  we will have one more chat time!! i love you guys have a fantastic week i love you guys and hope you all have a great week! i lmiss ya tons and good job jax at killin it in ball i cant wait to see you play my friend! keep having fun! love you guys chat with you next week!! ;) and see you soon Love Elder Weaver
Yep once again, that hour went way to fast! Please be safe and have a week full of miracles, treasure the spirit and follow its promptings! Pray for Jax and roy on Thursday 
Love you so much, my Elder Weaver, Justeroo, take good care of you
Love mom
This is #103 email-incredible huh!!!

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