Thursday, October 23, 2014

Appear in Person-Mexican Consulate

Got a call two days ago from the travel department with the church, Justin needs to make an appearance in person at the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake.  The paper work said interview could be from 30-90 minutes, and that he should know some of the cities he may be called to serve in.  We studied cities, he memorized a few and we headed down.  His appointment was at 1:00, we went inside at about 12:45, I had to stay out.  There were other Elders and Sisters we saw go in and figured they must have been from the MTC in Provo waiting for their VISAs.
He went in, and within about 15 minutes a large group came out and stood by the doors, a young lady spoke with them for a few minutes and then they all started to walk to the parking lot towards the other side, Justin approached my car window, and I thought he was going to say they were going somewhere else, but he reached in and unlocked the door and got in, he was done.  He said that they finger printed him, asked him his name, full name and where he was going. Took his picture, lady taking picture said ok smile, he did, she said say Cheese....Justin just smiled and the lady said ok no cheese, so he said cheese and she said nope too cute.   So when all was said and done he was done before his appointment was to begin....He got into the car and looked at me and said, "I'm ready!"  I totally lost it!!! I know that he is ready, has been for sometime, just don't know if I am, not sure if I'm ready to have another one out, I know for a certainty that he should be, but where did time go!!!!!

So handsome!!!

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