Thursday, November 13, 2014

made it to the CCM

Hola Mi familia how are you guys!? I am way good! the first day here was way crazy we couldn't leave the airport because something was wrong with my immigration thing I wrote 2 years on it and the lady that passed me off only wrote 180 days (the time that I would be in the ccm like a temporary pass) so that was a lot of fun! not! ha then the next day we had meeting after meeting and it was so boring and I was way homesick and was thinking what did I get myself into.. but then I talked to some older elders and they said make it to Sunday and you'll be fine! so that was my goal and now it's already Thursday! something kind of cool is my district is of 8 missionaries and we are the second group to come to the ccm and then be staying in Mexico for our missions. kind of cool!  every night we hear sirens and gun shots and dogs barking, so that's lovely... ha my spanish is coming along! I've learned so much in the gospel and in spanish! literally everyday here is a miracle.. my second day here me and my companero taught a investigator and it was all in spanish! it was probably really rough but we did it! my companion is elder Young and his middle name is Brigham so my first companion is Brigham young;) ha we are constantly doing things and making better use of time and studies. elder young is a great companion but about ever 5 or so min he just spaces out.. so I am having take notes so that he can stay focused in meetings and devotionals.. he is a great guy and we are going together, he is from Tennessee... and has a lot of homesickness which sometimes rubs off on me... over all I'm having a great experience I really miss you guys and my p days are on Thursdays while I'm in the ccm and next week we will be writing you later! love and miss you guys hope everything is going great! how are the utes and Roy doing? thanks for all the things that you guys have taught me. it helps more than you can imagine I am so grateful for my family love elder WEAVER

Excited to hear from you today :) tell me what happened the night you got there and we didn't hear...I emailed MTC to see if you were ok-I was very worried! Love you! Treasure each moment! Love mom

I emailed you! ha-ha did it not go through? Well.... we landed in Mexico city and got through immigration and I wrote 2 years down for being in Mexico.. but the lady that I gave it to was just going through the motions and just wrote that I would have a temporary one for 180 days.. so then me and like 5 other elders had to go back to immigration and figure stuff out and we were at the airport for 4 hours and no English speaking people.. talk about feeling lost.. ha but then we drove to the CCM and it was dark and the driving here is CRAAAAAAzy.. and then we got the CCM and had to go through the tutorials and stuff with just us 5 elders and then finally got to mi casa around 10:30 and was just a really long day! ha how have things been there?

So glad to hear that you are there and doing well! What a mix up, had a feeling that something like that was the reason we didn't hear from you that night.  So I am excited that you are having a better week than last, how was Sunday meetings in Spanish?  getting to go into the city? Where did you get to teach the investigator?  So funny, Brigham Young, same age?

He is from Tennessee and he is alright! we are getting along! he is kind of messy... ;) ha we have stayed in the CCM the whole time and we taught this guy Jorge in a building and we teach him again tonight for our 5th and last lesson.. its way cool how things just fall into place!  I haven't met anyone going to Oaxaca yet.. but I've met some people from there and they say it is very beautiful and the language is like a spanish Aztec Chinese kind of language.. that kind of stressed me out but I know with God's help I can do it! how is everything going on at home?

So how do you like the food? what are you eating? I am sure you have lots of emails, at least a week's worth, how long do you have to email today, what is schedule like on a daily basis?  did you get Jace's email?  Jax having a hard time last few days, he is excited to hear from you :) so many asking about how you are and excited to read blog... I know lots of questions, just want to get a feel of what's up in the CCM

I like the food... but someday it doesn't like me.. I figured out that the beans just don't agree with me so I'm done there.. ha I miss Jax like crazy! we played bball the other day for gym time... and it wasn't the same.. ha umm wake up have study time and then have breakfast and then have more study time and then we have language study for a long time and then lunch, and then we have study time and then TALL (another language study) and then Gym time and then dinner and then we teach an investigator tonight and way excited for that! we taught him the restoration last time and I was saying the first vision in spanish and started to cry.. and Jorge I think told me thanks for sharing that.. and he kind of got a little teary eyed.. ha and then we have more study time and then back to casa at 9:30 and then lights out 10:30 I am only writing you guys today.. ha no letters in the mail yet.. ha I have an hour to write each pday! so ill probably write you later next week! elder young wanted to go later so he could have his siblings out of school so they could write him.. ha 

Maybe I'll send you some beano, helps with the gas, ha-ha! sounds like you are truly seeing the gift of tongues! how awesome and only through the priesthood could you teach the lesson in spanish already!  so proud of you, we will add Jorge to our prayers and so is this someone you may baptize? are you staying warm, found anything that we forgot?  Did you get the email I sent about me sending your license? I will definitely be on when you are on...makes you seem not so far away!  can you believe the snow!  so do you get to go outside at all? taking pictures? any elders there use drop box?  I am trying to learn how :)  I set up for our email on office computer, still figuring things out...

Ha-ha Jorge isn't a real investigator.. ha he is just a volunteer to help.. ;) ha I am taking pics and talking to my voice recorder! yes I got the license email sounds great! the snow is crazy! it rained here and my umbrella is too small.. ha so ill buy a bigger one! I love you guys and hope and wish you the best! I gotta get off now, so I get homesick but then I think about our family in the celestial room in the temple and it helps me to be happy and focus.. love you again! thanks so much for all that you have taught me! talk to ya next week! LOVE ELDER WEAVER
Tell Jordan sorry I'm still working on the spanish but I'll get back to him! and tell Jace sorry too! I'll write him next week just felt like talking to you today.. thanks love you!

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